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Summer in the City

Well the mercury is rising and so are the political ambitions.  Can you believe the number of candidates for Mayor?  Who would have thought that a job that pays so little and has so little power would attract so many?  Unless of course you live in a city that has a real unemployment rate of 22%.  Let’s see now.  Who’s in the mix?  There is Uncle Claude who has a war chest of a quarter of a million dollars.  I guess he can use that as a buffer…a sort of golden parachute…when he doesn’t win…It must be hard for the union guys to decide which one of their cronies to vote for.  So many choices, so few votes to cast.  Then there’s Auntie Peggy….you go girl, what a unique way to avoid an indictment…run for mayor.  Hey if you need any pointers you can always call on the new mayor of Chicago….Rham…you know the guy who got $320,000 just for running over to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a few times….But he’s just so…you know……important.  And then there is Greg and Wes and Dave probably a few more before the week is through.  Only one real candidate though.  That’s Jennifer Wright.  Hard to win when the rules have been made for insiders.  Hey I have a great idea!  Why don’t the folks, you know, the people who complain all the time, vote for Jennifer and finally change things around….

Remembering Jimmy

I was lucky enough to grow up in Phoenix when everyone had carports and very few fenced in their backyards. Without these barriers we became a neighborhood of neighbors.  What I mean by that is we actually knew eachother. The kids played together and the adults borrowed a cup of sugar or two eggs or vanilla as part of their open relationships.  We also got together for barbeques around holidays, particularly the Fourth of July. One house would be the host and fire up the grill.  The rest of the families would bring a “dish” and some beverages to share.  We were an intergenerational stew at these gatherings. The adults would gather at one end of the yard while the kids drifted between the food and a place in the yard to continue their games. 

During the summer that I was in between the seventh and eighth grades and overly self conscious, I wasn’t sure if I should join the kids or find a place with the adults.  So I decided to play the role of observer. From my silent observation post I drank in the expressions, sounds and stories.  So it is from this vantage point that I can describe Jimmy. 

He was a senior in high school.  So for a junior high kid he was an adult.  Jimmy was one of those guys who very presence commanded attention.  It wasn’t because he was a clown or boisterous.  It was because of the ease he had with himself.  He felt comfortable with adults and easily entered into conversations.  While respectful, it was obvious that he was self-assured and felt free to express his opinions.  When he spoke to you, he looked directly into your eyes.  He had a gentle laugh, but what really stood out was the way he carried himself.  I knew that I was looking at someone who was a natural leader.  You also knew that he was motivated by goals he set for himself.  There was no indecisiveness in any of his mannerisms.  His parents couldn’t conceal the pride and love they had for him.  The other adults gave him the ultimate compliment by including him in their conversations and asking his opinion. 

After he graduated, Jimmy joined the U.S. Army.  The army also noticed his natural leadership abilities.  He became a helicopter pilot and a leader of his unit.  Having glimpsed the character of this young man, it was no surprise to me to learn that he lost his life in a rescue attempt in the jungles of Viet Nam.  I couldn’t imagine that he would ever think of leaving anyone behind.

Whenever I get a chance to travel to Washington, D.C. I visit the Viet Nam Memorial.  I find Jimmy’s name and I offer a prayer of thanks for his sacrifice.  As I walk away from the memorial, I thank those who fought and died for freedom.  Thank you veterans.  None of you have died in vain. 

The nuts don’t fall far from the ACORN tree

I know, I know, facts are messy things. They get in the way of feelings and ideology. If we could all just learn to get along….. But let me take another stab at providing some ACORN facts.

First and foremost the organization was founded by Wade Rathke, a leftist holdover from the SDS. When the fun and games of participating in overt revolutionary activities waned, he founded the New Party, an avowed socialist group that uses “Rules for Radicals” techniques to pressure candidates to adopt certain political “directions.” Mr. Obama sought their endorsement in his 1996 state election. So it is no surprise that the Rathke community organizing group was a comfortable fit for the ambitious state senator whose claim to fame was as a community organizer in Chicago.

Indeed, Mr. Obama’s relationship with ACORN began in earnest in 1992 and continues to this day as the trail of cash from the Obama presidential campaign leads directly to the Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN, affiliate, for get-out-the-vote activities.

I know that some of you keep defending the group as a small community group of bleeding hearts that only care about the underserved minorities and oppressed. But it is pure political blindness to claim that ACORN is innocent of voter fraud.

With increased concern over apparent voter fraud activities in the current calendar year, ACORN attorney Kathryn Simpson stated: “There’s no voter fraud. There has been no election.” However, according to an FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patterson, “It is against the law to register someone to vote who does not fall within the parameters to vote, or to put someone on there falsely.”

Currently, the FBI is currently investigating allegation of electoral fraud by ACORN in 12 battleground states.

For those of you who have the stomach for the truth, I would encourage you to read “ACORN: Who funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother?” by Matthew Vadum. (www.capitalreserach.org) In addition, John Fund’s book, Stealing Elections, talks about the destructiveness to our system of government when the electoral process is compromised.

I would hope that regardless of your political affiliation you value fair and honest elections. This freedom is the bedrock of our representative government.

It ain’t over till the last ACORN vote is disqualified

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this tedious campaign to be over.  I’m tired of the focus groups, studying focus groups who are in turn studying focus groups who put out info-mercials shot at the old West Wing set trying to make their candidate look like something that he ain’t.  And I am really tired of the disembodied head of Harry Mitchell claiming to represent Arizonans when he is really a Pelosi pet voting to curtail our freedoms and rob us of what little cash we have left.  The Dems have always pointed fingers at the Republicans as the fat cat party, but take a look at the load of cash they have dumped on the Mitchell campaign.  So with the likes of Soros, Boxer, Pelosi, Rangle etc. sending money and creating erroneous ads, it is refreshing to see that the party of the little guys, you know the party that represents me and you, funded by small donations and an army of volunteers is still holding their own against such unprecedented odds.  Even more interesting is the news from the Club of Growth.  They aren’t giving up on David Schweikert either.  They are spending money here because they too are tired of Harry’s lies about his record on raising taxes.  They know that the truth will make a difference to you.  They want to give you a reason to keep up the good fight.  So if you have a few bucks support the Club for Growth.  Better yet, vote. 

Here’s a quote from the recent post by Evan Brown:

Club for Growth has put $50,000 more into advertising in the 5th Congressional District in support of Republican candidate David Schweikert, the organization announced Wednesday.

“It is important to run this ad so people in Arizona can know about the kind of high-tax policies Harry Mitchell has been supporting,” said Pat Toomey, president of the anti-tax organization. “Hopefully, they will call Harry Mitchell and tell him to vote for lower taxes.”


Harry, You’ve Got to Stop Using Veterans

With less than a week to go, Harry Mitchell continues to pretend he is a conservative. He parades examples of “sample populations” in his ads in order to trick voters into returning him as a Pelosi drone to the U.S. House of Representatives. All politicians lie to some extent, but to misuse and misstate facts is beyond belief. First, Harry let’s be clear, you cannot support the military men and women serving on the frontlines without supporting their mission. You don’t support the mission. You never have. Even when you were a member of the Arizona legislature, you voted against the military mission: i.e. the war on Islamic terrorism whose central theater is Iraq. Saul Alinsky taught you well; speak like the middle class so you can win them over and destroy them. And now, you are attempting to use the same tactics to win over the military so you can lead them to a shameful defeat by surrendering. But the worst part is to pick up the factual misstatements about the number of suicides of returning military. How shameful! Here is a quote from one of the articles published by Nancy Reyes on Blogger News Networks which throws cold water on your lies. Despite the headlines, the Army must be doing something right, because the rate of suicide is actually lower–yes, I said lower–than that of a comparable civilian population. Yes, you heard me right, I said the suicide rate is lower in the Army than in a similar civilian population.” (www.bloggernews.net/19471) Without any real legislative accomplishments to distinguish his brief time in Congress, Mitchell has to make stuff up. Harry, how dare you claim to be responsible for reducing suicide rates through your mere signature on a bill! You have not supported the military where it counts. I trust that they will return the favor and vote you out of office on November 4th.

Voter Match Game: Is Harry Mitchell Your Candidate?

Harry Mitchell says a lot of things to fool a lot of people, but one thing he hopes you won’t look at is his voting record.  If these are your views, then by all means vote for Harry. 

  • light rail instead of new freeways
  • use taxation to redistribute wealth to non-productive citizens
  • anti-life, pro-abortion on demand at anytime
  • anti-secret ballots, forced unionization
  • pro free healthcare, education (pre-school through college) and no cost loans for illegal aliens
  • putting trillions of dollars of debt on the backs of your children and grandchildren
  • changing the definition of marriage
  • anti-gun ownership
  • elimination of US production of gasoline by limiting drilling and refining
  • government support for partisan groups such as ACORN

If you don’t share these views, you’re not a voter match for Mitchell.

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