John McCain backing Andy Tobin in AZ01

Earlier today Andy Tobin held a high-end fundraiser in Paradise Valley for his campaign to represent Arizona’s Congressional District 1. The seat is currently represented by Ann Kirkpatrick.

The event featured the most recent Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney. The Tobin campaign had already announced their endorsement from Jon Kyl but the invite for today’s lunch added Jeff Flake and John McCain as “Honorary Chairs” of Tobin’s campaign.

The recent addition of Flake and McCain can mean only one thing – Andy Tobin has cut a deal to support Amnesty once he gets to Washington. Those two senators would not have settled for anything less and they both are vocal proponents for lax enforcement of immigration laws. Voter of District 1 should take note.
Andy Tobin John McCain

This news follows Tobin’s public call for “legal status” for those not legally in the U.S. He added, “We’re not going to be sending all these people home”. Clearly not if he and McCain and Flake get their way. No wonder some have taken to calling him Amnesty Andy.


Boehner in AZ to support McSally and Tobin

U.S. House Speaker, John Boehner, will be in Arizona on Saturday, March 29th for a fundraising lunch to support CD 2 candidate Martha McSally and CD 1 candidate Andy Tobin. The invitation says Marana but for a $500 lunch, they might as well just have disclosed that it will be at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain (only $1,500 if you want to join the photo line).

Boehner in Arizona for Andy Tobin

Boehner’s support for McSally is not a surprise. She came within less than 2,500 votes of beating the Democratic incumbent currently holding the seat and her fundraising has been very strong this cycle. She is well positioned to beat that same incumbent, even in a standard mid-term election. And this year is shaping up to be more Republican friendly than normal. McSally does have two or three (depending on what day of the week it is) challengers in the primary, but none of them seems to have made a breakout that could reasonably threaten her near lock on the nomination.

None of the candidates running against McSally are really trying to get very far to the right of her, a la Jesse Kelly, so the fact that she is seen with the increasingly squishy Boehner will not significantly hurt her chances of securing the nomination.

The situation is quite different in the adjacent District 1. Andy Tobin faces two viable alternatives that may either have more money or are noticeably to the right of Tobin, Gary Kiehne and Adam Kwasman respectively. And they both actually live in District 1, unlike Tobin who resides outside the boundaries of AZ-01.

Kiehne is already on the air with a respectable introductory radio ad. His willingness to spend money is evidenced by his renewal of the original ad purchase. He is conservative enough to make him a viable GOP candidate and would normally attract the support of Boehner and the NRCC; a successful businessman willing to pony of some of his own cash in order to be first across the finish line. (Actually, an NRCC dream date.)

Adam Kwasman is the kind of principled conservative that gives the NRCC night sweats so it is no surprise that the NRCC and Boehner would openly support his opponent in the primary. The Washington establishment knows they cannot control Kwasman like they can Tobin, so they go all in for the more flexible Tobin.

The problem with Boehner’s gambit is that it could easily backfire. It will only reinforce Kiehne’s contention that the system is rigged and you need an outside like him who will answer to the people in the district, not leadership in Washington. Kwasman can link the amnesty leaning, budget busting record of Boehner to Tobin in an effort to further motivate the conservative base that already seems to be leaning toward Kwasman.

Two words sum of the risk Boehner is taking by openly favoring Tobin in the primary – “Raul Labrador”. In his 2010 primary, Labrador dispatched the NRCC anointed candidate and then went on to win the general election. The NRCC now has a 2/3 chance that  the AZ-01 nominee and possible congressman will not look kindly on their requests to fall in line and support Boehner’s agenda of capitulation and compromise.

Pinal County Lincoln Day Luncheon – April 13th

Pinal County Lincoln Day Lunch

The Pinal County Republican Committee

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Lincoln Day Luncheon
to celebrate our Republican Heritage

Saturday, April 13th, 2013
11:00 am to 2:30 pm

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Featuring Guest Speakers

Rev. Clyde Bowen, Chairman, AZ American African Republican Committee
Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney
Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff

Master of Ceremonies
Douglas Wolf, Pinal County Assessor

Pastry Chef Duel
Silent Auction
50/50 Raffle

Tickets – $35 per person
Check should be payable to Pinal County Republican Committee
Deadline to reserve tickets is Friday, April 5, 2013

Mail payment to:
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Democrat Dave Joseph under investigation for violating Clean Elections law

Dave JosephLegislative District 11 candidate Dave Joseph is under investigation for violating the Arizona Clean Elections Commission rules that apply when you take campaign funds from the state. A weekend article from the Arizona Republic details the two violations that he committed, according to a complaint filed by a resident of Pinal County. The violations being investigated are so serious even the local public radio station in Tucson took note in this news report.

This case is just one more example of what is wrong with the Clean Elections system. Candidates get free money and often times bend or break the rules when using these state funds. The system also artificially inflates the amount of money being spent on campaigns and drives up the cost of running for office. The liberals always whine about more money for education but they too often seem willing to accept campaign welfare when the money could be better used to fund education in Arizona.

Citizens United launches ad in AZ CD8 Special

Citizens United Political Victory Fund has entered the Special Election for the vacant Congressional seat in Arizona’s Eighth district. The ad points out that Obamacare contains significant cuts to Medicare and that Jesse Kelly supports the full repeal of Obamacare.

The Democrat, Ron Barber, has been trying to attack Kelly on the Medicare and Social Security issue. After seeing this new ad from Citizens United, Barber may be sorry he brought up the topic.

YouTube Preview Image

Read more coverage of the Citizens United buy in this Politico story.


Republic makes no mention that office was killed by illegal alien

It is sad to read that another Phoenix Police Officer, Shane Figueroa, has died because of an illegal alien. Our hearts and prayers go out to his widow their young child.

The Arizona Republic covered the news but was unable to mention the fact that the suspect is an illegal alien with several prior arrests for DUI. KTAR and the Arizona Daily Star are willing to include the regrettable story behind officer Figueroa’s preventable death.

crAZy is back

We covered the case of State Representative Mark DeSimone, who resigned after being arrested for domestic violence. Now comes news that Democrat Paul Newman, candidate for the ACC, likes to smoke weed (marijuana) while driving around in a county owned vehicle. The pot smoking was discovered as Newman went through a Border Patrol check point but no charges were ever brought against him. That’s crAZy.

Who is behind Gutless John Shadegg?

Someone set up a blog site attacking Shadegg for his new position in support of the Bailout “Rescue” Plan. The question arises was the site set up by a Democrat operative seeking to weaken GOP support for Shadegg or someone from the Bob Lord campaign. It is also possible that someone from the conservative base of the GOP had finally had enough. Shadegg slipped some with the base when he openly supported Fife Symington in the late 2007 attempt to unseat Rob Haney as Chairman of LD 11. There was no need for Shadegg to insert himself into an LD election but he got involved anyway. Since that time Shadegg has made other moves that have displeased certain conservative. Up until now Shadegg has always come through when votes were being counted in the House of Representative and has a very conservative record. Up until now.

All indications are the Shadegg will join the Democrats on Friday morning in voting for the bailout. If that will have any effect on his election in CD 3 we don’t know. Certainly it will diminish his conservative credentials a little more.

If the anti-Shadegg blog was put up by the Democrats it may backfire in CD 8, where it looks like Giffords is set to vote for the revised bailout. If the new Shadegg site is done by Republicans, especially if they are from CD 3, then his race may end up being closer than he would like it to be.

Boehner sells out

House of Representatives Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has come out in support of the bailout. Conservative Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) is against the bailout. Congressman Shadegg is asking for input. We have not heard anything definitive from other members of the Arizona delegation.

The bailout is wildly unpopular with a broad cross section of the American public. The bailout could be a good opportunity for Republicans to distinguish themselves from Democrats, who will likely vote for the bill. It will be especially interesting to see if Giffords and Mitchell vote for the bill and if Bee and Schweikert are able to exploit the incumbents’ votes.

Disgraced former Fannie Mae CEO advising Obama

Franklin Raines was CEO of Fannie Mae from 1999 to 2004. During that time he sucked out 10s of millions of dollars in salary and bonuses. He was sued for overstating earnings and settled in April, 2008. So whom did Barack Obama seek out for economic advice – Franklin Raines. Some change, turning to the same bad actors that got us into this current mess.

YouTube Preview Image

Harry Mitchell on the take.

The Gila Courier and Harry Mitchell Watch blogs have been looking into who is funding Harry Mitchell. Turns out that the well connected and accounting-challenged Charles Rangel of New York has channeled almost $30,000 into Mitchell’s coffers. Mitchell made a big deal about who was funding JD Hayworth’s campaign in 2006. It will be interesting to see if anyone on the left calls for Mitchell to return the cash from the tax-code inept Rangel.

Congressman Rangel is Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and works on writing the tax code. Maybe he should read his own work. Even the New Your Times has called for Rangel to step down from his position.

The 2006 ad attacking Hayworth stated that he was under investigation. Espresso Pundit wrote about the fact that the investigation of Hayworth turned up no evidence of wrongdoing despite the press’ efforts to smear him.

YouTube Preview Image

McComish moves into second place

According to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Election Department, Representative John McComish has now taken a narrow lead ahead of Frank Schmuck (pictured above with Janet Napolitano).

Hat tip to Gila Courier for catching the news.

Russell Pearce responds

The Pearce campaign has released the following statement regarding recent events.

Statement of Rep. Russell Pearce
August 22, 2008

“I fully agree with the letter that Congressmen Franks, Shadegg and Flake sent to the Maricopa County Republican Party this week.

We have no room for hate speech or hate groups. We must enforce our laws with compassion, but without apology. “Illegal” has no race or nationality. I refuse to apologize for standing up for America and the Citizens of this Nation who have a Constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced.

In my 61 years in this community and as a law enforcement officer, a Judge, as a father, grandfather, neighbor, scout master, little league coach, pop warner coach, I have never been accused of such asinine things. The most radical groups I have ever been associated with are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police, and I confess I still associate with both of them.

So it goes without saying that I completely disavow Mr. Ready and the groups he associates with.

Finally, the chronology of events as outlined by Nathan Sproul in a recent press release is, as all other material from Mr. Sproul, a distortion of the truth and flatly inaccurate. I refuse to further comment on any material distributed by Mr. Sproul or his committee because to do so only lends an aroma of credibility to a man and an organization who is making his living in the gutters of American politics.

Nathan Sproul is a target of a federal voter fraud investigation and has demonstrated to be as credible on politics as Mr. Ready has been on race.”

-Russell Pearce

Keep up the good work

We have not always been big fans of the GOP nominee but I must admit he is having a great week. Here is another knock out video.

YouTube Preview Image

The Republican nominee is happy to talk about housing

YouTube Preview Image

McCain ahead in Arizona by double digits

The most recent Cronkite/Eight poll has the GOP presidential nominee ahead of Obama by 10%. At the time we wrote this the KAET site had not yet posted the details but the Gila Courier blog has lots of info.

Mike Pence is a RINO

The statement is absurd on the face of it but we could not resist the dare issued by RedArizona. Almost as absurd as the statement above is the endorsement of Tony Bouie by Pence. Why is a congressman from Indiana endorsing a legislative candidate from Arizona? Has Mike Pence ever met Bouie? Who next? Will Nancy Reagan endorse Bouie on Wednesday? How about Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday? Tony Bouie should run on his own merits as should the rest of the candidates. Any more dares, RedArizona?