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3 OClock High

City of Phoenix Election Highlights, Lowlights & Predictions

Gullett’s Guts: A political consultant running for office takes a lot of bravery. Lose and it will forever be used against you. That Wes Gullett is even in the discussion about a November run-off is a victory for hm. Win or lose, he comes out a winner.

Quik Way To Lose Quik Mojo: Without any support from a single candidate running for Phoenix office this cycle, Proposition 2 has become a curious campaign with Quik Trip spending heavily to defend afronting a neighborhood in order to build their 27th station in the Valley. They primarily argue we are a good company, so vote for us. But as opponents pointed out in a recent mailer the U.S. Department of Justice fined them millions for discriminating against the disabled and the U.S. Department of Labor fined them nearly a million dollars for ripping off their employees. Calls to mind Homer Simpson’s most famous line.

I Used To Be Somebody: Once prolific Phoenix political consultant Gary Kaasa is no more. Claude Mattox’s inept campaign, fleeced by consultants Kaasa and Joe Yuhas, spells the end of Kaasa’s career and casts serious doubts on Yuhas’ ability to be taken seriously moving forward.

Beware Waring: He will come close to winning outright Tuesday night, but not quite. Over/Under is 15 on his margin over appointed councilperson Bryan Jeffries.

Not exactly Phoenix ’11 election related but here’s a prediction for ’14: Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates will seriously consider if not run for Arizona Attorney General.

Bundgaard v. Jurassic Park

What right thinking individual could possibly support a GOP fossil like Ron Carmichael over Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard for GOP Party Chairman, should the telegenic conservative make a last minute bid for the post?

Bundgaard is purportedly lining up a conservative constellation of stars
since Bruch Ash dropped out of the race.


Why not Ted Baxter instead? Or Jack Tripper? Or Potsy? Has Carmichael done anything since Richard Dawson anchored Family Feud? Mr. Furley would make more sense to represent Arizona Republicans than Mr. Carmichael.

Here’s a real simple idea. Have whatever candidates place their name in nomination debate prior the convention — before voting takes place.

This way, and perhaps only this way, can everyone witness how meaningful the differences are for our party between Bert Tollefson and, well, Scott Bundgaard. Or, on a national level, the difference between an archaic pretender like Arlen Specter and the real deal like an up and comer like John Thune.

Unite, don’t divide. Bundgaard can fundraise and articulate. Carmichael? Seriously? Republicans can do better than a warm up act at Vee Quiva as opposed to someone who is already headlining Jobing.com Arena.

If Jon Kyl Doesn’t Step Up, Who Will In 2012?

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl has curiously not yet declared his intentions for a re-election race in 2012. After a distinguished career in public service it’s understandable, if not regrettable, that he may want to entertain other pursuits. But it begs the question: what might that crazy Republican primary look like? A quick glimpse.

*Congressman Jeff Flake: The look. The LDS base. The adoring national press. A top tier candidate.

*Former Congressman John Shadegg: Can he raise the dough being out of office?

*Former Attorney General Grant Woods: The likely recipient of John McCain’s support. Could he win a fractured GOP primary? The same strategy did not work for another liberal Republican, Paulina Morris.

*Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu: A darkhorse. He knows how to raise a profile. Does he know how to raise money? Speculation is he wants a bigger prize than Arizona’s new congressional seat.

*Congressman Trent Franks: A conservative’s conservative. Would he risk a very safe seat for a very big reward?

*Congressman-Elect Ben Quayle: He wouldn’t, would he? He did, successfully, didn’t he?

Let the games begin.

Stick A Fork In Him

Word is that wannabe chef and perennial candidate for anything, Vernon Parker, is dropping his bid for GOP Party Chairman.

Parker, wholly owned and operated by the most unsuccessful political consultancy in Arizona history, Nathan Sproul, left his failed congressional campaign in debt.

We are now indebted to him for leaving the race, we can only hope.

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