Attorney General Goddard releases “Guide to the Attorney General’s Guides” booklet


Frustrated by the amount of media attention County Attorney Andrew Thomas has received for his crime prevention handbook, which has resulted in thousands of requests by the public for the booklet, Attorney General Terry Goddard has tried to one-up Thomas by issuing a guide of all guides, a guide to the numerous glossy pamphlets and booklets his office has produced over the years. We’ve included a few pages from this booklet below, which not only feature his photo on the outside of the booklet, as do most of his prior booklets, but on every single page inside as well.

Goddard said he thinks it’s unfair that Thomas issues just one booklet, which doesn’t even have his photo on the outside of it, and he gets all the press. “I’ve been issuing countless glossy booklets and brochures for the public since I entered office in 2003, and not once has the press covered them, other than a tiny paragraph buried inside the back of the newspaper next to the obituaries. It’s unfortunate that I have to resort to putting my picture on every single page in order to get some attention, but I’m willing to do what I need to do. Hopefully by featuring all of my other booklets and videos in this publication we’ll finally get some attention, maybe even some national press. I doubt any other Attorney General has ever issued as many glossy booklets with their picture on them as I have.”

Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p5.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p6.jpgArizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p3.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p2.jpgArizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p4.jpg Arizona-Attorney-General-Terry-Goddard-guide-p7.jpg


  1. Nice campaign literature!

  2. Kralmajales says



  3. William Crum says

    Unfortunately Mr Goddard does his job properly where Mr Thomas violate civil rights doing his. Recall Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas.

  4. Willy,

    “I work for you!”

    It looks like taxpayer paid for pandering. I have no doubt that Mr. Gooddard is a great lawyer. He is helping prosecute the Corbett case as all of our county attorneys resigned. It would be wise to stop listening to the people that are advising Gabby. Because its just a waste of money. Incumbency has a 92% approval rating – not like it was there’s to begin with.

  5. Dick Gazinia says

    Goddard does his job? What has he done besides put out pamphlets and gut and oppose voter passed anti-illegal immigration propositions? He doesn’t do anything unless Nepaloreno sends him a memo with step by step instructions. If Arpaio and Thomas were really that bad the courts would have nailed them by now.

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    Let’s not forget when Janet used the public schools to promote her office:

    And what about this great photo?

  7. Sonoran Sam says

    You can find examples with any elected official – REPUBLICAN OR DEMORACT – using their incumbency for self-promotion. That’s what elected officials do, and to a degree it has to be tolerated.

    The question is when do elected officials cross the line.

    When county government is laying off staff, when a shortage of prosecutors already exists, and when a significant chunk of money that should be used for, oh, I dunno, fighting crime, is diverted into a vote-for-me stuff, that’s crossing the line.

    I was afraid you guys would indulge in hypocrisy in your haste to defend your guy.

    Still, it makes me a little sad.

  8. HAHA. I love it. But I think the irony is being missed on some. You guys do realize all those headlines and that booklet is not real? He is making a point, a VALID point of the double standard going on here.

  9. This is hilarious… I have a real problem with Sprint Nextel where they are charging me taxes for 5 consecutive months now for Florida on my cellular phone bill. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and provided 5 months of bills, notes on whom I spoke to at Sprint each month with their Sprint ID’s. His office sent me a form letter telling me how to hire a lawyer. I would think that if a large corporation is bullying an Arizona citizen and made huge billing errors there may be others with similar problems. It would seem to me to be illegal to represent monies being collected as a tax for a taxing authority that has no jurisdiction over the person you are charging… But Terry Goddard’s office has forms and lots of red tape… but no one to address the issue. NOT.. doing his job… Read the cover… He works for me and for you… How about looking into the matter???

    I’m sure everyo9ne else who has had issues has had similar results.

  10. William Crum says

    To whom it concerns: How many buildboards will you find Terry Goddard? How many website does Terry Goddard have in which he show someone who made a mistake and got caught drinking which lead to losing his job and promote himself? I can’t even go into my credit union and see a sign with Andrew Thomas name on the wall. He is the first county attorney to do this since I have lived here. Taxpayers money and how many convictions have we gotten with it?
    Since you mention Janet, how about your secretary of state Ms Brewer? She wouldn’t do something like this. She did, say it isn’t so? People, we need jobs in this not self-promoting politicians. This state needs to be greener not the brown sky hanging over us and destroying our health. Get real and put your head out of the ground for its about time.

  11. I am extremely pleased with AG Goddard and not pleased with the crap the County Attorney and the Sheriff seem to be pulling off every day they are in office. Once again, this blog cracks me up! Thank you for the laugh.


  1. […] out the Sheriff’s office was conducting a drophouse smuggling sting! Had nothing to do with “I’m so important” Goddard. Too bad it got to this, now the Sheriff’s sting location is public, probably […]

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