Attorney General candidate debate Thursday night between Andrew Thomas and Tom Horne

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Andrew Thomas will be debating Tom Horne in the first Arizona Attorney General Republican primary debate this Thursday, June 3 at 6:30 at the Fox Sports Grill located at 16203 N. Scottsdale Rd. between Greenway and Bell.  It is hosted by the Greater Scottsdale Tea Party.  Supporters should try to arrive at 6 to ensure they get good seating.

This should prove to be a lively debate due to the opposing viewpoints of the candidates. Horne is a liberal Republican who switched parties right before he ran for office, with a history in the legislature that includes voting for a tax increase, against tax repeals, against prolife bills and Second Amendment bills.

Thomas is the conservative in the race, who has been endorsed by numerous law enforcement agencies and leaders, including Bob Corbin, former Attorney General, Matthew Smith, Mohave County Attorney, Tom Sheahan, Mohave County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff, Larry Dever, Cochise County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, Steve Waugh, Yavapai County Sheriff, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, National Border Patrol Council, Local 2544, and the Peoria Police Officers Association.

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  1. Horne got 6 speeding tickets in 18 months, including one in a school zone. Someone with that little respect for the law has no business running for the state’s top law enforcement position.

  2. Not only that…but Tom Horne has never been under a federal grand jury investigation either!

  3. The federal grand jury investigation has little to do with Thomas. It was initiated by the feds to look into racial profiling allegations by Sheriff Arpaio. The RINO County Supervisors are trying to tie Thomas into it, but the most I’ve seen is that Thomas turned his racketeering lawsuit against them over the feds to handle. I haven’t seen Thomas with a criminal defense attorney during this entire federal investigation, but I’ve seen the Supervisors’ hatchet man David Smith pictured with his criminal defense attorney leaving questioning by the feds (the photo ran in Phoenix New Times). Nice try Ann/Susan Bitter Smith trying to smear Thomas.

  4. Susan Bittersmith is a trustee on the Defend Don Stapley criminal defense fund. That explains her hatred for Thomas, who has been trying to prosecute Stapley.

  5. Arizona Ranger says

    I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Horne and the difficult job he has tackled as Superintendent of Education. But there is one mighty important aspect of his personal history that just sticks way out there! By that, I am referring to his switching parties! I just don’t believe that grown person, siding with the Democrats for many, many years, can suddenly have a veritable epiphany and decide that-poof-now I am a Republican! Whoever has done this has completely loss the support of their old party but hasn’t really earned the respect of his “new” party.
    I am not detracting from Mr. Horne’s accomplishments, but I am saying that our “Republican” hopeful should stick to the area that he knows best-Education!
    My vote is for a well known and respected attorney: Andy Thomas. He has the know-how and the “cajones” to get the job done.

  6. Arizona Ranger,
    You mean like Ronald Reagan who switched parties when he was 51?

  7. todd, it’s one thing to change parties and really reflect your new party, like Reagan did. It’s something completely different to change parties and continue to vote in the legislature like a Democrat, as Horne has done.

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    Horne has done a crap job as Secretary of Public Instruction. As reported by the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statisitcs, Arizona’s average student test scores have been dead flat without improvement since 1998 while Florida’s, which implemented educational reform in 1998, have soared. Whoever things treading water is a good job I want for a boss.

  9. The Mole says

    I like Tom Horne. He is a nice guy. I hope he find a new job, but certainly not as Attorney General.

    Thomas is smart and not afraid of anyone. He has proven he will take on tough issues and not back down. That’s what we have been lacking in the Attorney Generals office for a long time. He has my vote

  10. catsclaw says

    I can’t find it in myself to vote for a man who was honored by WISH

  11. Ann-

    Are you seriously touting the Obama Administration and Eric Holder’s politically motivated witch hunt into Sheriff Arpaio’s and Andy Thomas’ efforts to stop illegal immigration?!

    Surely you are not suggesting that sham of an “investigation” is motivated by anything other than the Obama Administration’s desire to put an end to tough enforcement of laws against illegal immigration in Maricopa County as a sop to their radical base?!

  12. Oh God, if PLEA endorses a candidate, you know they are bad!

  13. John Doe, P.E. says

    Andy Thomas has no business as an AG. After his play dough indictment of Judge Donahue in Maricopa County and another $7 million in claims against the county, his management style has as much intelligence as a Gecko reptile.

    Given the accused level of malfeasance, Andy will at a minimum be sanctioned. He’s unfit for AG. So is Tom Horne, but he was smart enough to avoid Joe, Rosemary and all the other detritus in Maricopa County,

  14. Jack Hammer says

    And John Doe P.E.? will no doubt vouch for the character and competence of Mary Rose Wilcox and Don Stapely?

  15. It’s been suspected for years that Wilcox and Stapley have engaged in shady deals. However, no one ever had the courage to pursue the allegations. Do a little research on Staply’s business partner Conley Wolfswinkle and that will give you some insight into the caliber of company he keeps. Andy is not part of the “good old boy” network that has corrupted AZ politics for years. He’s rattled some cages and shined the light of justice on some misdeeds,now old guard wants to destroy him. Tom is a nice old gentleman. Like McCain it is time for him to retire. Andy’s not afraid to get in the ring with the bad guys and fight for the everyday citizen. I will be casting my vote for Andy and I hope you will too!!


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