Attention Scottsdale Voters!! Union Supporters Running for Office.


  1. Ok, let’s talk about “unions.” Firefigher & police unions are supporting Russell Pearce. Does that make them all bad?

    You guys go after stuff when it suits you. The truth be known, the Firefighters and Cops Support Second Amendment rights They support Pearce.

    Councilwoman Klapp has done a decent job. She has not control over an IE entering the race.

    So, are all of you of the same thinking wanting to tell the Firefighters and Cops to stop supporting Russell?

    • I believe most of us appreciate your vote against the nutritional rape of taxpayers via the City of Phoenix’ food sales tax. From what I can tell, you have also been a staunch supporter of illegal immigration law enforcement. That is why I find it odd that you now want to hold Russell Pearce ‘hostage’ against the current “anti-union” frey.

      On this very site, on 02/09/10 you wrote the following:

      “… Phoenix is not a happy family inside. City Hall insiders say other city unions are tired of taking all the cuts while police and firefighters have been held free of any cuts in pay, benefits or positions. The largest group of people showing up at the Feb. 2nd last minute council vote were union members and their families, including AFSCME, PLEA and IAFF-Phoenix Firefighters unions. An afternoon council meeting limits the Joe average voters from getting off work to come – apparently a lot of city workers must have had the afternoon off…”

      Your support for the firefighter and police unions might be considered ‘admirable’, but are you in the tank so deep that you must entangle one issue with another to shore up defense of unions and quash anti-union sentiment in general?

  2. Zoo, you are an absolute spot of entertainment on another day of high heat warning.

    If you are going to editorial about me, then then get your facts straight. I stood against the food sales tax and was criticized by police and fire for it. I stood with Bill Gates on that issue.

    As for your absurd comments on illegal immigration, I have worn the uniform of this nation and served on the border. And you’ve done what? Oh, blogged under a phony name so you can call names on a conservative website and throw stones? Come on, we’re Americans (I assume you are) and we’re better than that!

    I embrace the work done by police and firefighters as being the original sentries in the business of homeland defense. Hundreds of them died in one day on Sep. 11, 2001. In their ranks are many of them who also serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces – or are otherwise veterans of prior service to this nation. Public safety workers, firefighters in particular, have a higher rate of cancer than any other population work group. Many of them simply don’t live long enough to enjoy their retirement. By the way, many of them have only their pensions because they don’t pay into Social Security.

    Don’t be a sad excuse for a weekend blogger hiding in the depths of the internet with a pen name and not person enough to stand up like a patriot and state yourself in the open. Come out of the shadows.

    I find it odd that SA goes after one police association for entering an IE in a Scottsdale race to support a rather moderate to conservative Scottsdale City Council candidate. You are blogging old news on a Phoenix issue and totally changing the context here. Yet, where is the “thank you” or the criticism for police and fire unions entering the race with Russell Pearce? You simply won’t give it when given the opportunity. What did any of those folks do that ruined your economic day?

    You can’t have it both ways. Perhaps what you should admit is that these folks who wear the uniform stand with the candidates they have stood with before and are not ashamed to do so. They understand loyalty. Loyalty, there’s a rare commodity in this world of internet chatter and so-called “patriots” who will suddenly throw their candidate under the bus for the slightest deviation from the fanantical positions held.

    As for being in the tank ….. Buddy, I am not “in the tank,” I am the tank. M1A1 to be precise and target sights are set on the foolish, the demeaning and passionately crazy who simply don’t represent the many of us who are tired of the far right or far left running the agendas and bullhorns. I’ve been to Council and the Legislature (by the way, the Leg never meets for evening testimony, but I don’t hear you harping on that). However, the Scottsdale City Council – of which this blog is related to – has practically always met in the evening. Where’s the beef, Clara?

    Show up and be a man (or woman) and put your name on opinions.

    Finally, do you know Russell? I do and have since 1974. I will readily say he is someone who would give you the shirt off his back. He is devout in his faith and he’s a smart man. I don’t agree with all his positions and I think he has taken some to the point it is a crusade that by-passes points of reason that would otherwise accomplish the same thing. I know precisely why he has the support of the public safety associations – because he has stood up for them.

    Russell is the beneficiary of three pensions – Public Safety, Elected Officials, and state service. Where’s the criticism there?

    The difference between you and Russell Pearce: he’ll put his name on what he has to say. For that, I respect him.

    Zoo, you climbed into the wrong cage of debate in the public square.

    • Wow, what a spill. I would have read it all but I couldn’t get passed:

      “…If you are going to editorial about me, then then get your facts straight. I stood against the food sales tax and was criticized by police and fire for it. I stood with Bill Gates on that issue…”

      That is EXACTLY what I said in my very first sentence. Too hot to comprehend?

      My objection is your thinly-veiled threat that non-support of Firefighter and Police unions could lead to them dropping support for Russell Pearce. Since one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, this is a cheap tactic for backing their union(s). Have the fire and police unions conveyed such a stance to you? Are you now their official spokeshole, or did you just weave it as you went?

      In your own words which I quoted above, you describe the dissention among city unions who are angry because they “are tired of taking all the cuts while police and firefighters have been held free of any cuts in pay.” If this is true, and police and firefighters have remained untouched, then why doth thou protest too much and stoop to such a low level to protest anti-union remarks by Sonoran Alliance?

      Oh, by the way, I’m not a politician nor running for anything, so I haven’t the need to grafitti my birth name all over hell’s half acre. You’re in elected office, and you’re the one held accountable, not me.

    • Excuse me, the original posting is by “guest opinion” – author unknown. Maybe this is where your birth certificate demand should be focused. And no, it wasn’t me.

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