New Ad Attacks Dan Saban

The race for Maricopa County Sheriff just got real ugly.

Despite ads like this, some Republicans are still supporting Dan Saban.


  1. Stay classy, Republicans.

  2. I’m supporting him because of attacks like this. Didn’t work against Russell Pearce and this will backfire on Arpaio.
    This is very old and was proven to be false. Joe is a coward for not debating him.

  3. Tough ad, but necessary. Saban will try and spin it as false and given his position and the ad, that is what he should do. But I just listened to him on KTAR and there was an investigation for exposing himself and he admitted that he um…was not the master of his domain.

  4. GlendaleGOP says

    A risky ad. Bad stuff on Saban for sure, but it could blowback.

  5. Despicable! I still plan on voting for Saban. Joe is no friend to Republican conservatives.

  6. For everyone who said Nathan Sproul was over the line and out of bounds, where is the sense of decency on this one?

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen and brings the state GOP to a whole new level of low.

    It makes me shudder to think I am, in any way, thought of as an associate to that sort of excrement.

  7. James Davidson says

    A Committee should be formed to dump the old fool. Here’s why:

    1. He wastes money — the trip to Honduras, the tank, the $800 million for the jail.

    2. He’s a boob who can’t get his job done — the unserved warrants.

    3. He’s a lousy Republican. He endorsed Napolitano for Governor, after she as U.S. Attorney let him off the hook in the 1998 investigation of his office. Anyone see pay back there?

    4. He’s dumb. He trusted Napolitano and she threw him under the bus the first chance she got, specifically when decent people decided they wanted nothing to do with him due to his heavy handed tactics.

    5. He’s a headline hunter of the worst sort.


  8. I can hear the questions at the family dinner table.


    “Yes, Sally?”

    “What does ‘mastipated’ mean?”

    “Err, uh, um.”

    Maybe Joe’s next commerical could just be the video of his deputies beating that guy to death with the voiceover “Joe Arpaio: Tough on Crime”.

    Joe Arpaio reminds me of Rorschach from “Watchmen” as played by Rodney Dangerfield.

  9. My question is, why is the Sate GOP paying big bucks for this ad???

    Joe has what, 400K in the bank? I see Sydney Hay and Schwikert getting beat up every night – but the state party takes the money I donate and decides to do Joe’s dirty work? And why is Arpaio running from this? If he’s gonna put this out there he should have the you know what to stand by it.

    Pullen and Arpaio need to go – they are destroying this party.

  10. James,

    Different money. You can’t use state money on federal races.

  11. This ad is completely slanderous, and anyone who believes it at face value is a moron.

  12. How is it slanderous?

  13. slander – Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation.

  14. Wooden Teeth says

    I was shocked by the ad, no surprise, but when it turns out to be paid for by the state GOP I was angry. The state party ought to be concentrating on the handful of legislative races that are going to be close instead of helping a county candidate who has plenty of money and can easily get more. And is from a huge county. And is the incumbent. And is way ahead anyway.

  15. What’s false about it?

  16. After Honduras, 20,000 warrants, dozens of executive bureaucrats making over $100,000 and millions spent on his high-rise corner office it’s time to dump Arpaio.

    I wish that Dan were running with an “R” next to his name, but the fact is, I voted for Dan 4 years ago, and I’ll vote for him again this year.


  17. Sorry, I meant 40,000 warrants….

  18. kralmajales says

    Wow….that is just amazing.

    The truth is that there is nothing that Arpaio will not stoop to…nor his little crony Thomas.

    Unbelievable. I wish I could vote for Saban.

    By the way, many are supporting Saban because he has a record as a professional law enforcement officer, with a record of professionalism, and as someone who commands the respect of his peers.

    This isn’t the old west folks. Maricopa is a modern county with modern law enforcement issues.

    Saban has proven time and again that he not only understand law enforcement, but that he is a leader.

    This ad is truly disgusting.

  19. kralmajales says

    Wooden Teeth has it right. Look at what a mess the State party is. They couldn’t even find a reasonable and good candidate for Renzi’s open seat. I mean, lets be honest here, Hay is not going to win and there are so many other good candidates with real experience in government that could have run. Where is the recruiting?

    Spending money on this ad is absolutely a travesty.

    I can only think that it must be because Arpaio is NOT ahead. If he was, then why on earth would they run such a disgusting ad? Or is this payback or something?

    Why not run some positive ads about Joe…especially if he is really winning????? unreal!!!!

  20. To respond in kind, this commercial proves once and for all that Arpaio, his evil “chief deputy” (what a travesty) Hendershott who conspired four years ago with a subsequently fired Channel 15 reporter to first trump up the mentally ill abusive stepmother’s false rape allegation, and the executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, Sean McCaffrey (who with twisted logic defends the commercial he apparently helped fund) are, in a word . . . SCUMBAGS!

    Note the consistency of the weasel Arpaio: when MCSO not only insinuated itself where it had no business and further went so far as to handcuff and haul to jail Chandler PD Sgt. Tom Lovejoy after the accidental death of his K-9 (while having done nothing regarding the loss by MCSO handlers of three of their dogs), as always Arpaio seized the camera op and railed mightily in justification of yet another heavy-handed MCSO over-reaction . . . until it became clear that public opinion was against it. Then, days later he meekly suggested that the arrest was not his decision and he didn’t even know about it until afterwards! In this case, he had been commenting at recent public appearances about how he would soon be “dropping a bomb” on Saban, clearly a reference to the scurrilous commercial. And now, seeing how badly this has played out, when interviewed the Wizard of Wells Fargo again claims no involvement, repeating defiantly just the two words “independent expenditure.” Clearly he has devolved from buffoon to worm. A truly disgusting character.

  21. The state party phone number is on the ad, blow out their phones with complaints!

    McCaffrey and all those who allowed this have got to go!

  22. Kathy Laramee says

    I am more disgusted with Arpaio and his supporters than I was prior to seeing that low class, unprofessional, slanderous Campaign ad and I truly thought it was not possible for my opinion to get any lower. Arpaio is a loser and he is a coward. He refuses to show some courage and integrity by debating his opponent Dan Saban and instead he uses smear tactics and bullying and flat out lies – this is all Arpaio is capable of. He cannot stand on his record and/or his accomplishments because the damage he has caused seriously outweighs anything worthwhile that he may POSSIBLY have done in the past 16 years. He is reprehensible and so is the Arizona Republican party for paying for this ad, and the organizations and politians who continue to support him. Shame on all of you who refuse to see that this man is a liability. After seeing that ad I have decided that I am going to Vote for every Democrat on the ballot because if this is business as usual for the Republican Party then I don’t feel that any of them are worthy of my vote. My vote was always going to Dan Saban and Tim Nelson even before seeing just how low the Republican party would stoop and I was always planning to Vote for Marilyn Fox in hopes that she defeats Kunesak (misspelled I’m sure). Maybe when the Republicans lose many political positions in this election they will wake up and see that it is far more important to be ethical and honorable than to be deceitful and dishonest and crawl in the gutter with the likes of Joe Arpaio. Kathy Laramee, Phoenix, AZ

  23. Art Brockwell says

    Thank you for letting me see the light. My wife and I have changed to the Democratic Party. I see you are also liars and cowards as well. I will help in anyway financially to rid this State of Nazi Scum like Arpaio and Thomas as well as you. $10,000 a quarter will be A GOOD START.

  24. Without commenting on the ad, those of you who claimed you are now switching parties or switching votes because of an ad, know that political parties are more than used to these sorts of claims. Almost every time, it’s Democrats professing to be Republican and then claiming they are switching to Democrats. I know on its face it seems like such a great argument, but it’s also the oldest in the book. Same with those who claim that this going to make them vote Democrat. If all the people who claimed they are going to switch or vote a certain way actually did, then neither party would ever win a seat.

  25. I have left a message, for all the good that will do, at the Republican HQ about this ad. As a life-long Republican who is considering running for public office, I am appalled, disappointed and angry over this ad, which is untruthful and so unethical. I support Dan Saban, because of Arpaio’s many, many faults and the many, many mistakes at the Sheriff’s Office during his tenure, and now I want to DO something to make sure Arpaio is not re-elected.

  26. kralmajales says

    Hey…you all know that I am not a Republican…but what I am hearing on her is not some trick. This was a stupid, reckless, and really disgusting ad. It is beyond he pale. It would be puzzling to me if it wasn’t so damned horrible and mean. Puzzling because Arpaio could just sit back and win this by trying to be a kind and knowledgable politician. It is clear from this ad that he is not and is incapable of being so.

    Last, Saban is a good man. Everyone here knows it. He is a law enforcement officer with the highest integrity and respect around this state.

    The State GOP not only ran an ad beneath any sort of decency…

    They ran it against a first responder, a police officer, a person that put his life and the lives of his men and women on the line for us EVERY day.

  27. This add makes me sick. I am voting for Saban. Joe has gone was too far. He has been sheriff way too long.

  28. I called the Republican Headquarters today to talk with Sean, but he wasn’t available so I complained to Adam about this miserable, vile ad and the misuse of funds. I requested to be removed from their email and mailing lists and I assured him they’ll not see another $ from me

  29. Big Sister says

    Joe did not make or pay for this ad; the state GOP did. I’m sure he was aware and approved it, but the blame falls squarely on Pullen.

    There are targeted legislative races with the state Democratic Party pouring money their way and we have a chairman who allows money to be spent on a county race that is already well-funded and in such a vile and obscene way!

    This kind of leadership will bring us Speaker Lopes and President Arzberger.

    It is time for a change, from the EGC to the state GOP. This is not the actions of the party I support but of a sick, power hungry, arrogant, out of touch small group that needs to be shown the door!

  30. Big Sister says

    As I wrote the last post, the news is reporting the ad play dates have been shortened after complaints. Too little, too late. The hand has been played and the players revealed for the despicable people they are.

    They have acted with disregard to the party membership and the public opinion toward the party.

  31. Wow. The State GOP really screwed up here. Realistically, Arpaio should beat Saban by a wide margin (although more stuff like this and who knows) so going this low is clearly personal. Arpaio is dumb for not denouncing these ads.

  32. nightcrawler says

    Folks, I agree the ad is wrong and vile. That doesn’t however mean that Joe is doing a poor job. I still back him, please separate the man from his supporters.

    The AZ GOP is better than this and the ad is not the legacy they want or deserve.
    Pull(en) it, apologize and let us move on.

  33. The statements in the add are true. Saban said so himself on KTAR. And if they were false, all Saban would have to do is publish the depositions that were the source.

    Dan Saban is a liar and a fraud. Find the real truth at

  34. Hey “BobSunCity” (of course!), they are NOT true (and were investigated/not pursued four years ago by the county attorneys of both Maricopa and Pinal), Saban certainly said no such thing, nor should he nor anyone have to publish depositions or otherwise respond to disprove allegations that are along the lines of the proverbial “So, when did you stop beating your wife?” And by the way, Mr. Literacy, it’s an ad, not an “add”. Take your goose-stepping, mindless Arpaio uber alles garbage somewhere else.

  35. kralmajales says

    That was a zinger!

    Seperate Joe from his supporters and the ad?

    Joe absolutely approved that ad. Any person with a pulse and even a hint at integrity would have demanded that this ad NOT run.

    This isn’t just Pullen and most here know it. Arpaio is over the top and out of touch.

    This is Maricopa County and a city that most here are proud of. A national city, a city we want people to come to live in.

    I think Maricopa needs some updating in its Sheriff’s Office as it has outgrown him.

  36. I’m not a big Saban fan. I think he has issues. But Arpaio scares me because he seems to have no limits to what he will do to protect his power. I want a law enforcement officer who takes on the most serious crime in our community. Arpaio’s calculations seem more based on aggrandizing his own popularity than actual crime prevention. His approach to public records is very self serving (but that’s true for the REST of County government). But Big Sister is right on — the fact that the Party would prioritize spending on this race is incredibly stupid given the wall of water that is going to hit the GOP in the Legislature this November. And, the ad is disgusting. Whether or not it has any factual merit whatsoever, it is slimy and manipulative. Let’s go ahead and list all the things Joe has been “investigated” for. Would that be fair?

  37. Art Brockwell says

    BobSunCity you need to change your meds or your diaper at once. The ad was a blatant lie, and Arpaio knew 2 weeks prior it was coming out. Just like Arpaio though, LIE then COVER IT UP.

  38. Recently I saw a US District Court document (#2:08-cv-00058-FJM-HCE) that showed Sheriff Arpaio’s full name is Joseph MUSSALINI Arpaio. I suspect little Joe heard his father sing the praises of his namesake, fascist dictator Benito Mussalini.

    That doesn’t mean Arpaio is an authoritarian populist, demanding personal loyalty, and blaming all problems on a helpless minority the way Benito did. But, on the other hand, I believe that IS a fair description of Arpaio.

    Don’t look for a Saban ad describing Arpaio as a neo-nazi or fascist because Saban is a professional law enforcement leader and has more class than that.

    And why is the Sheriff’s office a partisan position anyway? Why are we not looking for the very best law enforcement leader rather than a showman?

  39. kralmajales says


    That was admirably said. Well well done.

    I know I am a liberal folks but you can bet your ass that I support our police. Many of my friends are, many of my former students are…

    God bless them.

    And let me say this, we need professional law enforcement. We need good leaders in that office, now more than ever.

    Saban is that leader.

  40. Channel 12 (KPNX) continues to air the ad as evidenced Friday night, even as it’s now known that two other major stations in the Phoenix market refused to do so. Particularly amazing after its news reporter Joe Dana did a piece the night it first appeared which was particularly critical of it. Contact its general manager, John Misner, to make your disappointment, revulsion and outrage known! Their phone number is (602) 257-1212.

  41. Big Sister says

    Of course they are! The fallout hurts Arpaio and the GOP. Continuing to air it will keep on painting Joe and the state party as ugly and repulsive. Here’s real salt in the wound, the minimal funds the state party has is paying for it, too! Money supporters sacrifice to donate. NO MORE FROM ME!

    Aren’t we proud of our stellar chairman and his minions! He has really outdone himself and unfortunately, drug the party down with him.

    Mr. Misner did not create, pay for, or buy the air time. Randy Pullen did and he deserves the condemnation of the party and the public.

  42. It’s been some time now, and the news is still taking about this, but one thing is for sure:
    Saban lied to the Buckeye city manager about the rape allegations.
    Saban was investigated (with insufficient evidence found) for exposing himself to a child.
    Saban admitted to masturbating while on duty.
    Saban failed to disclose to the city of Buckeye several crimes he committed in his late teens and early 20’s, and later called a campaign supporter of his at AZPOST to have his application changed.

    Dan Saban is a fraud and a liar. To that there is no doubt.


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