Arpaio Joins Romney Camp

Word from the Romney camp today and Fox News is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has signed on as chairman of the Romney campaign in Arizona. Clearly the Arpaio endorsement a nice get for Romney, but let’s be honest here. As much as McCain is disdained by conservatives in Arizona, he still wins the state – easily.

As for Romney, he seems to have his own problems with conservatives as they begin to realize that Romney’s words don’t really match his record on either social or fiscal issues. Romney’s flip-flopping on important issues apparently has even his own consultants concerned.

And rightfully so. We have all heard about him flip-flopping on gay and abortion issues, but Romney has also changed his position on 2nd Amendment issues and tax cuts. The question conservatives will have to ask is “who is the real Mitt Romney?”

Is it the politician running for President who says he is pro-life, pro-traditional values, pro-tax cut, and pro-gun? Is it the candidate for Senate who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and said he “didn’t line up with the views of the NRA?” Or is it the governor of Massachusetts who pushed through universal health care, and opposed President Bush’s tax cuts?

I guess for Mitt Romney it depends on what office he is running for.

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