Sheriff Arpaio Gets Help in Rooting Out County Corruption


(Phoenix, AZ.) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, while at the forefront of the national illegal immigration debate, is now having to taking aim at an equally tough challenge: rooting out what may end up being one of the worst and most bizarre public corruption cases in Arizona.   In a press conference today, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas introduced the man they believe can help sort it all out: Bob Barr has agreed to be an expert witness in matters pertaining to the Board of Supervisors.   Barr, former U.S. Attorney, Congressman, and chief federal prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, has been retained as an expert witness in matters facing both Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio.   Not only has Barr directed a number of high profile public corruption investigations, he also chaired the Public Corruption Subcommittee of the U.S. Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United State Attorneys. He is a registered arbitrator and mediator.

In the case facing Maricopa County, Barr will serve as an expert witness lending his considerable experience and knowledge to opine as to the propriety, legality and ethical considerations of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors action taken on June 23 to hire Washington D.C. based mediator Kenneth Feinberg.    Feinberg has been asked by county officials to help them ratify bogus financial/legal settlements payable to themselves and amounting to nearly $46 million in taxpayer’s money.   “What I have seen so far raises very serious concerns including the potential of serious fraud being perpetrated upon the taxpayers of this county as well as the deprivation of fundamental constitutional rights of the Sheriff and Mr. Thomas,” Barr said today.

Arpaio added that both he and Thomas are confident that Barr’s review of the facts will ultimately lead him to see that the board’s actions are unprecedented, illegal and unethical.   “The board and county officials have rigged the system…with an aim to defraud the taxpayers to benefit themselves.  Citizens should be outraged,” Arpaio says.   Also serving as an expert witness in the matter for Sheriff Arpaio will be Joseph diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the nation’s capitol.   Thomas said today, “We demand our day in court so we can get to the bottom of things and defend the interests of justice and of the county taxpayers.”


  1. Bob Barr is well-respected on both sides of the political aisle, due to his strong defense of civil liberties on the one hand and his record championing social issues on the other side. If Arpaio and Thomas have gotten him to put his hat in this on their side, that’s saying a lot. He wouldn’t risk his reputation over something that he didn’t believe 100% in.

  2. Tucson Tech says

    This will be bigger than AZSCAM. In 1990, when that political scandal hit, the state budget was about half of what the county budget is today. The state budget is controlled by 90 legislators and the governor, while the county’s budget by just five supervisors. And they gripe about Arpaio having too much power, they should look in the mirror!

  3. The Mole says

    It is painfully obvious the Supervisors and their friends want cold hard cash fast from the County’s deep pockets. Has it dawned on anyone the County would have to start from scratch in a lawsuit against Arpaio and Thomas to afford them due process. Does anyone think the court would or could simply adopt the mediator’s findings? There is something called a jury that would need to be involved.

    And if you have already forgotten, there remains active criminal investigations against Stapley and Wilcox. Let me get this straight: So we taxpayers get to pay them for having their feelings hurt by Arpaio and Thomas and then we find out they were actually guilty of crimes. But don’t miss the point. Even if the targets of Arpaio’s and Thomas’ wrath are pure as the driven snow, the mechanism set up by the Board to funnel taxpayer dollars into the pockets of Stapley, Wilcox and others who work for the taxpayers is a total sham.

  4. There’s going to be some BOS members that will wish they had kept their mouths shut.

  5. Jane 001 says

    There couldn’t be better news in this case.
    There’s a word for what the BOS is doing: malfeasance. They claim they’re saving us money by not suing us because the sheriff’s office investigated their corruption. There’s another word for the BOS: insane. They are as corrupt as they come and need to be thrown out of office on their ears.

  6. Isn’t it amazing when the truth comes out, rose marie and her racial friends aren’t as innocent as they claim-like we Didn’t Know THAT already.
    I’d put my money on Joe Every time for the Win.

  7. It is about time that the law caught up to Rose Wilcox and Don Stapley. Not sure about the other supervisor’s, but I think just about everyone in Maricopa County that has a brain, knows that Wilcox definitely does not have clean hands.. As for Stapley, he should be ashamed of himself to sully the name of Stapley….Personally they should throw out everyone on the board and start fresh.

  8. Jack Hammer says

    I’m waiting to see if any sitting B.O.S.member has the audacity to seek re-election!

    In a saner era they’d be wearing tar n’ feather coats and transportation would be provided by wooden rails!

  9. Oberserve says

    a) Barr ran for president as Libertarian

    b) Barr worked for the CIA before running for Congress.

    He’s going to help exactly how?

  10. Ah.
    Explains the tone of the AZ Republic front page article today.

  11. b) Barr worked for the CIA before running for Congress.

    He’s going to help exactly how?

    What IS it with the silly obsession with the CIA? You actually believe all the supernatural powers the Cold War KGB (that would be the “CIA” of the Soviet Union) cooked up to embellish the CIA mandate and “ominipresence” abilities? In the KGB world, the KGB is invisible and doesn’t do anything and the CIA is a godlike power — a rather obvious indicator that there is something very screwy with the analysis.

    In THIS case, having some decent intelligence-gathering and interviewing skills would be EXTREMELY useful in trying to find out what is going on in Maricopa County.

    But dismissing someone by employing a habituated trained Pavlovian association (CIA =cold sweats, fear and loathing, instead of a basic intel organization of a sort that EVERY country ulitilizes for their own national security info gatehring) means there is nothing factual to say.

  12. Oberserve says

    wanumbma is a government employee

  13. Sam kd is right, we need to start fresh. Trow out the thugs in the BOS. We used to
    attend meetings to monitor their actions, consistently they had their hand in the cookie jar. Voting for land development
    areas and then becoming involved in the
    profits of it. Buying a parking lot from
    APS and voting for APS big sign. Voting
    for contracts with people with whom they
    are involved, borrowing money from Chicanos
    Por La Causa!!! The Sheriff has been on
    target, that’s why they played the dirty
    game of smearing his and Thomas’ good names.

    These thugs do not have clean hands. I’m
    all for investigating them in depth by a
    neutral, qualified party, such as Mr Barr.

    Clean up the filth on the CBOS and next time we elect someone let’s be careful not
    to appoint the woolves to guard the sheep.

    Mary Rose Wilcox already promised Ben Miranda her current seat so she can run for
    Congress!!!!! Such corruption! ‘Birds of a Feather’


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