Arpaio and Thomas announce plan to reform judiciary

In an effort to ensure better accountability and meaningful elections for members of the Arizona judiciary, former Maricopa County Attorney and Attorney General candidate Andrew Thomas announced today a plan that would require real elections of judges as well as other reforms.

Read the full plan here.


  1. Pro-freedom Republican says

    About time! Tired of the liberal, out-of-control judges we have in there now. Thanks to years of Napolitano as governor appointing judges, we have a predominance of left wing judges in Maricopa County that need to go. They let criminals off the hook too easy and rule against conservatives in politicized rulings.

  2. The Other Jane says

    The link doesn’t work.

  3. Jane 001 says

    This SA press release has sure had its share of problems!


    Thomas says, “Currently, voters are given no meaningful information about judges at election time and have no way of obtaining it on their own,” and that’s very true. I remember looking for information on judges in the last election and it was very difficult to find. Not sure which, but one organization tried publishing a list, but it was still inadequate. Some Arizona judges don’t need to be sitting on the bench. The situation with the Maricopa BOS animates the problem for all to see. I’d like to see more voter information about judges.

  4. Jack Hammer says

    And voters should concern themselves with the B.O.S.

    All too often the party candidate is unopposed in primaries and people vote the straight line in the genersl.

    Hopefully, that will change with Stapely being run out on a rail!

    Frankly we not only need true fiscal conservatives but office holders free of CofC and coyote clutches!

    That in itself, is a TALL order!

  5. J. Sykes says

    What a joke! We have enough right-wing nut Jobs here in Arizona, They’ve screwed up Arizona so bad. We have to get rid of these idiots. Quoting the Queen of nut jobs, Palin, we need to put them in our sights!

  6. If there is any justice at all, Arpaio will soon be doing some federal time (in ADSEG, of course), and Thomas won’t be able to get a job as dog catcher.

    Would that the idiots that voted them in could be held liable, too.

  7. We do need more info on Judges. We have enough nut job liberals on the bench.

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