Army Specialist, Joe Cook

OK, everyone has been asking about the Joe Cook video. We’ve located it on You Tube and made it available here.

Thank you Joe Cook for your service.


  1. L. De Marino says

    It’s a great video. I’d like to stick in front of Nobama and make him watch it until he gets the message: like writing “I will not betray America” a hundred times on the blackboard.

  2. L. De Marino says

    Could you post this video as well:

    It is a great presentation on American values and a brilliant attack on political correctness by “Thomas Paine.”

  3. This video is going like wildfire! I received it from two people one in Michigan and one in Tennessee!

    If anyone ever needed ONE reason to help them decide, this video did it. The terms “home run” and “out of the park” have been used a lot lately. This was an 8th inning grand slam homerun, hit out of the park in center field, that rallied the others to slug away.

    It has to start making the cable news shows because of the popularity and response.

  4. I am just curious. What would be the response here to a disabled Iraqi veteran who claims the war was a mistake, premised on lies and deceit? Would they be called a traitor?

  5. No, but I’d wonder how they’d explain the presence of al Qaeda in Iraq if this war is such a “mistake”.

  6. Please Republicans, please, run on the Iraq war. Go ahead, make it the centerpiece of your talking points, of your campaign. In the words of Specialist Cook, “It is not a mistake.”

    I plead with you, return to the Iraq war as your campaign theme.

  7. Bob,
    Was “Al Qaeda in Iraq” there before the occupation?

  8. And you Democrats, please continue saying that al Qaeda has nothing to do with any of the IEDs, suicide bombers, and continued threats to us here at home. Please run on THAT.

  9. L. De Marino,
    The real Thomas Paine would disagree with most everything the GOP and the right-wing stands for. Only through a complete lack of understanding of history could someone even make this video with a straight face.

  10. Only through a complete lack of current reality would someone not understand and appreciate that video.

  11. Hold on, just because I question the decision to enter Iraq I might be charged with not supporting the troops who served?

    Mr. Cook, thank you for your service and sacrifice. I honor it and I am glad you served so I could ask the question.

    Your sacrifice doesn’t mean that all is well in Iraq. I am working with Christian Iraqi refugees who are now refugees because of our entry into Iraq. Christians in Iraq fear for their lives, they are seeking asylum and protection. Christians didn’t face this torture under Sadam Hussein. (Remember Tariq Assiz, a Christian served next to Sadam Hussein.) Our entry into Iraq has created this current reality.

    Interestingly, most refugees around the world spend about 7-10 years in a refugee camp. Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria are spending less than a few months and in some cases less than a month in a refugee. camp. These refugees are a testimony to the failed surge (a successful surge would mean that the county was stable and they could return as Liberian refugees are now doing in Liberia). The existence of these refugees are a statement of the results of our efforts in Iraq.

  12. L. De Marino says

    Hey, Tod…

    Easy, boy, I understand your frustration. I used to be a liberal. The fact is, Mr. Paine speaks the Truth, and Truth cuts a liberal to the bone.

    Let’s just get Mr. Paine’s message out to the American people and let them decide. I know you don’t like that idea–because once the truth is out, the libs lose.

  13. I’d love to hear your exegesis of your “liberal” to “conservative” conversion, L. De Marino.

    Did the ghost of Ronald Reagan visit you and teach you the real meaning of Christmas?

  14. My husband just had a short stay in the hospital. While there, one of his nurses is a man from Northern Iraq. He has just become a citizen. The stories he told were unbelievable. I have never heard the stories from someone that lived it, only read things or heard them on the news. He told us how evil Sadam Hussein and his sons were. Torture? Are you kidding me? The sorties of torture he told were unbearable. The fear they lived in. The look in this man’s eyes was so sad. He said people don’t believe that he had weapons of mass destruction, but he says they are wrong. He said of course he did, he used them on us (northern Iraq). He also said of course he got rid of them before we could find them. He was not a stupid man. I told him my daughters boyfriend is a marine and has served in Iraq. He was so grateful. When our young marine came in for a visit, I introduced them. He stopped to shake his hand and say thank you, you have no idea what your presence means to us. It was a brief conversation, but one of the most humbling, heart touching scenes I’ve encountered. I suppose it’s who you talk to because this man definitely thinks the surge is working. I’m not here to debate the wmd’s, just telling the story I was told. I really don’t care if he did have them when we went in, he had them at one time, he was evil, he would, in my opinion, have them again and he needed to be taken care of. Our young marine agrees with John Cook. I am here to say, I am so proud of our military and the job they are doing. While all those that oppose the war, and speak hateful of our military, they better remember, it’s those same people that are fighting for the freedom you have to speak.

  15. L. De Marino says

    Hey, Klute…

    Welcome to the fray!

    No, no, my friend, it wasn’t the ghost of Ronald Reagan! It was that horrible, horrible specter of Michael Dukakis climbing in a tank, pretending he knew something about national defense that did me in as a lib. (A shortcoming shared by almost every democrat, I’m afraid, including Mr. Nobama).

  16. GOP Boomer Gal says

    A lot of us were libs at one time until we grew up.

  17. Really? That’s it?

    I mean, if you really want us Democrats to get the US into another global, grinding war that’ll set us up a as a superpower and fundamentally change the world a la Woodrow Wilson and FDR, we can do that, but we thought the Republican/Glibertarian alliance were opposed to “Democrat Wars”.

    I swear, you Republicans are so hard to please.

  18. GOP Boomer Gal,

    I love how Manichean you are. You’re either a Lost Boy or a Pirate. There is no in between.

  19. L. De Marino – I would love to see the real Mr. Paine’s message get out, however the “Mr. Paine” in the video is simply using the name of a great thinker (who was severely treated by conservatives of the time and later, as well as by many liberals) as a gimmick.

  20. Why no video of Thomas Paine explaining the fallacies of the bible, a la “The Age of Reason”?

  21. ron,

    Respectfully, I disagree with the broad brush. The Assyrians strongly supported liberation as much as any group in Iraq. Early on, my church had speakers from Iraq telling us how horrible it had been under Saddam and how much they hoped for U.S. success and applauded the effort. The horrible, unfortunate situation they have since faced is sorrowful. I do understand the discrepancy in that scenario but it is not the whole story.

    To say that the effort of the surge is a failure is short changing the entirety of the results. This war is in a fractured region with divisions among the believers where they kill each other based on a sectarian difference and any other that is unlike them. Shi’a versus Sunni, and visa versa, has not been kind; this does not diminish the severity of the Christian oppression but it does remove the vacuum of exclusivity.

  22. I commend and respect this man’s service and sacrifice – just as I do John McCain’s.

    I just hope he isn’t planning on going to college, because McCain and his fellow Republicans blocked a GI bill that would’ve provided a reasonable level of tuition assistance.

    John McCain said he thought the bill was too generous and would discourage people like this to continue service.

    I disagree, Sen. McCain.

    I disagree.

  23. Kim,

    We all know that the country of Iraq is a political fiction created by the British after WWI. It was doomed for failure as a political creation/experiment from its inception.

    How we believed that going into Iraq would not lead to the results we are seeing now is due to the geo-political ignorance of the Bush government.

    The Pentagon has admitted that there was no exist strategy. McCain is probably right that we will be there for 100 years just as we have been in Korea now for over half a century.

    It is a very sad story. What is sadder is that our involvement in Afganistan which is not being discussed in during this election.

    Here is my prediction: our continued involvement in Afganistan will be the downfall of our country as it was for the Russian empire.

    I am glad that I read the last chapter in The Book and my future isn’t in the hands of any president – present or future.

  24. I will respectfully disagree with your perception but absolutely agree with your last line.

  25. L. De Marino says


    What are you getting your history? All non-libs please vote on where Todd is getting his history:

    1)The Revisionist Guide to the Revolutionary War, Vol 2, “Smear the Founding Fathers.”
    2) DNC talking points
    3) Pulled it from his (fill in blank)

    BTW, Todd, the only people in the Revolutionary War one might dub as “conservatives” would be the Tories.

  26. L. De Marino,
    Paine was well known all over Europe as well as the US. He was attacked by conservative elements in England. He was attacked by religious conservatives in the US while he was alive and well after his death. You seem confused by the following points:

    1. There were people in the US besides the founding fathers.
    2. People can be attacked while both alive and dead.
    3. There were countries outside the US were people could read books and people could also travel to.
    4. Someone who may have been praised during the Revolutionary War may have later been attacked by the same people who praised him.

    Even a cursory knowledge of Paine’s biography would reveal the extent to which he was reviled and attacked by many. I can’t believe I even need to argue this as you seem to not have even basic knowledge of Paines life. Please go read a biography, any biography about Paine.

  27. Will any individual continuing to have any affinity for the G.I. Bill? I remember we would more often than not, hear of it everyday, man.. things have changed.. at present it appears that you won’t even see it promoted on the air like it used to be. Is it not regarded as an motivator to enlist in the armed service?

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