Arizona’s Dubious Distinction as No. 1

Rogers Vows to Fight for Homeowners: 5-Point Plan to be Released

(Tempe, AZ) The Associated Press recently reported that Arizona overtook Nevada as the Number 1 state for home foreclosures. Nevada had held the record for 62 months in a row.

According to the report, nearly 3,600 homes were repossessed in March 2012. Also, more than 5,900 families received notices of default – the first step toward foreclosure.

“While overall foreclosure numbers are down, too many Arizonans are still losing their homes. Every day in my home inspection business across four Arizona counties, my inspectors see the impact of foreclosures on families. It’s maddening. The Obama Administration stifles job growth, thus in effect, evicts Arizonans from their homes,” said Rogers. “These numbers are a clear example of the Obama Administration’s casual disregard for Arizona,” she continued. “In the coming weeks, I will introduce a 5-point plan to address the housing crisis and propose actual solutions to the problem.”

Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers is a 20-year active-duty veteran of the United States Air Force and was one of the nation’s first female Air Force pilots. She has owned a 10-employee home inspection business for the past 15 years in District 9. The new 9th Congressional District is comprised of Tempe, and parts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler.

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  1. Rednail64 says

    Why is Ms Rogers pictured in uniform in her ad? That is a violation of the UCMJ.

  2. Using the uniform improperly is only one of the dishonest aspects this candidate has shown. She also has the gall to parrot one of the Tea Party’s Big Lies, that “The Obama Administration stifles job growth, thus in effect, evicts Arizonans from their homes…..These numbers are a clear example of the Obama Administration’s casual disregard for Arizona.” I suppose if you repeat one of these lies often enough, you might get a few mindless right wingers to believe it. But this woman’s own credibility evaporates with such ludicrous drivel. Maybe she should aim her 5-point WonderPlan at enlightening the rest of us how the Obama administration actually “stifles” job growth. Is it similar to what the Bush Administration did in wrecking the economy and her small business? Or is it all just the usual racist right wing hatred that drives these Tea Party lunatics to invent so many false and deflective criticisms of Obama? Good luck to her in using her narrow range of experience and party line lies to get elected.

  3. Hopefully some of the steps that banks took at the end of March will help the rest of these struggling Arizona Home owners. It is a shame that it took so long for these common sense approaches.

  4. Conservative Railbird says

    As a proud Vet, Ms Rogers is unfit to serve. She knows the UCMJ and has been told several times before. Let no Veteran support Ms Rogers –

  5. Conservative Railbird says

    Are you that stubborn or desperate Wendy that you have to resort to this? Someone please relieve Ms Rogers of her rank.

  6. Harris Shirley says

    Wendy Rogers entire business during this economic disaster has been making money on the backs of foreclosed homes. When people lose their home, the banks pay Rogers company to go in and clean the house up and fix it to re-sell.

    That’s what Ms Rogers does for a living –

  7. Johnny on the spot says

    SImply wearing the uniform will not gain my vote Ms Rogers, its what you have done while not wearing it that worries me.

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