Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams Announces Endorsement of Ron Carmichael

Following the path of Senator Jon Kyl and countless district and county chairman, Arizona Speaker of

the House Kirk Adams has announced his endorsement of Ron Carmichael as the next Chairman of the

Arizona Republican Party. As leader of the Arizona House of Representatives, Kirk Adams has long been

an advocate of conservative values and policies.

“I am proud to support Ron Carmichael for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” Speaker Adams

said.  Ron is committed to a wen-funded grassroots effort in recruiting and electing Republicans across

Arizona, and brings the leadership necessary to add to our Republican majorities in the Arizona

Legislature. “

Since moving to Arizona in 1964, Ron has held many positions within the Arizona Republican Party,

including district chairman, precinct committeeman, state committeeman, campaign advisor, as well as

chairman for numerous Republican candidates.


  1. This is expected. It’s hardly news. If the President of the Senate did this, that would be news. Bad news, but still news.

  2. Of course Adams does. Because he’s not a conservative.

  3. Not suprising. Speaker Adams wants to run for the new CD9 seat and making nice with Senator McKyl is good politics.

  4. Jon Lindblom says

    Observe, I would like to hear the policies and issues which classify Adams as “not conservative”. If you do some searching I think you will find that Speaker Adams is a great conservative and a huge asset to our state especially given the current financial issues we face.

    Oh crap… I didn’t mean to put my real name here. I should have hid behind a better name like “PatriotConservativeGrassrootsLibertyConstitutionRepublican”. Baseless criticism must be much more effective when hiding behind a pseudonym.

  5. Adams has turned out to be a disappointment. He’s more controlled by the lobbyists than Jim Weiers was.

  6. Of course this is expected.

    It’s not that Speaker Adams isn’t conservative.

    He is.

    However, he also knows where his campaign finance bread is buttered.

    No one who has ambitions outside his own district puddle of mud crosses the Congressional Delegation.

    Incumbency Rules!

  7. @#4 Jon,

    Adams is advancing the fakely named “jobs” bill which is funding the Arizona Economic Development Authority, a new layer of government and a private corporation who can spend as much as it can raise in the bond market, whose debt is then underwritten by the taxpayer with no representative oversight.

    This “Authority” can then loan, grant and spend until it’s heart is content in the largest corporate bailout in Arizona’s history, picking winners and losers, AND when the bonds fail, which they will – at least in part, they become a GENERAL FUND LIABILITY.

    Sounds like a Democrat plan: government central planning, taxpayers pay, but have no representation.

    HOWEVER, Adams gets money support from the “winners” the Authority picks to help him in his run against Jeff Flake in a year.

    Liberal? Yes, Kirk Adams is the worst kind: a liberal who LIES about being conservative.

    We know many others like him, dont we? Yep.

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