Arizona Right Report – Sunday, August 24th

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This week’s guest include David Schweikert, Tom Husband and Lyle Tuttle. Sonoran Alliance has been covering news on each of these gentlemen all week.

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  1. Mark Zemel says

    Thank you Sonoran Alliance. Lyle Tuttle, Tom Husband and David Schweikert were very informative. We also got a surprise visit from LD-1 Senate Candidate, Steve Pierce. Tune in next Sunday at 8 PM. Listen Live at

  2. 1) So first Ready is court Martialed for conspiracy, assault and wrongful solicitation and advice. This is exposed in 2006 September 28th Tribune article

    2) Then Russell Pearce endorses him for City Council while Ready is publicly seeking the endorsement of The Hells Angels. November 2006

    3) Ready is exposed in March of 07 at a State Legislative hearing by the ADL for being a neo-Nazi. (The Press also exposed JT Ready at that time.)

    4) Pearce applauds him and chums with him and allows him to speak and work the crowd at an Anti-Immigrant Rally at our State Capitol in May of 07.

    5) Ready is caught distributing racist hate-Litature in January.2008 by the GOP at their event.

    Now Pearce and the GOP that endorsed him wants us to believe he knew nothing about Ready?
    Perhaps Pearce needs to stop getting his news from The National Alliance and start following news like The Az Rep, EV Trib and Phoenix New Times.

    At the very least, pay attention to what the VFW does. Post 9400 booted United for a Sovereign America in May of 2008, still Pearce and Arpaio publicly associate with them.

    If I am wrong on point 1 (as I am not sure if the City Council election was Sept 2 or Nov 4, 2006) Please correct me.

  3. Unfortunately, Dennis, there are some in the GOP who belong to the “I’ve made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts’ mentality.

  4. Sinned Namlig says


    The way you make it sound, the whole west side of Mesa has jack boots in their closet. To you its all one grand conspiracy.

  5. Sinned,
    Not at all. I do think the GOP refused to look at the facts all along and I think Pearce is not being honest with Mesa or the rest of the GOP when he acts like he didn’t know anything about Ready.

    Look-the facts are on my side. You have nothing other then an unwavering support for Pearce. That doesn’t change the facts. Follow the time line from 2006 to the present. If he did not know, then he has no business in politics. I knew about Ready in 2006, I knew about him in 2007 and I remember what he pulled in January of 2008 and wondered what was wrong with the GOP. Now I know, Everyone does.

  6. just curious says


    You couldn’t be more right. No one is accusing Pearce of being a member of these groups. He just looked the other way and in many cases is still looking the other way while these people help him.

    If someone like Ready or the White Knights of America applauded my patriotism, I would be very concerned. Their idea of patriotism isn’t my idea of patriotism at all. In fact, their idea of patriotism surrendered at the Appamatox (not sure of spelling) Courthouse in 1865. All of Pearce’s supporters are concerned about his obvious ties to white supremacist groups. Haven’t you noticed the deafening silence about this. The best they can do is attack the people who point it out.

  7. GlendaleGOP says

    Nah, we just recognize you whack jobs for the Pearce-haters you are. You just aren’t worth arguing with. Its all been said so we’ve moved on. In fact, while you idiots were blogging these comments, I wasout putting up signs for Pearce. Looks like you folks just fell a little bit further behind!

  8. Dennis, you might just be wasting your time. A friend of mine always says (usually about these people), “you can’t reason somebody out of something that he never reasoned himself into.”

  9. LD-6 Meeting Tonight. Chairman Braswell tried to bar candidates Bouie and Seel. He also threatened expulsion from the meeting for anyone who asked the “wrong” questions. Of course that condition would favor Bouie and hurt Seel. Bouie’s lies and all.

    After heated protesting from Seel supporters Braswell flip-flopped and Bouie and Seel are again encouraged to attend. And our first amendment rights are supposedly restored. Both Bouie and Seel confirmed they would attend.

    Now get this–Braswell has a singing group, “QUATTRO” coming to plug up meeting time to shield Bouie as much as possible.


    PASCAL AND AMILYN GORDON are also scheduled speakers to plug up even more candidate Q & A time. Pascal and Amilyn are not making friends at LD-6 by agreeing to plug up their meeting time. If hearing from QUATTRO, Pascal and Amilyn was so important, why did D6 meeting go dark last month? What a joke! And Gordon (AZ GOP Finance Director) is a Bouie $$ contributor! A singing group and a recruiting talk when we only have ONE chance to question the candidates. Only the second (Republican)District Meeting Bouie has EVER attended!

  10. Looking forward to seeing you tonight “Barry R”! Going to be fun to watch you and your clones make fools of themselves….

  11. Tony, Maybe Sheriff Joe should show up – he always brags he has ‘room for one more’….

  12. we register 11% GOP says

    While you guys argue about Pearce let me just say that he is not being honest about the JT connection. I saw JT at the district 18 meeting in May. Nobody asked him leave. He was fully allowed to speak. He was treated like one of the crowd. I am not talking January. I am talking about MAY, 3 months ago.

  13. Glendale GOP,
    You can’t handle the truth can you? Or maybe you dont care. Pearce
    endorsed ready in 2006 for City Council while Ready was openly seeking the endorsement of the Hells Angels (I dont think they gave it to him)

    You are right about one thing. It is old news. Too bad Husband couldn’t acknowledge that. It was as old as March of 2007 at an Open State Legislature meeting 3 months before Pearce applauded him at our State Capitol grounds.

    The truth is Pearce romanced many a racist group and still does. The Mesa VFW was smart enough to remove Ready in 2006, Phoenix VFW,Post 9400 kicked out United For A Sovereign America in April of this year for there ties to neo-Nazis (I informed them-I know) But Pearce still invited them to knock on peoples doors a week ago saturday. What does that tell you about Pearce?
    Too bad Pearce has flip/flopped saying several things on the subject of Ready-finally landing on “It was just a picture” ( he says 2 completely different things in my video less then 1 year apart)

    Anyone who knows these things and still supports Pearce is a racist. Is that what you want the republican party to be remembered for? What kind of a patriot knows this and calls it old news and says he has moved on?

  14. “11%”: I have no personal knowledge of the district meeting you are referring to, but, as you may not be aware, these meetings are open to the public. It would be illegal to exclude anyone – especially a PC – from the meeting unless he was actively disturbing the peace or committing a crime. If there are periods when any PC is allowed to speak, JT Ready could not be excluded from speaking for the same reasons.

    Fortunately, this detestable person’s term expires in a week. We have LD18 leaders including Russell Pearce to thank for ensuring that JT Ready did not run for PC again this year.

    (Oh, Gilman, when you respond to this – you respsond to everything – repeating the same things you are continuing to post on numerous threads, I will not waste my time responding to you. Your posts are no longer contributing anything. If you need to post something, just post a brief link to some other site with your “arguments.” It will save everyone, including you, a lot of time.)

  15. When Lyle Tuttle was on the show, he mentioned that he had a conversion with Rep. Trent Franks about JT Ready, the letter about him, and Rep. Russell Pearce. Tuttle reported that Trent Franks said that he had no intention of trying to harm Russell Pearce’s campaign. He has known Russell Pearce for 20 years and that Russell does not harbor any racist or anti-semitic attitudes.

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