Arizona Republican Party Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Reinstating Chairman Mathis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 18, 2011

PHOENIX – The Arizona Republican Party released the following statement regarding Thursday’s Arizona Supreme Court Ruling reinstating Independent Chairman, Colleen Mathis to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. The following quotes are attributable to Chairman Tom Morrissey:

“The Arizona Supreme Court sided against the people of Arizona by reinstating Colleen Mathis to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission late yesterday.

“It is both disappointing and disturbing that the State High Court would reinstate an individual who has demonstrated a number of actions that have adversely affected the integrity of our electoral redistricting process. From omissions on her application to open meeting violations, political collusion with Democrats and a blatant disregard for Arizona’s Constitution, Mathis has proven herself not to be trusted with Arizona’s redistricting process. Governor Jan Brewer realized this and the Arizona State Senate realized it but the Arizona Supreme Court erred by failing to recognize a seriously compromised process.

“The Arizona Republican Party will continue to stand by Governor Jan Brewer, Senate President Steve Pierce and House Speaker Andy Tobin in the effort to correct this process as quickly as possible. The voters of Arizona deserve an open, transparent and law-abiding process that respects the rights and representation of all Arizona voters. It’s time for the law to prevail and not the leftist legal manipulation of our Constitution.”

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  1. Huge strategic blunder for the GOP form the start of this redistricting process which started with the Census. We had Bachman and others ranting about not cooperating with the Census so Obama couldnt compile information on us. Morons did not remember that the freakin congressional and legislative districts are drawn with this data! So we had some of our staunchest conservative republican voters avoiding the census count.

    So we shoot ourselves in the foot and actuall help the liberal agenda because they deliberately were trying to count all the minorities and liberals in big cities. All this happened while the party leadership were asleep at the wheel. Then we shoot ourselves in the other foot because when they start the bonus round and select the commission, again – we had Republican leadership asleep at the wheel. Two major steps in the redistricting fight and no one was watching!

    So after the commission is placed and 2 goobers that are supposed to represent republicans have nearly zero clout or visibility to get any help to stop the liberals running the board, they select one of Obamas main consultants to do the maps for Arizona.

    Someone should answer for screwing the AZ GOP into the ground on this issue. I dont think “well the courts will sort it out” is a valid strategy. What a weak and worthless effort by the AZ GOP!

  2. Totally agree. The R leadership at the Legislature did a terrible job recruiting members for IRC. They basically forgot about the fact that only 2 members could come from a given county and if they D’s took a Maricopa slot, they would have to get an R from rural AZ. By ignoring rural AZ in the recruitment process, they didn’t have any real decent options when it came time to select members.

    Bad job all the way around from the beginning by R leadership on this one.

  3. I am disappointed that no one attacked me for this post.

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