Arizona Republican Party denounces Senate immigration bill

Chairman Randy Pullen has issued the following statement: “On behalf of the more than one million registered Arizona Republicans who care very deeply about this state and have a tremendous love for our great nation, I am very disappointed in this new legislation about to be introduced in the U.S. Senate next week.”  Read more


  1. Huge, HUGE Props to Randy Pullen! This is an extremely ballzy move by him (excuse my French). I’m sure that he has already begun to feel the wrath from members of Arizona’s Republican Congressional Delegation who support open borders. When I got this email in my inbox, I was like “Wow!” & “Right on, Randy!” And he did it using Arizona Repulican Party email. Matt Salmon would have never stepped on toes like this. Pullen is now going to feel the furry from the Party establishment because of his sound judgement and refusal to sell-out Arizona voters. Kyl’s office, McCain’s office, and the White House are probably planning to do whatever possible to censure or remove Pullen. Hopefully, he has enough support on the Executive Committee of the Arizona Republican Party to withstand whatever they were going to throw at him. Regardless, when he made this move, he surely knew exactly what he was getting himself into & was willing to take the heat & the political risks because this issue is that important.

  2. Kenneth Cillo says

    God bless whoever you are. I do not live in your state but what Kyle does affects all U.S. citizens. It is obvious that Kyle is more intrerestre in his political career than what is good for the nation. Arizona has effectively been annexed by Mexico, and Kyle thinks he can secure his career by pandering to illegal immigrants. Well guess what he has to be nominated by Republicans to run in the general election. This COUNTRY IS OURS. IT IS NOT SENATOR KYLE’S OR ANY OTHER POLITICIAN’S TO GIVE AWAY TO FOREIGN LAWBREAKERS BECAUSE HE THINKS IT WILL SECURE HIS SENTAE SEAT. WHAT A PATHEITIC LITTLE MAN HE IS. GOD BLESS YOU, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. TENS OF MILLIONS OF REAL U.S. CITIZENS ARE BEHIND YOU. “Never give in—never, never never, never…never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. Winston Churchill, in the dark hours of WWII

    Kenneth Cillo
    Kyles Ford, TN

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