Arizona Republican Party Announces Alternate Delegates to National Convention

(PHOENIX, AZ) –Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey announced the list of Arizonans who will represent the State of Arizona at the Republican National Convention in August. These 28 individuals were elected as alternates during Saturday’s Quadrennial Convention meeting.

Commissioner Gary Pierce – Mesa
Senator Gail Griffin – Hereford
Mayor Hugh Hallman – Tempe
Hon. Lou-Ann Preble – Tucson
Deborah Belnap – Queen Creek
Lauren Blevins – Tucson
Arthur Cooper – Scottsdale
Susan Davis – Phoenix
Robert Doughty – Casa Grande
Shirley Dye – Payson
Kathy Hedges – Phoenix
David Hoefferle – Tucson
Alex Judd – Snowflake
John Lesko – Tucson
Kristin Middleton – Phoenix
Lee Miller – Phoenix
Cassandra Mooneyham – Lake Havasu
Samuel Moorhead – Globe
Matthew Morales – Phoenix
Steven Neil – Mesa
Douglas Nicholls – Yuma
Ed Parker – Tucson
April Ann Riggins – Scottsdale
Cathy Schwanke – Phoenix
Edward Vallejo – Phoenix
Gregory Weisman – Scottsdale
Cody Whitaker – Tucson
Rev. C.T. Wright – Fountain Hills



  1. 28? You haven’t hand-picked a 29th yet? Again, any of those names who were marked with an asterisk or were out of alphabetical order on the ballot need to step aside.

    Who was elected by their CD and who was elected At Large? You haven’t “decided” yet? Can’t understand why that information is missing. Still juggling huh?

  2. Asterisk says

    Remember the elected officials who are willing to participate in this sham election. They are telling the grassroots to go pound sand: Gary Pierce, Gail Griffin, Hugh Hallman, Lou-Ann Preble, Jan Brewer, Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Steve Pierce and Andy Tobin. Call and demand the return of any contributions you have made to them. Tell them if they are willing to accept having their name highlighted on a ballot for an unfair advantage over you, then you have no more use for them either.

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      Why is it the fault of elected officials?

      The dishonest Ron-bot Paulistinians are to blame for this. It was their plan to disregard Arizona law and seize control of the delegates and vote for Paul.

      • Sam Jones* says

        Mesa, Asterisk didn’t say it was their fault. An ethical candidate would not accept winning an election with a rigged ballot. The point was clear…and a good one too.

        • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

          Yeah, but having another election isn’t an option, so if they didn’t take the spots, we’d be that much more screwed.

          • Sam Jones* says

            No, if someone was highlighted on the ballot they simply step aside. The candidate receiving next highest number of votes moves up that slot.

            Of course, that all makes the assumption they are “counting” votes. If they are, then what happened? They only report 28 in this article. They stopped counting at 28 instead of finishing the 29 and reporting it? This is getting comical.

            All we have on the Phil Mason “resignation” is a blurb on another blog. Unclear facts from AZGOP? Getting used to it.

            • The Paulistas were offered the same consideration to have their names highlighted as RP supporters but declined.

              Most of the delegates voted for these people because they knew they didn’t have to worry about them not voting for Romney in Tampa; whether or not they were initially for Romney, he won the Presidential Preference Primary in AZ. Yeah, they should step aside so we could send a bunch of nuts to Tampa to behave like thugs…..

              Having said that, the Convention was a disaster, and Morrissey needs to be replaced….he has shown himself to be incompetent.

              • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

                Most of the sane people recognized that Morrissey was incompetent, BUT, the Tea Party is so darned tribal and insular, that they wouldn’t vote for Ron Carmichael, who would have been infinitely more competent. So, Tea Party idiots….what do you have to show for yourselves? An absolute embarrassment; a bankrupt party that can’t accomplish anything to further the cause in this state. So sick of it.

              • Mesa GOP says

                The Paul campaign was offered to have their candidates marked on the ballot but they declined and it was probably a good thing because they would have gained no delegates if the Paul people had been identified.

                Now the Arizona delegation won’t be able to seat the full 58 delegates because Mitt Romney’s campaign is so pissed off that his son Josh was so badly mistreated that he won’t ask that Arizona gets to seat everyone. Why would he allow a bunch of Paul people to be seated after the way they treated Josh?

                Rand Paul can kiss any political ambitions good bye after the way his old man’s supporters pissed off the next President of the United States.

                Ron Paul’s biggest liability is his own supporters.

  3. Sam Jones* says

    Keep your eye on the ball. The biggest problems last Saturday were not Ron Paul’s classless supporters. They were incompetent decisions by the AZGOP Director of Operations. Apparently, he says he is resigning “today.” That probably means by 11:59 PM when he’s done hand-picking our “election” winners.

  4. Stop McRINO Now says

    “Mesa Constitutional Conservative says:
    May 16, 2012 at 6:58 pm
    Most of the sane people recognized that Morrissey was incompetent, BUT, the Tea Party is so darned tribal and insular, that they wouldn’t vote for Ron Carmichael, who would have been infinitely more competent.”

    Like the other hand picked McCain moron, Steve Schmidt?

    The Paulbots need to single out the McRINOs, they are at the root of corruption in this state!

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      What are you talking about? I said Carmichael, not Schmidt. The choice was essentially Carmichael or Morrissey. Carmichael–supported by Kyl, not McCain–would have been better. There’s plenty of empirical evidence on the table now to support that assertion, is there not? Morrissey has been an unmitigated disaster. But, NOooo, the nutjobs from the “Mexicans are coming! in black helicopters to fluoridate our water” faction of the party continues to sabotage all efforts to beat down the Democrats.

      • Stop McRINO Now says

        Here you go Paulbots, another lying spinning open-border sack of McRINO crap!

        • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

          You’re apparently incapable of addressing the points I made. Tell me this: How is Morrissey better than Ron Carmichael? Try to manage an intelligent response.

          • Stop McRINO Now says

            Okay MCC Dropout! Any a-hole who would endorse David Johnson as the party treasurer is a moron. McCarmichael with all the RINO backing couldn’t cut it after four rounds of voting, the PCs rejected his sorry McCain puppet ass! I am not saying that Morrissey is the best the party can do, but you McRINOs have been trying to undermine him since day one, and I think you may have now finally succeeded. It is obvious that the Paulbots won most of the delegates last Saturday, but the AZGOP is trying to pull a fast one and because Morrissey is the Chairman he has to answer for it. I hate to say it, but Morrissey may have to resign over it. And if Morrissey does, he needs to come clean and tell us everything. The McRINOs shenanigans are written all over this, and where the Paulbots might be crazy, they are not stupid. You McRINOs are going to regret the day you decided to piss off the Paulbots.

  5. Gotta love the irony. Ron Paul supporters had the stated purpose of working within the Republican Party structure to take it over. What they found on May 12 was the Party structure was too fouled up to be able to take it over. AZ GOP lameness actually worked to its advantage against the R3VOTLUTION!

    Not good for the real Republicans who were snubbed May 12. But no sympathy for the Paul-bots who couldn’t find a decent system to take over. LOL

  6. HK, I guess you are referring to the idea that Ron Paul retires from politics this cycle “if he doesn’t win the Presidency.” (if-LOL). But, he has not ruled out running on the trail blazed by Ross Perot either – the guy who introduced us to the Clintons.

    Or, you might be referring to the idea that Republicans are not positioned well for success in November. “Republicans” are positioned well. AZ GOP is going to leave volunteers stranded in 112 degree weather for a couple hours somewhere if they don’t improve operations and restore the integrity every faction believes was damaged May 12.

    Anyone see anything from our presenters of the May 12 convention that some procedures were handled less than ideally? “Apology” may be a little over the top but so is 12 hours on an incompetent and unethical election.

    • Asterisk says

      Still waiting to celebrate the first National Delegate/Alternate who steps aside because they were elected out of order on the ballot and/or with an asterisk by their name.

      Weird – why hasn’t AZ GOP announced “B” delegates and alternates? 8 days later? Because of convenient “policy?”

      Why doesn’t AZ GOP announce why there is one less alternate (28) than delegates (29)?

      Remember the concept of “transparency?”

    • It isn’t any of the above. I meant it does not matter who is the number 59 alternate, it does not matter who goes to florida, it does not matter which “BOT” our delegates elect to be GOP Candidate for POTUS, whether it is Romney, Paul, Mama Grizzly or anyone else. We, the GOP have the corner on 2012.
      We got V.U. also known a vaginal ultrasound. The women voters of the United States will embrace it and the Republicans carry the patent on it.
      That means thousand of votes for our guys.
      Don’t you see?
      Relax, we have the election in our bag. Thanks to the “Platform Conserve-a-thieves” we’ll take the White House back.
      Cynicism off.

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