Arizona Republican Convention

update: A copy of the national delegate ballot has been distributed pretty widely within the party.

The Arizona Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 10th in Mesa. Unlike Nevada, things should run more smoothly. State delegates should be receiving details in the mail this week. Most if not all of the state delegates have been selected. Despite a few high profile districts in the Phoenix area most other districts and counties selected a fairly compliant set of delegates that will not be making Nevada style trouble. Some districts are without any Ron Paul supporters or hardcore conservatives. The Ron Paul people who did make it are scattered throughout different CDs so will have little effect in the breakout meetings. Even on the main floor they might not have much effect since they cannot seem to agree with the disaffected conservatives about what issues make for a good delegate. Regional and some state Ron Paul activist are further tied down with the unfinished business in Nevada and cannot yet devote full time to the Arizona convention. Either way, look to Sonoran Alliance to cover the inside story of what is happening.

Speaking of the convention, Michael Reagan will be speaking at the dinner the night before the convention. The dinner is $50 and you can even buy your tickets online at See you in Mesa.

Speaking of Nevada, a well connected source vouches for the authenticity of this story about what really happened in Reno.


  1. Does anybody know who the National Delegate candidates are? Well, of course, the McCain campaign is building that ballot and you know they’re not talking. So, does anybody else know who the National Delegate candidates are? Where is the master list of State Delegates? The McCain campaign has it and is working that list hard to control the Arizona convention. Your Republican voter I.D. card should be all the credentials you need to know who is representing you and your District at the State Convention. I’m wondering if I really want to sacrifice a Saturday with my family to show up May 10th and choose only from the McCain approved list of National Delegate choices. The McCain campaign is working that State Delegates master list. You are I are being CENSORED.

  2. Waah… So much crying about the convention! Somebody must be really working hard to whip folks up into a frenzy.

    Reality check Mom, you do not choose only from the McCain approved list of choice, for two reasons. First, there is no such thing as a McCain approved list. Second, every Republican who asked to be on the ballot gets to be on the ballot. That means that you get to vote for whoever you want to who is on the ballot. In fact, since nominations are also accepted from the floor, there will be even more choices than the 250+ folks that have already applied.

    Wow, its like an actual election where the voters have free choices to make and you get to run if you want and you get to vote for whoever you want! Wow!

  3. Actually PhxMom you are misinformed. I called the state party after reading your post to find out what was going on. Their receptionist put me through to Bret (who I think he said he was the Political Director). He actually laughed at all the conspiracy theories and accusation concerning the convention. He told me that the ballot should be public this week and that the McCain campaign has nothing to do with who is on the actual ballot. He said the number of people on the at-large ballot was around 265 and that anyone who had submitted an application, as long as they were registered Republican would be appearing on the ballot. He also said that he expected to see several “slates” of candidates to be circulated around the convention, but a slate doesn’t affect who actually appears on the ballot. I’d check your source on the information PhxMom or call the state party and talk to them before you sound the alarm that something is afoot.

  4. Freedom Forever! says

    So Tim what you are saying is that because I get a ballot shoved in my face at the convention with no time to preview the names and find out who these people are while McCain operatives have been going over the list for weeks the process is fair? I don’t think so. If the McCain forces have been reviewing the list for a month or so the slate will be a McCain slate. Better to stay home than have the stink of McCain on me.

  5. I hear the Ron Paul folks are putting together a slate and that they’re going to nominate delegates from the floor? Any word on that?

  6. I don’t know you Freedom, but why would a ballot be “shoved” in your face? I imagine they’ll be in the delegate’s packet and you can take it or not. If someone shoves something into your face, feel free to punch them in the nose!

    Of course, nothing is going to be shoved into your face. Your choice of language really just demonstrates that your mind is already made up on this topic. You’re already mad at things that haven’t even happened yet and you’ll be going to the convention looking for a fight. I guess there isn’t much sense trying to reason with you here.

    Of course, if your attitude is all about “the stink of McCain”, then your suggestion that you stay home might not be a bad idea. On account of John McCain being the Republican nominee for President, there will be a whole lot of McCain stuff there and going on. If you hate it, then why go?

  7. Fooled Thrice says

    Okay, I’m in complete agreement with you. Thank you for the facts. Is the one interest that already has the information to work with going to stand down until the body receives the information later this week, or do you suspect that one interest is going to continue their efforts while the rest of the body is delayed for the same information?

  8. Just Win Baby says

    What am I missing?

    If John McCain is the GOP nominee, then how are his GOP convention interests in competition with the GOP’s interests in the GOP convention?

    What battle are you all still fighting?

    If you didn’t like McCain in the primaries, then join the club. But McCain won the primary, so he’s the nominee. You like Obama or Clinton better? Then you probably don’t belong at the convention, state or national.

  9. John, Ron Paul folks putting together a slate? They are currently denied the information to work with, unlike a certain Republican Presidential campaign. You probably don’t have to worry about any free speech from the Ron Paul folks until regular Republican information is shared more widely with Republicans.

  10. Which at this rate will be after the one interest with the information now is as done with it as possible.

  11. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Gee, I got nominated from the floor at the 2004 election and actually got the final slot as alternate delegate to the convention in New York.

    But all we got to vote for was the president; didn’t get to choose Alan Keyes or Chuck Baldwin. Hmmmmm

  12. I can’t believe all of you. If the unity slate goes to the national convention McCain wins. If some alternative slate goes McCain still wins the nomination. What’s the point? I am glad I am not a state delegate. It sounds like a total waste of time. John McCain is the nominee. He wins under either circumstance. The whole thing sounds like a waste of gas. The dinner the night before sounds good. I really like Michael Reagan, very classy.

  13. I just hope that the AZ GOP will have the Czarist Coassacks on hand with sabres drawn to cut down the Paulists should they show up. Convention officials would be wise to check party registration at the door and bar entry to malcontents hungry for publicity much the same way Arianna huffington is hungry for mascara.

  14. Lucy, I’m not a Republican because of McCain. I’m a Republican because of the platform ideals which I believe in. McCain said he wants to take the platform back to the pre-1980 standard on the Right To Life plank. There was no Right To Life Plank pre-1980. That’s just one reason to worry about our platform ideals getting neutered by the group of McCainites heading to Minnesota. We’ll probably get amnesty enshrined in the Republican Platform. I want an equal opportunity for free speech in influencing my choices for National Delegate. That free speech is only afforded the McCain campaign currently. I don’t have to explain my desire for free speech. The McCain camp has it by virtue of cooperation with the State Party. This is no secret. The same information cannot be shared with your run-of-the-mill grubby Republican because “it’s not ready yet.” It’s not done getting manipulated by the McCain campaign. I’m seriously questioning taking a day off of my life on May 10th to go ratify McCain’s delegate choices.

  15. Just Win Baby says

    You know PhxMom, for all your crying and wondering whether the struggle is worth a day out of your apparently busy life, you probably shouldn’t bother going. We’ll cover for you and do the work that needs to be done, and better still, we’ll do it with a positive attitude that doesn’t paint the whole movement as a bunch of malcontents who bitch and moan about everything, all the time.

  16. I think its funny that folks are complaining about not having the list, when one party lady just forwarded the very same list that she got from the party.

    If this is everyone’s idea of a conspiracy, then they’re just nuts. I’m a nobody, and I’VE got the list. Something tells me that this is just much ado about nothing and the Ron Paul folks are just trying to whip folks into a frenzy in advance of the convention. Too sad.

    One wonders when (or IF) they’re going to start focusing on beating the Democrats?

  17. There is an advantage to having a reputation as a fringe or kook group. Ron Paul’s people can behave like this and nobody really knows or cares.

    Can you imagine if Romney’s people or Huckabee’s people were still out there trying to wrest the nomination from McCain? It would be wall-to-wall coverage of “Republicans Behaving Badly”. Then again, Romney and Huckabee’s folks are expected to behave like adults.

  18. aaaahhhhhh finally. The ballot is available for distribution to all interested Republicans, as it should be. I’m not even going to make a snide comment like, like, oh never mind. By the way, you’re wrong to place me as a Ron Paul voter. Although, that would be preferable to McAmnesty. I’m more of a realist than that. No, Presidential choice isn’t the problem. I’ll choose dependable conservative representation over undependable maverick r-i-n-o-s every chance I get. Including my representation to the National Convention. It’s only about defending the Platform now. Will this platform survive a McCain attack? Will it look like the platform that caused me to register Republican? I sure hope so.

  19. Randy Pullen says

    I enjoy reading Sonoran Alliance blogs and have never commented on what is said one way or another. In this instance, I believe it is warranted. The AZGOP staff has been working very hard over the past 2 months to produce the best possible upcoming state convention experience for all of our 1,200 delegates.

    There are several committees of party volunteers working very hard on credentials, program, vendors, security, the victory dinner and last but not least, nomination of national convention delegates.

    The nomination committee has 15 members and is made up of 14 AZGOP officers from around the state and 1 McCain staff volunteer. This committee has met several times and will meet once or twice more in order to complete its task of reviewing all individuals who have submitted their names.

    The nominating committee accepted names up through April 11th. There were 272 people expressing interest in being a national delegate or alternate, for only 100 positions available on the national delegation. Of the total, 7 were eliminated for reasons varying from not being a registered Republican to withdrawing their name from consideration.

    We submitted the remaining 265 names to the Maricopa County Recorder on April 15th, for printing. There were several drafts of the ballots reviewed and corrections made. It was not until yesterday, April 29th, that we received what appears to be the final drafts of the ballots. After a final review today, we emailed copies of the ballots to all party leaders.

    The nominating committee will make recommendations as to which 100 individuals it believes are best qualified to represent Arizona as delegates and alternates to the national convention in September. But this is just a recommendation. Delegates at the state convention will, of course, be able to vote for any of the 265 names on the ballot.

    We have strived to be as transparent and fair in the nominating process as humanly possible. The single McCain volunteer has been very helpful and a team player in the nominating process and has never tried to control it.

    There will always be some people who will assume the worst about any political process no matter how hard one tries to be inclusive and fair in dealing with all parties, or believe they could do it better.

  20. Thanks for the post Randy. Glad you’re reading the blog! Even those who were complaining now have the lists they were complaining about not having. So all’s well that ends well, at least until somebody else starts crying!

  21. Thank you Chairman Pullen. Our family often comments that you have one of the toughest jobs in Arizona this year. Through it all, we’ve come to appreciate AZGOP more, not less. I could tick off the long list of questionable activities this nominee has been involved in, but I’ll just say vigilance in any contest involving this man is good medicine.

  22. John, I’m in business. I have to serve my “constituency” honestly and fairly. When one of my clients has a concern regarding my service I don’t ask them if they are special of if they are a regular schmo. I don’t describe their concern as crying. I don’t know which field you are in but, I guarantee you a salesman is involved to answer to the customer. You’re on this blog so, I know I already agree with you most of the time. My best wishes to you going forward.

  23. Agreed on most points Mom, I just take issue with the tone of things. Too many folks just whining instead of doing. Glad you’re doing what you’re doing and glad you got the list you needed. I’ll see you at the convention!


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    Gotta love yahoo, very neat website. Thanks alot….

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