Arizona Republic Reports on Komen-Planned Parenthood Connection, Sorta

Apparently, the Republic couldn’t help reporting on the Susan G. Komen – Planned Parenthood connection. Actually, instead of doing real journalism and further exploring that connection, the story is really about the big bad Phoenix Diocese beating up on the Komen Foundation and by association, those women who are cancer victims.

The Republic also fails to mention scientific findings on the link between abortion and breast cancer (link).

Reporter Michael Clancy only mentions the $25,000 dollar grant provided to Planned Parenthood but fails to mention that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the State of Arizona. According to their latest annual report available (2004), Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona provided 7,243 of the total 12,301 (59%) in Arizona. They also pocketed $1,586,099 (15% of their revenue) in your tax dollars!


  1. Randall Holdridge says

    I keep waiting for your post on the Ted Haggard affair in Colorado?

  2. Here’s great news for our unborn childen:

    Keep in mind that this is a “Bush hating” source so the lead is probably 10-15 points.

  3. redcardphreek says

    Not one ‘independent’ medical group is involved in that link that shows abortion leads to cancer.

    All are right wing anti-choice groups.

    If the AMA sounded off on it, I would believe it, until then the arguement is BS.

  4. No. Some are left wing pro baby killer groups

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong… but doesn’t Basha’s donate to Arizona Right to Life???

  6. redcardphreek says


    His money, his belief, his choice.

  7. Update!!!

    Kyl by 13 on SUSA poll tonight.

    told ya’ll

  8. Eddie Basha was Gabrielle Giffords’ honorary co-chair for her campaign. Perhaps the abortion issue is not that important to him.

  9. Bashas, the corporation, has a program that allows shoppers to have 1% of their purchase be directed to Life Educational Corporation (the 501(c)3). I’m actually the one who set that up. My reasoning was if they’re going to donate money to any non-profits than why not the pro-life educational ones? Hopefully, the pro-lifers will get their Bashas cards associated with Life Educational Corporation and receive the largest amount of donations. Albertsons also has a program to do the same. Here is a good link to follow:

  10. DSW, thank you kindly.

  11. Should Catholics be ready for a state of war vs. Gannett?

    Read the last 1/3rd of the AZ Republic article. Up until that point, the article seems like a news story, but then in attempting to portray the Diocese/Catholic Sun as hypocrites, it veers off into opinion or the beloved “news analysis.”

    And then last night on Channel 12 news, after a rather fair story, Mark Curtis ends the story by claiming that the station has a long history w/ the Komen foundation and basically has no problem with it.

    Just seemed like the entire issue was brought up in order to put the diocese in its place, when in reality, might serve to mobilize Catholics to give Komen the shrug.

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