Arizona Republic, John McCain = Epic Fail

Its really no wonder that the Arizona Republic has lost a good percentage of its readership after reading the latest John McCain love fest article titled “Tea Party Courter J.D. Hayworth was an active earmaker”. Although there were one or two half-positive remarks about Hayworth, this was really nothing more than a JD Hayworth slam piece, falsely depicting him as a fan of earmarks and painting McCain as some sort of fiscally conservative hero. The piece brought up old news regarding Hayworth appearing in a infomercial in 2007 advocating the use of federal grant money. JD Hayworth had already responded to McCains ‘infomercial’ attack ads during an interview with ‘Round Table Politics‘ and on his campaign website, which the AZ Republic conveniently failed to mention in the article. No where in the write-up did it state that John McCain’s own website had a section advocating the use of federal grant money. Once news broke out about the page, McCain’s campaign deleted some of the page information from the website (although you can see it on some browsers). McCain contemptuously wants you to believe that Hayworth’s activities with the company were wrong…but then deceitfully fails to publicly reveal that his own campaign had received over $10k in contributions from the owner of the company that Hayworth advertised for. Hypocrisy at its best.

Facts are funny things, mostly because people forget about them when they are not favorable for the candidate that they are supporting. Truth really is in the eye of the beholder during election season. The AZ Republic article wants you to believe that JD Hayworth played the political earmarking game while he was a Congressman and that he somehow enjoyed spending taxpayer money at the drop of a hat. Fact is that members of Congress do not have veto power over a spending bill. Its the whole bill or nothing in most cases. Anyone that knows a thing or two about spending bills knows that they are normally loaded with earmarks. Does that make it right, no, but thats how the current system works. Good Congressman know that if the overall bill is a good thing for America – that they will have to vote on it with the earmarks attached to pass. For the Arizona Republic to say that Hayworth isn’t a Tea Party worthy conservative candidate because he voted on bills that included earmarks is just ridiculous and misleading. Hayworth cannot be blamed for the entire way that Congress votes on spending bills. The article really attempts to paint John McCain as a “spending hawk” because he doesn’t attach earmarks to his bills; but then again fails to even mention that McCain voted for one of the largest bailouts in Americas history at the expense of the taxpayer. He has never once publicly apologized for the $700 billion dollars spent on TARP…which did include at least $150 Billion in earmarks; nor has he apologized for the billions of dollars that Arizona taxpayers have had to pay for the cost of illegal immigration during his years as Senator.

As the columnist, Robert Robb of the AZ Republic correctly stated, the Tea Party isn’t a single issue movement. However, Mr. Robb incorrectly implies that Hayworth is somehow seeking out Tea Party support to be perceived as a fiscal conservative. Tea Parties are seeking out Hayworth to support (not the other way around) because they know that they cannot afford another 6 years of John McCain. The Tea Parties realize that aside from the safety concerns presented at the border; illegal immigration alone costs Arizona hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in social programs, medical expenses, educational costs and incarceration expenses. The fact is that there are many reasons why the Tea Parties are seeking out JD Hayworth to support rather than John McCain, and the other Republican candidate Jim Deakin. McCains actions are typical of a long time incumbent, as he wants to control the talking points and promote his “success on earmarks”, while avoiding the many other issues like immigration, which he has failed miserably on during his tenure.

After 120 days, John McCain finally accepted a public challenge for a debate by JD Hayworth. There won’t be any hiding behind campaign attack ads on July 16th and 17th as all three candidates (McCain, Hayworth and Deakin) attend a televised debate in Phoenix and Tucson. For more information about the debate click here.

Poll: Has John McCain failed Arizona as Senator?


  1. On this point we agree…

    “Facts are funny things, mostly because people forget about them when they are not favorable for the candidate that they are supporting.”

    The ‘favorables” for JD are so very limited, it requires a constant defense of the truth by pointing fingers at anyone who dares make it an issue.

    This post is a perfect example.

  2. It’s Ok Ann. The Hayworth ‘supoorters’ are desperate for anything positive on their candidate. They know its over. The Huckster’s own words come back to haunt him time & time again. Sean Noble said it best, “McCain has character, and Hayworth is a character.”! Enough said….Game Over!

  3. Jack Hammer says

    Ann & Tony:

    Please list the “favorables” which John McCain possesses to attract an intelligent conservative voter!

    I await an answer!

  4. Jack:

    A guarantee: Their listing won’t be long!

  5. Jane 001 says

    @no 1:”The ‘favorables” for JD are so very limited, it requires a constant defense of the truth by pointing fingers at anyone who dares make it an issue.”


    Grow up will you! I’ve been on this site for months, none of you have ever offered a substantive reason to vote for McCain!

  6. If McCain is so amazing, why is everyone I talk to disgusted with his negative campaigning? Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. Too bad he didn’t fight this hard for the presidency. By the way, he looked very weak on Meet the Press. He couldn’t wait to say nice things about the President. Sadly he saves his nastiness for Republicans.

  7. Jane 001 says


    Jim Deakin said ”I am pleased to be part of the American experience and look forward to the opportunity of exposing the records of two entrenched politicians.”

    Note to Jim Deakin: Instead, please afford us an understanding of why you are a good option.

  8. The difference between McCain’s website link to the federal grants and Hayworth’s urging people to hook up with National Grants is 900 — as in $900 which NG charged for the red 3 ring binder. Of course, such fine points of argument can’t be seen when by people who have a log in their eye.

  9. Michael Holliday says

    JD Hayworth continues to gain momentum.

    So much so, that at this point, any publicity for him is good publicity.

    That anti-Hayworth website is probably one of the weakest I’ve seen, ever!

    What’s got to really be making McCain’s ears turn crimson red, as he rotates at warp-breaking speed, like a spinning top or berserk Tasmanian Devil, is the fact that if he ignores JD, he’s doomed. If he continues to attack JD, he only feeds the flames whose hot blue tips flick and lick at McCain’s tender feet. Youch!

    I just reached my hand into a big bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn…munch, munch, munch!

    Here, let me open up this Root Beer and take a big swig…slurp, slurp, slurp!



    Ha, ha! McCain and his overpaid team of confused consultants don’t know what to do.

    Do they pour and ice-cold bucket of water over his head to cool his furiously-hot red ears?

    Do they take him up to the mountains for a cold walk in the snow pack and risk triggering an avalanche that buries Flagstaff in melting snow, from his puffy rosy red cheeks of rage?

    “What do we do with him?” they fret, and they wring their hands in despair.

    JD is almost there. He’s taking the Senate seat from McCain…

    Help Mr. Wizard! Heeelllppp!

  10. Mister Holliday says:
    ” JD Hayworth continues to gain momentum.
    So much so, that at this point, any publicity for him is good publicity.”

    What next?
    Spin his hero into a Martyr. Sacrificing ones seat in ones own district with an overwhelming voter advantage in ones favor against a little old schoolmaster from a minority party definitively qualifies for Martyrdom.

  11. Press Release says

    Jack Hammer – Since no one else will answer your question, I will. This link will take you to a site listing all the great things McCain has done for us. I mean to us.

  12. Anyone else wondering about the title of this post?

    The title is about a McCain fail, but the entire (overly long) post explains how the Tea Party is seeking out JD, but won’t endorse him, the Republic is pointing out Hayworth’s failures and it ends with a final Hayworth campaign failure to get McCain to debate Hayworth before Hayworth was even a candidate.

    There were no points of failure for McCain – only the failures of Hayworth to win support, any good press or the terms of a debate. The epic fail belongs to Hayworth, not McCain.

  13. @Travis
    Not wondering at all…it makes total sense since the AZ Repugnant and McCain are in bed together…and they both suck…and Arizonians are sick and tired of them… I could go on and on.

    And do your research too please, JD Hayworth was endorsed by Tea Party groups. Might want to take a peek at his website. He’s the ONLY one out of the three that can really say that.

    “There were no points of failure for McCain” – really, so his failure to secure our borders for umpteen years is not a failure? Give me a break and crawl back into your hole McCain troll.

  14. Mark,

    While your name-calling and irrational remarks are compelling political discourse, I must still disagree.

    It’s ridiculous to say that McCain, as a single member of one part of Congress, has “failed” to “secure the border”.

    If you want to play that game, JD Hayworth failed to secure the border,too, but succeeded in voting for earmarks.

    Maybe that’s why Hayworth’s not been embraced by the Tea Party as a whole. He’s been paraded around by a select group of people claiming to represent the Tea Party, but it’s really just a group of people who simply hate McCain and are willing to overlook all of Hayworth’s flaws.

  15. The spectacle of McCain running after Jan “Surging in the polls” Brewer, trying to look “tough” on the “danged” border, a day late and a dollar short, and studiously AWOL when she signed the legislation is plenty proof of McCain’s need to check polls before deciding what action to take, even standard actions like having a fellow Republican’s back in the state they both represent. Party solidarity and all that. Pheh.

  16. Most of Team McCain are Hucksters! They have either lobbied for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac or pushed Al Gore’s radical environmental policies! Let’s set the record straight Ann and Tony – not cover it up! You guys have no shame!!!

    Compare that to yours truly who has been a longtime conservative activist here in Arizona: Arizona Right to Life, Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee, Americans for Prosperity – Arizona Chapter, Arizona Family Project.

    Team McCain is full of liberal activists and Washington insiders!

  17. I dare Mark and Brian and the other staffers to come out and deny their involvement in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Al Gore’s environmental cause!

    Shameless bastards!

    And shame on the lazy journalists down at the Republic for not doing their job! No fact checking, no investigating! The bloggers have to do your work for you. It’s no wonder you’re going under.

  18. DSW, I would never question your conservative credentials and applaud your commitment to the unborn and fiscal responsibility. You are a fine example of a Christian husband and father. That we can support opposing candidates should not make enemies but strengthen our resolve to be sure of our position and celebrate the liberty that allows it.

    You, my friend, are fine. It is JD that I can’t accept.

    Besides knowing that I am redeemed by the blood of Christ….I have no shame because I have nothing to be ashamed of. I support the candidate that best meets the need I see as today’s issues. As I am sure you do.

    The reason John McCain was on Meet the Press today… because of his position and stature in the Senate. It is due to the great respect he has earned and experience he holds. The reason he has received the endorsement of every member of our Republican delegation is because they see what job must be done and they know what it takes. They also know both candidates…and they have chosen as I have. McCain.

    Would you say Trent Franks has no shame? Is he a shameless bastard? He has endorsed McCain.

    Or is he a coward who cannot speak out for the candidate he really wants? Is every member of our delegation so weak and ill-prepared to stand on their own?

    It is implausible to impose the suspension of reality and to have a conspiracy theory for all issues acceptably unexplainable.

    John McCain is the best man for the job at this time. They know it, I know it….the majority of voters in this state know it.

  19. Michael Holliday says

    Travis Says:
    June 27th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    There were no points of failure for McCain – only the failures of Hayworth to win support, any good press or the terms of a debate. The epic fail belongs to Hayworth, not McCain.

    Actually, JD’s been quite successful.

    He’s gotten both the debate he wanted and the press he wanted–at McCain’s expense!

    You see, at this point in time, any publicity is good publicity!

    JD Hayworth will merely use the media spotlight shined on him, at great expense $$$ by McCain, to call him on the great issue of the day: amnesty through comprehensive immigration reform. National security, economics, jobs, security, order and stability all flow from this central core issue.

    JD’s core competency will be to address the core issue, noting that he’s the only candidate with both the desire and experience to navigate the treacherous bureaucratic waters of anti amnesty resolve.

    Funny how all of this talk about “jobs Americans won’t do” then “jobs Americans aren’t doing” has come back to haunt liberal Republicans like McCain.

    What jobs? The real unemployment, U-6, is pushing 20%!

    Paul Krugman, noted economist, said today he thinks we’re entering a new Depression!

    Once again, John McCain and his delusional team of overpaid political consultants fails to see the obvious: traditional rules of politics have been thrown out in favor of the instinctual need for survival!

    McCain will be hurling insults about $900 informational notebooks, while JD will be illustrating what he’s going to do to help Arizona and stop the illegal invasion of our sovereign nation!

    John will be fixated on the past, JD will be looking forward to a future for our kids. A future free of border violence, drugs, terror and economic hardship brought about by the blown circuits of illegal alien overload!

    Everyone’s head will be spinning!

    There are those who watch things happen, there are those that make things happen, and there are those, like McCain’s consultants, that say, “what happened?”

  20. Not A McCain Supporter says

    Wow ok people pay attention. McWeaks supporers are coming here to say what a great guy Johnny is. Why, do they think theycan change our minds? They are desperate knowing all incumbants are receiving the wrath of the voters this year they are trying to make the old man revelant? As far as the Deakin experience I read on one of the site that Adonia has him by the, lets put this delicatly, pants? A vote for Jim is a vote for Adonia and Mccain.

  21. Ann:
    I wouldn’t call Trent Franks a shameless bastard, but I will say that for the first time in my political life I am not proud of what he is doing.

  22. Walt Stephenson says

    Read the National Reviews endorsement of Senator McCain over JD and don’t forget Steve Forbes.

    I hope you can see thru your hatred and support our Republican nominee over the Democrat.

  23. Jack Hammer says


    Where are McCain’s “Republican Credentials”

  24. Laurie G. says

    I would still like to know why you paint him as this guy who is so off on spending? Yes, he was in on TARP (which has already been paid back) so to compare that with some of the disgusting earmarks JD had under his belt seems pretty unfair. As for the award McCain won (I cannot tell you whether it was last year or this year) but McCain was voted the third most fiscally conservative member in Senate. This is certainly not an award that is given to a man who is off on the spending spree. To compare that to JD’s infomercial on grants seems like a no brainer if you compare the two and their beliefs on govt spending. They are both a mess with some of their choices in the past, they are both faulty in some votes. However, to claim that JD is somehow worthy of this seat seems like a reach, a very long reach.

  25. I find it hysterical that this site would blast any other for being one sided. I mean come on????

  26. If JD is this politcal savior for Arizona then how come no one of Clout will get behind him? B/c just like we voters they see him as a nut job who will only make things worse.

  27. Yes JD apologized for the informercial but he still gave a bull *(&* excuse. Who in the politcal arena does not look into a business rating for a product they will help peddle? If he did then he’s a liar and a fraud. If he didnt’ then He’s and Idiot and do you want some one like that making decisions for your state.

  28. I can list a few favorables for McCain.

    Gang of 14 – a lot of people say its a negative, but like McCain said at the time ‘Republicans won’t always be in power.’ He got a bunch of the Bush judicial nominations an up or down vote including Alito.

    He is not a chicken hawk. He served and no one can question the amount of bad assness he put on display in turning down an early trip home to stay with his buddies until they all got to go home together.

    Opposes earmarks.

    Argued for the need for more troops in Iraq since day one. Had McCain been president and been commander in chief during the war, it would have never been such a disaster like it was under Bush (as fake a conservative as ever existed BTW).

    Even after Bush trashed him in South Carolina, McCain still supported him strongly in 2004.

    He opposed tax cuts without spending cuts.

    He opposed the prescription drug entitlement (which JD supported).



    No he is not perfect, but who is? Certainly no JD which everyone thinks is a joke. He is the conservative Al Franken.

  29. ……………

    “The reason John McCain was on Meet the Press today… because of his position and stature in the Senate. It is due to the great respect he has earned and experience he holds.”


    Unintentionally hilarious. No one watches Meet the Press thanks to their bolring and un-informative “same old same old” programming and guest list.

  30. Ha I like the Conservative Al Franken bit…
    JD is a JOKE!

  31. Unbelievable!!! You stupid Arizonans with such short memories. McCain? Are you idiots serious? You disgust me. Eat something brown and smelly. I won’t be back so I win!!!!

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