Arizona Republic caught in another whopper

Acting on its pro-illegal immigration agenda, on February 25 the Republic published a story on its front page saying that illegal immigrants only commit crime in the same proportion as the legal population. The theory of the liberal reporter, Michael Kiefer, was that illegal immigrants make up about 10% of the Maricopa County jail population and they make up 10% of the general population, so they commit no more or less crime than the general population. The reporter went on to attack various elected officials who say that illegal immigration contributes to our crime problem.

Kiefer’s claim was always illogical to begin with. The real question is why Americans should tolerate an additional 10% of crime committed by people who are here illegally, since those murders, rapes and other crimes would never be committed to begin with if our laws against illegal immigration were enforced.

However, now we find that the facts that Kiefer used to support his bogus theory was false to begin with. This from his article today bemoaning the poor criminals who are stuck in county jail:

“The illegal-immigrant population [in Maricopa County jail] Tuesday stood at about 1,800 inmates, or 19% of the population.”

So, by Kiefer’s own admission, illegal aliens actually commit about twice as many crimes as the legal population.

Now that Kiefer’s February 25 column has been exposed by his own words as completely false, the following questions are appropriate:

1) Will the Republic print a retraction?

2) If it will not retract the article will it at least issue a correction?

3) Will Kiefer apologize to the elected officials he has maligned with faulty logic and erroneous facts?

4) Will the Republic now print an above-the-fold, front page article that illegal aliens commit crimes at twice the rate of citizens and legal residents?

5) Will Kiefer face any internal discipline from his Republic superiors?


  1. This reminds me of the story on the misleading Udall Center study.

  2. Andy Thomas is prosecuting illegals under the smuggling law here in Maricopa County. So how many of those illegals are in jail simply for being here illegally and how many are accused of other crimes?

    By counting the illegals in jail for being illegal, you don’t get an accurate percentage of the illegal immigrant population that are committing murders, rapes, and other crimes in comparison to US citizens in jail for committing similar offenses.

  3. Frank Soto says

    This entire statistical methodology is clearly ridiculous. Mari already pointed out one way to read the data to demonstrate that maybe they commit less crime that is not a status-offense. On the other hand, they could commit more crime because amount of crime does not correlate to percentage of people in jail (e.g., the person who robbed 20 liquor stores is still in jail as one unit in the percentage). Further, it could be the case that the types of crimes that illegals commit are detected more or less easily. Also, the types of crimes that they commit could be treated more or less severely as far as prison sentences go (e.g. crack v. powder cocaine sentencing differences) that may not correspond necessarily to “moral culpability.”

    Of course, attacking the reporter’s data goes both ways. It means that you have to be willing to admit that the crime rate for illegals can be above, equal to, or below the average crime rate of ‘legals.’ Of course, there are also questions about class structure for illegals, in other words, is it that they are illegals that causes them to commit crimes, or does the class strucutre (i.e. poor) of being an illegal promote criminal enterprises.

    As to the actual merits of your argument about the contradiction, is this statement (from the first article): ” Only 10 percent of the people booked into the county’s jails are subject to ICE holds, according to the sheriff’s office.” The same as saying that actual inmates comprise 18% illegals? I dont know enough about how the system works and terms poeple to answer this question.

  4. FreeAdvice says

    Say there were 100 crimes reported.
    I, a US citizen, committed 90 of them.
    The other 10 were committed by illegal aliens.
    They all got caught.
    I didn’t.

    So the justice stats will say illegals are responsible for at least 10% of the reported crimes. They don’t know the “status” or the number of other offenders. What do we really know about crime in this county? Jail populations mean nothing. Many are innocents that could not make bail.

    My point is that once you start applying “race factors” and “socioeconomic” factors to law enforcement you are on thin logical ground.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    The bottom line is that ILLEGALS should not be here at all and therefore, if your sweetheart, sister or mother is raped or murdered or whatever, it was a FULLY PREVENTABLE crime. Justifying the crime with or without the correct stats is insanity. When your life is severely and irrationally interrupted in a way that may alter you forever from the person you once were, there is NO justification. IT SIMPLY SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

    I have great sympathy for those innocent folks who have been involved in traffic accidents with illegals. Not only have they often been tragically injured (if they lived), they have the joy of living with the damage, both physically and monetarily for the rest of their lives. If the illegal is injured, the taxpayer takes care of his medical expenses and he no longer needs to hold down a job (assuming he is jailed for the offense).

    Lastly, MY sympathy and concern will ALWAYS be for the citizens of America first, but then I do not expect to gain monetarily from the drug-running cartels, the coyote industry, nor the businesses who use the ignorant illegals for their gain, so I guess I am prejudiced.

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