Arizona Patriot Caucus / LibertyFirst PAC endorses David Schweikert for Congress in CD5

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Has proven history as a leader

Endorsed by numerous conservative organizations

Phoenix, Arizona. July 19, 2010. The Patriot Caucus, a project of LibertyFirst PAC has announced the full endorsement of David Schweikert in the primary to defeat incumbent and liberal Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. The caucus is a conservative-minded political action committee of tea party organizers, activists and bloggers dedicated to the ideals of the tea party movement (including lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense, strong positions on illegal immigration, energy independence and family values).

“David Schweikert has a proven history as a leader in the state legislature and as County Treasurer; and he is strong believer in securing our border against illegal immigration and that cutting taxes is fundamental in growing the economy. His long service to Arizona is hard to come by and his vast experience in both the private and public sectors proves that he is without a doubt the most qualified and capable candidate to beat incumbent Democrat Harry Mitchell,” said Keith Sipmann, Chair of the PAC. “David Schweikert has been endorsed in the past by the National Border Patrol Council, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Arizona Right to Life and he has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association with an “A” rating for his solid support of Second Amendment rights. And now we are proud to join the various groups and organizations that stand behind David and his campaign.”
Supporting the right candidate in this years election could mean significant real life changes to many Arizona voters. We recognized that fact and want to help direct some of the focus into a carefully chosen slate of races that we believe we can have a significant impact in. Please join us in our support for David Schweikert for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District by visiting

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  1. Ornery Jim says

    David is running against Jim Ward, who moved here from San Francisco and blew hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy this race – but doesn’t even have one television ad to show for it. He has less than $200,000 left to spend on the primary. Way to blow the race, carpetbagger Jim!

  2. Jim Ward liberal Californian just moved here to run for Congress. He is just trying to buy the race.
    David Schweikert has a long and good service to Arizona. I know David and he has my vote.

  3. Go David!!!

    Lets kick some tax-and-spend liberal tail! We need to clean up the mess in Washington. You’re the guy with the record to do it.

    BTW – thanks for delivering the yard sign this morning. It was great chatting with you!

  4. Of course they endorsed david… Who else was there to endorse…

    This guy has been running against harry now for over 2 years if you count the 08 campaign… I just worry what kind of traction has he created?

    Some other comment mentioned getting rid of tax and spend liberals… Mitchell has voted against every dem budget… Introdcued a bill to make the bush era capital gain tax cuts permanent and voted against TARP and cap and tax. How will david be different than that?

    To have a chance david has to focus on healthcare… To me that’s all he’s got…

  5. Wow David. You got an endorsement. Good for you. No need to send your army of anonymous bloggers to attack Jim on every thread.

    We get it. Jim Ward wasn’t born here. You hate him. Blah blah blah.

    Doesn’t change the fact that David ran and lost by 10 points 2 years ago.

    He may be the super-coolest most conservativey conservative ever, but if he wins the primary we’ll have 2 more years of Harry Mitchell.

  6. Johnny-

    Harry Mitchell gives Nancy Pelosi all the power she needs to destroy our country.

    David Schweikert will be the biggest thorn in her side – – but not only that, he’ll champion the same true conservative reforms that have defined his public service to Arizona.

    Frankly, if things progress as they are now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Schweikert leading the freshman class in the majority!


  7. Susan,

    I think you are right that will have to be Davids other argument… That if he gets elected he can be part of a majority and not just opposing Pelosi. However, that also means he has to have his OWN ideas. And saying I will repeal this or that is not really an idea. He needs to have some concrete policies.. Like last time some of the GOP challengers came out with budgets, showing how and where they would cut… That would be a good start for Schweikert. Show people you can lead a freshman class with ideas, not just being anti something.

    If Schweikert makes this more of a national election he has a great chance to win. If Mitchell keeps this local he has a much better chance to stay in office…

    But my main point is yelling about TARP, cap and trade, budgets are not really helpful to david… Mitchell voted against all that… He needs to talk about healthcare and make it a national referendum on Obama and Pelosi.

  8. Michael Holliday says

    When you step up to vote this year get a new start with David Schweikert.

    Most importantly, Schweikert is a complete conservative candidate who cuts to the heart of what’s important to Arizona: authentic conservatism + real-world experience + resolve going forward to do the right thing in the face of liberal opposition.

    David was educated to the masters level at Arizona State University and has been a fiscal conservative his entire career. He has the conviction that government can operate with less money–way less–despite contrary arguments.

    As Treasurer of Maricopa County, David protected billions of dollars of taxpayer money AND earned over $300 million dollars in investment income, while never taking a loss during a volatile bond market.

    Theory + Practice = Results!

    David has an outstanding record of great past performance, and has enjoyed the support of groups like Club for Growth for his commitment to lower taxes and reduce government spending.

    He believes that you can reduce taxes and still grow an economy. What a concept!

    From the current liberal, Washington consensus you’d think that “investment” (i.e. tax and spend) was the only reasonable alternative to our current Great Recession.

    David’s approach is the realistically workable one. That is, the only one with
    real long-term-solution capability.

    He believes that through a culture of fiscal responsibility, limited government, opposing earmarks and pork barrel spending, real improvements can be made now and for future generations.

    This is the direction America needs to be taking. Period. This is how David has acted in government and while running his own business.

    Theory + Practice = Results!

    Most importantly David is against amnesty, sanctuary cities and sees the need to secure the border now!

    As a complete conservative candidate Schweikert leads one of the most important political fights in the country: to replace extreme liberal Harry Mitchell with a battle-tested conservative soldier from Arizona!

    Now is the time to do your part. Now is the time for Schweikert!

    I’m Michael Holliday and you’re not! Ha,ha!

    Plus, I approve of this message!

  9. Maybe he’ll take time to actually run for this office once winning the primary unlike two years ago.

  10. Republican from Mesa says

    I don’t understand the arguments against David Schweikert that say he can’t win since he lost once before. Abraham Lincoln lost election SIX TIMES. Around half of all politicians lose their first election. What do you want — no-name Jim Ward or Chris Salvino to lose this time their first election instead? It is David’s time to win, he has the momentum, name recognition, and is leading in the polls. Sorry to those of you working for other candidates, but if that’s the best argument you have against him, it doesn’t cut it.

  11. @Republican from Mesa Says

    Couldn’t have said it any better. Go David!!

  12. Republican from Mesa,

    Its not just that people think he cant win because he hasnt won before… Its that he ran a horrible campaign… He had no money left at the end and next to no ground game for GOTV. The whole thing was a joke.

    His campaign was such a joke that the NRCC (who had said in 06 and 07 that this was a top race to take back in 08) gave him NO help.

    This year the NRCC has half the money that the DCCC has. We know the DCCC is going to help Mitchell he is listed as one of their top 20 races where they are going to fight to keep the seat. They also have a lot more money to spread around, so even if they dont like how things look they have the money to help.

    If the NRCC (who will be playing offense in over 60 CDs) see David again are they going to go, “Oh we have seen this guy before” and not help because they have so many other opportunities in other races to pick up seats? I think that is a very real concern.

  13. Johnny,

    Schweikert’s team is top notch. It’s one of the best run campaigns I’ve seen actually.

    It sounds like you have a lot of knowledge. I volunteer for David a couple times a week helping phone bank and deliver yard signs. If you want to come in and help sometime, let me know?

    Schweikert’s campaign office is full of volunteers and great energy. We’d love your help!

  14. Another Grassroots GOP front group endorsement.

  15. Peggy,

    trust me I will be around once the primary is over. I dont want to jump the gun.

    I heard he is still using the same office on Scottsdale Rd by Drinkwater in old town Scottsdale right?

    But I would like to point out Peggy you didnt address any of my concerns. Although there really is no way to, till the NRCC actually gives David some money… That to me can make or break the campaign

  16. johnny,

    You sound like someone I know who is a friend of Harry Mitchell’s, who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I don’t need to name you, do I? If that is you, I hope you’re not posting on this site from your government computer. That would be against the law. I’m sure your good friend Harry Mitchell would not be pleased to hear you are violating the law to electioneer for him on government time.


  17. The only place I saw Schweikert at the end of the ’08 campaign was on a few milk cartons. Like it’s been said, it wasn’t that he lost… it was a bad year for the GOP… it was HOW he lost. By running an uninspired and MIA campaign.

  18. Jacobite says

    Dave won a bitter primary in 08 which took most of his campaign funds. To top things off, he and other congressional candidates were told by the then RNC leadership to turn to the McCain campaign and those of incumbent congressmen for help.

    He did so and was denied. These circumstances don’t exist today and he’ll campaign and win the seat he should have captured. They’ll be no sandbagging via a RINO establishment this time and Dave will serve in Congress with the same distinction he did in the State Legistature!

    Go Dave!

  19. David is going to be one of the young guns who are going to kick some liberal trash in Washington…..

  20. @mason… there is a huge support for David. When I drive through some communities in West Mesa there signs on every street for David Schweikert and many have 4 or 5 for David. There are thousand of signs for David.

    Harry Mitchell is running scared. That is why he never had a town hall. That is why he asks well are you a democrat when you call his office.

  21. I will say up front I am a volunteer for David’s campaign. That means I give my time because I checked him out and decided he was a candidate that is worthy of my limited time.

    I started attending Tea Party protests and meetings in April 2009. Since then, I have been horrified by the complete disregard of the rule of law and the Constitution. Congress has passed bills that have made them irrelevant. Many can boast of their intellectual prowess, but are still lacking. They lack morals, character,integrity, and conviction. Now you know why character and morals matter.

    David has these crucial qualities. Proven leadership is icing. Everyone I have talked with who has known him, (some since he was a kid), all say that of him. His record also reflects this as well as his personal life and relationships. This is what Washington is begging for. Someone who will do the right thing, especially when it’s going against the grain.

    When you recognize something really good, there is no need to continue the search. Instead of worrying about various polls and who should drop out to help someone else,check out the candidates for yourself and then do the right thing. After all, when you are filling a job vacancy, you check the resumes and references. You conduct interviews and make the best choice. You don’t base your decision on gossip and what others might do or think. Vote for who you beleive is right for the job. For me, this is David Schweikert.

    There are a few people you meet in life that you feel better for knowing them. David and his wife, Joyce, are some of these rare gems.

    I am thankful he is in this race.

  22. Steve, I hope you are right. We really need to be rid of Pelosi lapdog Mitchell. I’m not in the bag for any other CD5 candidate, in fact I’ve lamented the lack of quality candidates in what I consider the state’s 2nd most important congressional contest (Giffords is worse). Just consider me cynical that Schweikert is the man for the nomination after his weak 2008 campaign.

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