Arizona Guardian: Brewer struggles to raise campaign cash

Money isn’t the only daunting challenge facing Jan Brewer’s campaign… her highly-paid consultant apparently is preparing for a September primary victory.  I think John Munger, Vernon Parker, Dean Martin, Buz Mills, Robert Graham, Doug Ducey and any other GOP gubernatorial hopeful will be looking to peak a little earlier, say August 24, 2009. 


Tuesday, December 22, 2009
By Dennis Welch 
The Arizona Guardian 
Gov. Jan Brewer isn’t raising money as fast as her political handlers would like and is lagging behind her GOP opponents. 
Brewer plans on running as a publicly funded candidate but is allowed to raise up to $50,000 in small contributions, known as seed money, until she qualifies. 
The governor’s political advisers were hopeful it would take just a few days to raise the money after Brewer announced on Nov. 5 that she was running for a full term. 
But it didn’t turn out that way. As of last week the governor was still chasing after seed money, according to emails obtained by the Guardian
Invitations for a Dec. 14th fund-raising event were very clear that the governor still needed donations. Those contributions are capped at $140 per person and $280 per couple. 
Chuck Coughlin, the governor’s chief political adviser, would not say whether Brewer has raised the rest of the money since the event last week. 
“We will not be playing any horse race games for tomorrow’s headlines,” Coughlin said Tuesday. “They only thing we care about is winning in September and November, of which I am assured.” 
It was Coughlin who sent out an email to potential donors that he wanted to wrap up the seed money in several days. That was more than six weeks ago.  
“The campaign needs as many $140/$280 contributions… as possible by close of business tomorrow,” Coughlin said in the Nov. 5 email. “It will take many oars in the water on this one but the campaign needs your help today and tomorrow… It would be great if we can knock this out in the next few days.” 
A candidate’s ability to raise money is traditionally considered an early test of the candidate’s viability. Brewer suffers from low approval ratings among voters, according to recent polling data.
Brewer is trailing her potential political rivals when it comes to raising her seed money. 
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard finished up on Dec. 8, according to volunteers with his campaign. Goddard, who is considered the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for governor, formally announced his candidacy one day after Brewer. 
Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker says it took him 41 days to raise his seed money. Parker, a Republican, launched his campaign last summer. 
The three candidates are running under the state’s clean elections system which means they will receive public money to pay for their campaigns. But before they can get their cash they must qualify by collecting $5 donations from about 5,000 registered voters. 
Once they are eligible, gubernatorial candidates receive about $777,000 for the primary and another $1.1 million for the general election. 
Other candidates for governor are not expected to run with public money. John Munger and Owen “Buz” Mills, both Republicans, are running traditional. And state Treasurer Dean Martin, also a Republican, is not expected to run as an clean election candidate should he decide to jump in the race.


  1. Jefferson Smith says

    Please announce soon Treasurer Dean Martin that you’ll be a candidate for Arizona Governor. You’ll save the Republican Party from nominating the sure-loser Jan Brewer who will hand Terry Goddard the governorship in a General Election contest.

  2. Dennis Welch has his story wrong. I gave a $140 check to Brewer and had it returned before this event because they reached the max.

  3. Jefferson,
    while I think Dean is a nice guy with a bright political future down the road, there isn’t a chance in haides a thirty-something nice guy could beat Goddard in a General Election.

  4. Jefferson Smith says

    Jeff, are you saying Chuck Coughlin is being disingenuous about the campaign not reaching the max seed money point? I won’t believe it. If the Brewer campaign had reached that point, wouldn’t Coughlin have simply said so to Dennis Welch? Hate to do this but produce the correspondence that says they have hit the limit. Send it to Dennis Welch and demand a retraction. That would be news. Until I see anything to the contrary from HighGround, the Brewer campaign or from the Arizona Guardian, I’ll believe Dennis Welch.

  5. “They only thing we care about is winning in September and November, of which I am assured.”

    This is not just ambiguous, it’s offensive. Don’t give money, don’t volunteer, heck don’t even vote, just stay home. The win is “assured” so just leave it to the consultant who’s supposed to be running your campaign to eke out the win.

  6. My Point of View says

    Snickers, if what the consultant said about the candidate meant anything, we would have already seen the second coming of the Messiah the way Jason Rose talks about Parker.
    It is the candidate and their plan that is on the ballot, not the PR guy.

  7. Alliance Reader says

    The Guardian article is wrong.
    My wife’s and my check for $280 was returned by Brewer’s Campaign Committee almost 3 weeks ago with a letter requesting that we complete the enclosed $5 contribution forms and return them with our $5 contributions.

    The letter also stated that our friends could contribute $5 to her by going online to her web site at JanBrewer dot com.

  8. Alliance Reader says

    I also want to mention that a man building some cabinets in my garage told me last week that Brewer’s Committee returned his check for her seed money. He said he then collected 18 $5 contributions for Brewer and mailed those in to her committee.

    He said it was easy to go to and fill in the required information for his family members, some neighbors and people at his church. He told me some of the contributors were democrats and independents.

  9. Jan Brewer is a sure fire loser to Terry Goddard. Dean Martin is the best and only hope Republicans have for keeping the 9th Floor in 2010.

    Martin already beats Brewer in the Rasmussen Polls and he isn’t even an announced candidate!

  10. I'm Not Really A Brewer Staffer says

    “Alliance Reader” cracks me up . . . “And I just wanted to say that an average Arizonan plumber I know told me that the wonderful Jan Brewer has raised all her seed money and she’s doing REALLY REALLY good at collecting $5 contributions, and it’s really easy for average Arizonans to go to to make a donation – so be sure you go there right now – and I’m just an average blog reader, not a Brewer staffer trolling the blogs trying to drum up some contributions to breathe some life into Brewer’s dead-on-arrival campaign . . . honest!”

  11. Not a staffer! says

    I’m Not Really A Brewer Staffer: Hate to be cynical, but most of these comments are made by staff for one campaign or another. But it really doesn’t matter because normal voters don’t read this blog, only us interested, connected to politics somehow folk.

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