Arizona GOP County Leadership ENDORSE Ron Carmichael For Chairman Of Arizona Republican Party

Today, Arizona Republican Party chairman Ron Carmichael released the list of current and former GOP County Chairman who have endorsed his candidacy to be the next Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  Ron continues to gather endorsements from GOP leaders, and is thankful for the support he has gathered from across the state.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the tremendous support of the Arizona Republican Party leadership across the state.  With their ongoing trust and support, I am confident we can reunite the donor base with grassroots and elected Republican officials, and lead policy development in Arizona for many years to come.”

The following current and former GOP County Chairmen have endorsed Ron Carmichael:

Myrna Udall (Apache)

Diana Arendt (Coconino)

Clark Dierks (Coconino)

John Rhodes (Graham)

Malcolm Barrett (Yavapai)

Malcolm Barrett Jr. (Yavapai)

Jan Smith (Yavapai)

Judi White (Pima)

Jonathan Hines (Yuma)

Phil Townsend (Yuma)

Bernice Roberts (Maricopa)


  1. On this website, with the current political climate you post that you have support of party insiders and establishment?!?! How does this help you on here?

  2. This is an establishment republican supported by McCain. It will be a cold day before I vote for this shill. (even colder than the last few we have had)

    Ash has my vote and my 5 proxies! The political class needs to be reminded, they work for us.

  3. On Carmichael’s web site, the biggest accompllishments as a Republican leader he mentions are from 40 years ago. I’ve heard he is well connected to some large donors and to McCain. I’m sure he is a nice guy and has done some useful things for Republicans, but he does not have solid grass roots credentials. Getting elected as a vice chairman in LD11 just recently with no previous active LD11 involvement could establish some credentials for 2 years from now, but not for this election. Of course, being on the McCain slate for an LD11 leadership position does not help his grassroots credentials either.

  4. Oh, I thought Senator Kyl did not want the party to be involved in policy development. That is supposed to be left to elected officials with no input from the party according to Kyl. Either Carmichael is straying from what his Congressional Delegation sponsors want the party to be, or he is lying.

    In either case, Bruce Ash would be a better state party chairman.

  5. Qualified? says

    Ron looks like he would have made a good candidate for state chair … in 1972. With the except of his election a month ago as 2nd vice chair of LD11, all of his political experience is from the 1960s and early 1970.

    Two years as a PC and two months as a 2nd vice chair in the last 40ish years doesn’t make someone qualified to be state chair. It make him qualified for the position he currently hold 2nd vice chair of LD11.

  6. hotflashholly says

    Ron Carmichael will be a great state Chairman. Bruce ash would be more of the same….it is time to bring in someone who can actually raise money and work WITH the Elected officials…not against them.

  7. I only got active in Republican Party politics ten years ago. Who is Ron Carmichael?

  8. hotflashholly means work FOR the elected officials and follow orders.

    If “more of the same” means making the elected officers accountable to the base, then lets hear it for Ash! I am sick of this elitist attitude the political class shoves down our throats. THEY WORK FOR US!

    I’d say Carmichael is a has been, but he is more of a never was or a want to be.

  9. Nostradamus says

    Watch out! Carmichael is a McLame plant.

    Seems to me the Party has done very well over the past few election cycles. I for one (actually 7 with my proxies) don’t want the elitist back in control. I am sick of their money argument. What they are really saying is they don’t give a rat’s ass about the Party. They just want power. That’s why they threaten to withhold money if they don’t get what they want.

    If you are counting votes Mr. Ash, put me down for seven right now and I’ll keep hunting for proxies I can carry.

  10. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Bruce Ash has my vote as well as a lot of state committeemen I know.

  11. @4 Hunter: Kyl lies? NO WAY. lol

  12. Alicia Gegner says

    Everybody, even the McCain crowd itself, knows that this segment of the party is Democrat Lite, but the McCain/Kyl axis just won’t admit it.

    I can’t vote in this election, but I pray that the State Committemen nix Carmichael and go for Ash. The last thing we need at the head of the party is some shill for illegal immigration and all of its attendant ills.

    Good old Kyl – he chided Pullen for not raising enough money, but guess who worked behind the scenes to make sure the funding spigot was turned off as much as possible – That’s right, it was Kyl himself. He does not give a rat’s patootie about the party or the needs of the country. It is McCain and Kyl first, along with their financial backers who want exploited, cheap labor, no matter the consequences for the rest of us.

    Please vote for Ash, people.

  13. Shelby Peters says

    Oh my! Now that’s a lineup sure to lose any elections in 2012…

    I see a couple of names for At-Large State Committeemen … and I’m sure this isn’t going to help their election chances.

    As for Carmichael? He can return to retirement. Certainly NOT a leader that will carry this party forward. Maybe a placeholder.

  14. Randell Carter says

    Word is Clark Dierks promised Marty he’d endorse him. Guess that’s just like Clark.

  15. Sure about that? says

    Isn’t there something wrong with the first sentence of this post? “…Arizona Republican Party chairman Ron Carmichael..” Thought he was a candidate, not the party chairman? Definitely not a very well written statement.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    @Sure about that; That’s how the McKyl wing of the RINO party does things.

    Maybe Sound Advice should learn the difference between someone holding office and someone seeking office. Besides, they may have just jinked Carmichael’s chances of winning. Arrogance is so JMcKyl

  17. Diane Arendt just spent the last year trying to get her son elected a city councilman in Flagstaff. There was huge disappointment up there that the “conservative” Arendt lost. How can you spend a year investing blood, sweat and tears for a conservative candidate and then think it’s not important in your own party elections?

  18. Conservative 2 the Core says

    This is a pathetic list, and represents a tiny fraction of state committeemen. Rumor has it, a certain, former state chairman/ former national committeeman from Tucson, who tell’s people he is Kyl’s top advisor (Mike Hellon in case u couldn’t guess) has admitted to more than a few people that Carmichael is over 300 votes short against Bruce.

    Looks like Ash is going to carry the day, so look for party cry baby’s to take their marbles and go home (to Yuma) again.

    Go Bruce!

  19. Carmichael (or his writers) can’t correctly communicate his candidate status. NOT the communicator we need for state chairman!

  20. Never heard of Ron Carmichael.

  21. If McCain and Kyl are for Ron Carmichael, I’m against him:)

  22. Veritas Vincit says

    Consider that Carmichael in his advanced age is a false flag candidate and Hermonson may be just the ticket for the McKyl Klan.

  23. Conservative Marine says

    Why in the world does anyone think that Marty Hermanson is a McCain guy?! Marty was chastised by the McCain folks for not endorsing McCain! Marty refused to be pressured into endorsing McCain. That does not sound like a McCain guy to me!

    Marty was a very hard working, conservative Chairman in Pinal County and he delivered 23 of 23 offices on election night. He walked door to door for candidates all across the county and lead fundraisers that allowed Pinal County’s Republican Committee to fund candidate events.

    This is the type of TRUE, NON-ESTABLISHMENT leadership we conservatives have been seeking for a very long time. Marty you have my vote and 8 proxies.

    Let’s kick Randy Pullen’s guy (Bruce Ash) to the curb! Randy’s “leadership” did nothing for the party over the past four years and we do not need more of the same from Bruce.

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