Arizona Film Industry Produces

Two poignant political points on this posting.

Arizona’s film industry is alive and well as demonstrated in the release of this new movie trailer, The Kingdom. Several Arizona locations were used in the filming of this movie including the last segment of the Red Mountain Loop 202 in East Mesa and Williams Field in southeast Mesa. For years, the Arizona legislature has exercised their option to attract out-of-state dollars into Arizona for film-making.

The film also revolves around the topic of Islamic terrorism and the US presence in Saudi Arabia.

Enjoy the three trailers!


  1. Tucsonan Brian Mulligan is an extra in this film and appears momentarily in Trailer 1 just past the halfway point. He’s at the far right of a shot with a gun perched on the hood of a Hummer.

    Brian, you rock dude!!!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Is that far right politically or just a certain corner of the frame?

  3. any word as too how much of the film was produced in AZ?

    I saw the preview in the theater last week (prior to Live Free or Die Hard – which is a very entertaining film – go see it – plus Bruce Willis is a Republican)…

    I’m not sure as to the political leanings of the “Kingdom” film. I’d love to support films that have ties to AZ, but if it a “Syriana” type, then I’ll have to pass.

  4. I don’t think it has a Syriana lean to it.

    They shot in the Phoenix area–I assume mostly Williams Airport–in June, August, September and October. It wasn’t continuous, they went to DC and Abu Dhabi in between.

    If you want to support a truly Arizona film, check out “The Decoy”. It’s a Western that was shot here with an Arizona cast and crew–a homegrown effort to showcase what the local independent film community can do. It got picked up in distribution and is available on DVD.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled political coverage.

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