Arizona Elected Leaders Could Take A Lesson from New Jersey

If only Governor Jan Brewer could take the same approach to cutting spending, cutting taxes and reducing the size of government.


  1. In the clouds says

    This post is what’s wrong with the leadership in this state. Let’s look to Texas, look to New Jersey.
    Get real people.
    We don’t have oil.
    We don’t have billions and billions in pension costs we can just cut.
    Arizona is unique and there isn’t a model that you can just slip in to our state.

  2. Yes, Arizona is different. But asking for an increase in our sales tax doesn’t show leadership.

    I think the reason so many are impressed with Christie is because he is pandering to a specific group. He is doing what he was elected to do. He doesn’t give a damm about polls, teacher unions, or the media…he does what he thinks is right.

    Wish there were more Republicans like him…a true leader.

  3. Correction…that should say “Isn’t pandering..”

  4. The previous governor in NJ was John Corzine and he literally slept with the head of the gov’t unions. So their pay and benefits went up and the service quality went down. Christie cut the teachers salaries bt 10% and they were still the highest paid in the US ! NJ has a more diversified economy than AZ. Most of the pharmaceutical ( J&J, Pfizer, Novartis) are in NJ and a lot of the Wall St money goes to sleep in NJ every night. AZ was over dependent on the debt happy real estate industry.
    Christie is probably the prototype for politicians as the welfare and dependecy state crumbles. But is is difficult to say that Jan Brewer and Chris Christie face similiar problems.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    No, they are facing exactly the same problem. The state under Jayno spent itself into a hole. You get out of the hole by cutting spending. You do not tax your way out of the hole. That is way a taxandspendocrat does or a RINO.

  6. Mr. Kohut, you are incorrect on this. “In the clouds” post is correct, our states are polar opposites. Much of New Jersey’s cuts came from areas that Arizona doesn’t pay for like massive employee pensions. I have heard over half of their cuts is just from that.
    I grew up in a union state and I wouldn’t change Arizona’s right to work status for anything!

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    The point Jamie is that we are in a fiscal hole from self induced irresponsibility. You get out of the hole by reducing outlays, AKA spending, to balance the budget. K-12 spending needs a axe taken to it. If anyone doubt that K-12 spending is out of control, go sit on on school board meetings as I have. Look at the budgets where there are more than 1 nonteacher per teacher. Where they build daycare centers. Where they spend on technology for which there is no demonstrated beenfit. The mantra is CUT, CUT, CUT!

  8. Antifederalist says

    I FINALLY watched this clip. While I like Christie’s directness, I’m leery that he didn’t state that he is for less spending. Also, after having lived in Arizona off and on since I was 9 and having lived in NJ, MD, DC and VA, I know first hand that what we call Democrats in Arizona are called Republicans in the east and the Democrats back east are communists. I worked in the NJ Senate Majority Office back when it was in Republican hands.

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