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Arizona Education Network anything but non-partisan

Arizona Education Network anything but non-partisan

Recently, several new outlets were tricked into running stories about the slanted ratings of the front-group Arizona Education Network (AEN.)


The spokes person for the group, Ann Eve Pedersen, is a former reporter with the Arizona Daily Star and now defunct Tucson Citizen. She has donated to Democratic candidates, $825 to Grijalva in 2009, $500 to President Obama in ’08, plus donations to Reps. Giffords and Pastor. She is so involved with the Democratic Party, the Tucson Weekly statedshe is inextricably linked with Tucson’s Democratic politics.” She is married to Peter Eckerstrom, brother of Paul Eckerstrom (former chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, a position once help by Ann’s own father.) This is not your average PTO mom concerned about education funding. Ann Eve Pedersen is a highly connected Democrat activist who is the spokesperson for a group set up for the sole purpose of slamming Republican candidates right as election season gets under way. It is disappointing that more media outlets did not investigate the people behind AEN before publishing their obviously biased report.


  1. Motivated Voter says

    So – you’d like us to think that an entire organization is biased because ONE of their members has a (deceased) father and a brother-in-law who were active in politics?

    Nice smear job. “Her daddy and brother’s brother are Democrats!”

    Take a look at their website. http://www.arizonaeducationnetwork.com. No plug for any party or candidate. The voting records that their group just released are public information – how is that biased? They don’t even have any party affliations on the list of legislators…you have to look that up for yourself.

    Most Republicans in Arizona send their kids to public school. Education isn’t a partisan issue, and I am just as sick and tired of hearing misinformation and ideological crap flung at my school as any Democrat would be.

  2. Conservative Educator says

    Democrats, and their loyalist group followers, have, for a long time, attacked conservative politicians in regards to education. It is not a “smear job” to point out facts about an individual, who is closely tied to Democrats through more than her relatives. Liberals love to play smear the Republican conservatives, but cry foul when facts are noted about their favored associations. Frankly, given this set of information, the credibility of the AEN is destroyed.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    Let’s see if I get AEN correctly. No matter how much we spend, we need to spend more. If you did not vote to throw more money down the disfunctional, union controlled K-12 black hole you are “bad”. We want the 1% Sales tax increase so we can throw even more money down the K-12 black hole. Have I got it summed up about right? Reads just like a lefty wacko, AEA, Democratic website to me.

    What isn’t there? That if you go back to the dark days of 1970 when kids had band, sports, arts, hot lunches, and after you adjust the spending per child for inflation we should be spending $4000/kid today. What are we spending? $9400 per kid. What does a private school spend? $5500/kid. So, we spend 2.5 times as much per child as we did in 1970, 40% more than a private school does today and we get a worse product that 1970 and a far worse product than comes out from private schools.

    As has been documented by many groups, including The Goldwater Institute, too little spending is not the problem. We are spending 40% more than we should for the crappy product coming out of the schools. Where is that in AEN’s website?

    What K-12 needs is a meat axe taken to the out of contol and unneeded spending, a 3:1 instead of a 1:1 ratio of teachers to admin, installation of key performance indicators with a direct tie at all levels to pay for performance, a proper plan-do-check-act continual improvement process, … in short a classic business turnaround. Where is that in AEN’s website?

  4. What district has a 1:1 ratio of admin to teachers?

    If you are counting the custodians and crossing guards…there might be a 1:1 ratio of classified to certified staff but who is going to cook the food and clean the bathrooms?

  5. What a bunch of smear tactics. I know a lot of parents who are part of the Arizona Education Network — they are from all political parties — Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike. What they share is an intense dislike of turning education into a partisan issue. Their group never mentions the political party of the legislators who vote against kids because education is not and should not be a partisan issue.

    Politicians who aren’t paying attention to this fact — that voters are going to vote you out, no matter what party, if you keep destroying our children’s schools — should do so at their own peril.

    Sonoran Alliance — why don’t you actually do some work and take a look at the voting records instead of trashing a group that did so.

  6. Stephen Kohut says


    Courtesy of The Goldwater Institute, the statewide figure for teachers to admin in private schools is 3:1. The state wide figure for teachers to admin in public schools 1:1. Private schools acutally manage to have clean bathrooms, sports, food, etc. at far lower cost, with far fewer nonteachers than the featherbedded disaster of public K-12.


    Since repetition is a good way to memorize, let’s try this. We look at the voting record of spend, spend, spend on a failed, failed, failed featherbedded, union controlled, mismanaged system. We are going to vote, vote, vote out the spend, spend, spenders. Do you get it? Find a lefty, pro-NEA site if you need to chat with like-minded loons.

  7. Stephen…plese provide a link to the data to which you refer. The Auditor General, the entitiy charged with collecting that data, has no such figures.

  8. LD30 Voter says

    I am a Republican, and I’ve always voted conservative. But I am also a parent. And all three of my legislators voted against funding every time. Not some times. EVERY time. This is greatly disturbing to me.

    I googled it and found this group’s press conference by the Guardian. It was very reasonable.

    I also perused their website. I didn’t detect any partisanship. I asked a friend of mine (also Republican) if she has heard of AEN, and she had and knew some of them. She knew that at least two of the parents in it are Republican too.

    I honestly don’t feel like this group is partisan. I hope my legislators can speak to their records. One of them is running for Congress now. So far, all I’ve heard is rhetoric that is unproductive.

    Education is important to me and my husband. We chose to live in the Vail area for their school district. I seem to be turning into a once position voter this election, and that’s education.

  9. Arizona is rock bottom in the USA for academic acheivement. Giving more money to people who can’t do the job is absurd. Who would raise the pay of a housekeeper who can’t clean a house properly? One might raise it, based on the pitiful, hanky-twisting appeals from the poor thing, that if he or she just had a higher pay they’d do a better job. So, raise the pay once … same old mess.
    Gonna be swayed by the same lame excuses when the housekeeper at the higher pay is confronted with their performance of total fail?

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    The education establishment as it stands requires a suspension of normal market and performance benchmarks. Everyone else gets fired for non-performance.

    Already, America’s upcoming generation is not as competently educated as its parents were. Everything – every service and product produced in this country will suffer as a result.

    Yet, the Democratic Party does not want real change, just status quo – more money for less productivity and higher failure rates.

  10. AZ Ed Watch says

    Not suprising. Was it really fair of AEN to judge these legislators on one year’s worth of votes, especially when facing the budget crisis that the state is under. How about an analysis of their career voting record?

    AEN is clearly anti-voucher and anti-charter school but more importantly AEN is another of the myraid of education advocacy groups that do nothing but complain and NEVER present suggestions or solutions to increase acheivement in Arizona.

  11. LD30 Voter,
    If you’re concerned about the Vail School District, your one issue would be better served by making sure that no pro-amnesty candidate gets elected.

  12. AZ Ed Watch says

    This says Ms. Pedersen is the President of the Board of AEN not just its spokesperson.


    President of the Board: anneve@arizonaeducationnetwork.com

  13. kralmajales says

    This IS a smear tactic. The people here don’t like this group because they don’t like public education. PERIOD. They dont want to be attacked…no one does…but when they cut and cut education and higher education, you GET that criticism.

    Its funny how some conservatives are fine with trashing public education and spending on it, but when they get called on it they whine like little ninnies!

  14. kralmajales says

    AZ Ed Watch,

  15. kralmajales says

    AZ Ed Watch,

    Sorry…one year’s worth of votes? Are you kidding me? Not all republicans trash public education, but many many of their colleagues do. Especially conservatives here.

    Parents in this state are sick of the policies that say “no more money” to education. They don’t want that. They don’t want their teachers laid off. They are willing to support budgets that won’t slash it.

    The fact is our state is rated far far below most in education and education spending. Now that there is a budget crisis, we are looking to go backwards from there.

    What AEN is about is supporting funding for public education. I understand that conservatives dont like that…but sorry…most people do…and you are going to hear about it now. Whether you like it or not.

  16. The vast majority of all Arizona families send their children to public school. If any party believes it can remain relevant and diminish the parenting choices of ALL parents, not just a few, then they are sadly mistaken.

    When conservatives realize that the answer is not to throw out public ed but to truly reform the delivery…then we will prevail. Until then, all will be seen as marginalizations and separatist ideology based on a short-sighted, self-serving agenda.

  17. kralmajales says

    I agree with you Ann. I was a conservative once and while most attacked govt. spending, there was a place in the party for education. It fits the philosophy. You can’t argue competition, against welfare, and the idea that hard work will get you places unless you provide the opportunity…at least a fair and representative starting place…for that competition.

    In other words, you cannot blame kids for the mistakes of their parents.

    Charles Murray in “Losing Ground” attacked welfare, but even he thought there should be a strong educational system.

  18. Stephen Kohut,
    You bring up an interesting point mentioning the Goldwater Institute. Of course, you are citing the figures incorrectly, they claim the ration is 1 teacher for every 1 ‘bureaucrat.’ This is of course nonsense, but they continue to repeat this even though the are counting teachers aids, nurses, librarians, bus drivers, food workers, custodians as ‘bureaucrats.’ In fact, according to the auditor general, AZ schools spend 9% of expenses on administration, which is less than the national average of 11%.

    Oh, and to my knowledge the GI has never produced the source for their claim that private schools have a 3:1 ratio.

  19. People who argue that the only problem is lack of money are wrong, just as people who argue that we can have a high quality educational system without spending more are wrong.

    The truth is many of the latter are actually people who want to see no money spent on public education because they are ideologically opposed to it. Until there is a serious discussion to improve public education with people who are operating in good faith we will not see much improvement. I wish we could have a discussion starting from the standpoint that we want the best public education system in the world and we are willing to pay for it. This will demand significant changes in how schools are run and how we think about education and so we will see who is interested in improvements and who is interested in something else. Sadly, I don’t see this discussion starting any time soon.

  20. Stephen Kohut says

    It looks like the educational lefties are out in force on SA today. We need more money! We need more! More! More! Garbage.

    The fix for education in AZ has been known and demonstrated in a state, FL, larger than ours with identical demograpics over a 10 year period. It has been recommended over and over to AZ. Why has it not been done? The “system” (AKA teacher’s unions, bureaucrats, administrators, etc.) hates the fix because it is not more money, not a higher student/teacher ratio, not more nanny state, not …

    FL reformed their K-12 system 10 years ago and have left us in the dust. Before you talk, get educated if, that is, you a not an illiterate socially promoted graduate on Arizoan’s public school system.

    Demography Defeated: Florida’s K-12 Reforms and Their Lessons for the Nation


  21. Bravo, Stephen Kohut.
    We need a good public education system, but I’m sick and tired of those who have only one response to a problem.. throw more money at it. When it comes to public education, that approach has been a costly and dismal failure. Will they ever figure out that the cheese has moved?

  22. Stephen Kohut,
    Maybe you should try and get information from another source than the Goldwater Institute. That is, if you are actually concerned with being educated instead of simply having your pre-conceived notions reinforced.

  23. Stephen Kohut says


    To quote my attorney friend “when the facts are in your favor argue the facts. When the law is in your favor, argue the law. When neither is in your favor attack opposing counsil.”

    In other words, make it about the person, ala Alinsky #13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    Goldwater’s data and findings are dead on. You don’t like them. You have nothing to support your position so you demean the source.

    If you were a dog I’d roll up the report, give you a swat and send you outside to make your messes. When you have something to back up your hot air post it.

  24. Stephen Kohut says

    ann #7,

    “Stephen…plese provide a link to the data to which you refer.”

    todd #18,

    “to my knowledge the GI has never produced the source for their claim that private schools have a 3:1 ratio.”

    Since I didn’t have my file with me I sent an email to GWI and a short time later they provided the hot links to the data sources.

    See their reponse to me below. I trust you can read and follow instructions. It was a piece of cake for me.

    The data for Arizona public schools comes from here:


    Click on Teacher/staff information on the second page during the process.

    The information for Arizona private schools is from our own survey of private schools:


    What is the difference between a whoopie cushion and a liberal? The whoopie cushion runs out of air eventually.

  25. “….When neither is in your favor attack opposing counsil.”

    Stephen Kohut,
    I already indicated what was wrong with the Goldwater report on teacher to ‘bureaucrat’ ratio. Accusing me of offering no support is simply wrong.

    As to what is happening in Florida, I could certainly post information that demonstrates how the GI is cherry picking in their report (for instance, Florida increased funding during that time and also has 16:1 student-pupil ratio compared to AZ’s 24:1, also many of the improvements started before reforms were even instantiated, etc) , but my point was that if you bothered to look into the issue and debate you would be aware of that. Instead, you simply accept the report as fact presumably because it indicates something you already believe.

    Interestingly, your attacks on AEN amount to calling them left wing wackos and citing bad statistics from GI and other sources (private schools spend $5500/kid? Where are you getting that?)

    Anyway, pot, kettle, black. Maybe you ought to swat yourself.

  26. Stephen Kohut,

    Referring to their own unpublished survey of private schools – sorry, that is worthless unless it can be examined by others.

    I know where the GI is getting the teachers numbers but you are failing to understand what the numbers mean. For instance, almost 14,000 of the ‘staff’ are teacher’s aids, clearly they aren’t administrators.

    Go to website for the year in question:

    http://www.ade.state.az.us/AnnualReport/AnnualReport2008/Vol1.pdf and look on page 46. There it lists the FTE for different classifications of employee for the year in question. Your will see the following:

    Certified staff
    Admins 3305
    Teachers 53,883
    Others 4810

    Classified Staff
    Managers 3030
    Teachers Aides 13,935
    Others 32,175

    Certified staff are those for which certification is required. Admins in this category are positions like Principals, vice-principals, etc. Others refer to things like librarians, counselors, speech therapists, and nurses.

    For classified staff, we have managers at 3000, 13,935 Teachers Aides with the Others in this category being jobs like bus drivers, cafeteria workers, library aides, and clerical staff.

    Now why don’t *you* explain to me how this makes a 1:1 teacher to ‘bureaucrat’ ratio, if you can.

  27. Stephen Kohut says


    You accused GI of never releasing the data on the 3:1 private school teacher:admin radio. It’s a published report and readily available. What is wrong is you don’t like the numbers. Get over it. You want different numbers? Document/link to a public report that conflict with GI’s or go run your own survey and report on it.

    Page 46 of your link, money spent on hot lunches. Want mustard with that hotdog? Can’t count hotdog dollars and analyze people.

    Still leaking air out of that whoopie cushion todd.

  28. Stephen Kohut,
    For public schools one can see the numbers for every single school. The GI report doesn’t tell us what schools responded, what their answers were based on or give us anyway to evaluate the claims they make regarding the half of private schools that even answered the survey.

    PS. You need to look at page 46. That is the page with the number 46 at the bottom. I know it can be difficult when trying to look at information yourself rather than having conclusions spoon-fed to you. HTH!

  29. kralmajales says

    Todd is kicking your tail Stephen…and he is right about Florida…they spend more per capita on education than we do…and have a lower student to teacher ratio. Pick and choose all you want…we do support reasonable reforms to education but we dont support your starve the beast crap at GI.

    It is a flawed flawed ideology.

  30. Stephen Kohut says

    Todd & lefty wacko’s,

    Public and private student to FTE staff ratios from GI and, courtesy of todd, ADE.

    Teachers Total Staff
    GI Private school 13.0 9.7
    GI Public school 19.9 9.8
    AZ DE public 19.8 9.6

    GI’s numbers on AZ public schools are dead on with the number’s you are throwing around with such energy todd. GI counts oranges and oranges and not oranges and apples. Teachers are teachers. Nonteachers are nonteachers. Funny, isn’t it, the GI and ADE agree on AZ public school numbers. Private schools emphasize teachers, public schools emphasize overhead. Still leaking air from the whoopie cushion todd and, yes for my bud kralmajales, starve the lefty union driven overpriced education K-12 beast.

  31. Stephen, you are backpedaling quite a bit here. First it was 1:1 teacher to admin ratio (I guess that is better than the loaded ‘bureaucrat’ term the GI uses). Now it is a 1:1 ratio of teacher to staff. I guess even you understand bus drivers and librarians are administration.

    Anyway, the accurate term here is a 1:1 ratio of certified teacher and other staff. This does include 14,000 teacher’s aides which brings the total in classroom staff to a minimum of 63% of overall employees.

    Now you want to take these numbers and compare to some self-reported survey no one can review. Did private school administrators estimate or use accurate numbers? We don’t know. Who do they count as teachers – certified teachers or any staff that are in the classroom? We don’t know. For schools run by churches do they include people employed by the church that work at the school? We don’t know. Its all pretty flimsy evidence to make any comparison, especially when public schools are required to provide services that private schools are not. I’ll wait to judge private vs. public when I can see some real numbers.

  32. Stephen Kohut says


    What backpedal?I guess you can’t read.Is there some part of the word teacher you don’t understand? Are you math challenged as well? Has to be that social promotion thing. We’ll go through the numbers real slow for you. Get your fingers and toes ready so you can count.

    public schools (AZ DE & GI)

    54K teachers, 58K nonteachers, 112K total staff

    ~ 1 teacher : 1 non-teacher

    private schools

    2009 teachers, 753 nonteachers, 2764 total staff

    ~ 3 teachers : 1 nonteacher

    You hate the GI reports because they blow holes through the left’s positions. Got it. Until or unless you can post public reports that challenge GI’s data on private schools and the comparison to public schools their report stands as the best data on hand. You got better? If so, cough up and post it.

  33. kralmajales says

    Well its especially hard to compare private and publics when the cost for private is mostly enormous and because they are able to accept (or exclude) whomever they like…as long as it is not discrimination of course. It means that the most difficult cases never come their way, are dumped, and the like. I would love to teach at a private school where the families are mostly rich, the kids are handpicked to be learners…etc.

    Problem is that the market would exclude all the tough cases…and likely the middle too.

  34. Stephen Kohut – the backpedal is from talking about bureaucrat to administration to staff to non-teachers. Everyone realizes there are employees who are not teachers that work for school districts, this is quite a bit different than claiming the 1:1 ratio is teachers to administrators (or bureaucrats).

    I also suggest you carefully read the GI study, not just the summary, before you proclaim the accuracy of their numbers. Hint – look at the footnotes.

  35. kralmajales says

    yeh..like high school counselors…that among other things get louts like me to think about college…and that I owe my livelihood too…because they cared. Many of them have been fired…or will be because…well..that is administration.


  36. Very_disappointed_educator says

    I work in a public charter school. If anyone thinks pouring more money into the system is the answer they are sadly mistaken. There is so much waste in public education it is shameful. The administration spends a great amount of their time manipulating the records and trying to satisfy auditors. The lying, cheating and unethical practices are rampant. Adding more money to this situation is not the answer! How about some accountability for the student’s successes and failures? They seem to be the ones that nobody is concerned with. There are so many ways to cut costs and still offer an excellent education to Arizona’s children.
    As far as the admin to teacher ratio, the numbers on the ADE website don’t mean anything. I was working at the front office desk when the ADE called the school to ask questions pertaining to stats at the school. One of the questions was “how many teachers have a masters” and the receptionist started asking the office staff and they came up with a number without ever looking at records or verifying anything. They just threw a number out there that sounded reasonable and the ADE accepted it without hesitation. My guess is that a school or district can give so called facts and numbers and nothing is verified.

  37. There’re a lot of old stereotypes of private schools that do not adequately convey the variety of choices out there.

    Our youngest kid’s tuition is $3,000 per year. That school has special needs kids who would be overwhelmed in public school, and many of the families this school caters to have to scrape to pay even that bargain basement price. They are decidedly NOT rich, many can afford it only through the tax credit and voucher programs.

    Our other kids go to a charter school. It’s part of the public school system. But, the state isn’t interested in providing comparable facilities to the public school, so the place is small, with very limited sports and activities, and the state has no intention of making it any more competitive than it is, so everyone who choses to go there settles for less than the main public school gets, even though it’s all funded by our tax money.

    It’s absurd to watch people feverishly compare Arizona stats to Florida stats when both states and the entire USA have fallen out of competition with other developed nations. The entire US school system stinks. One state is only less stinky compared to another stinky state. Private schools are hiring more and more public school teachers and administrators, who then order what they know – the usual crapola public school textbooks – so their education is mirroring the public schools now. A waste of money.

    American kids have nice transcripts, like Algebra I and Algebra II and Geometry, but a close inspection reveals the teacher only got them thru half the Algebra I book, and 1/3 of the Algebra II book, so their actual competencies are not what they appear to be. Schools like to flatter parents by their “brilliant” kid placed in Algebra I in 7th grade or 8th grade, but it’s a simpler course.

    It’s all gimmicks and bells and whistles.
    The AP courses are a money maker. The schools offer the courses, which one pays extra for, but the school doesn’t have to produce students who can actually PASS the AP exam. Just a cash cow.

    Just finished talking to an overseas university. The admissions recruiter said American students are getting worse and worse, no matter they went to private school or public school. Most are not prepared in any adequate measure for the rigor of university work.

    Right, throw more money at three decades of consistent failure. The purpose of schools is to educate children, they are not supposed to be a union featherbedding scheme. The entire education establishment is seriously off track and has been off for too long.

  38. “Very_disappointed_educator”

    Yeah, nice try. The ADE numbers come from payroll.

  39. wanumba, you mention not comparing to systems in other countries. Do you have a suggestion as to what country we should be emulating?

  40. Very_disappointed_educator says


    Titles mean very little. The payroll numbers can be manipulated also. I witness this manipulating on a daily basis. I’m shocked at how naive people are.

  41. Very_disappointed_educator,
    Sounds like you should report your charter school for fraud the number is 1-800-352-4558, assuming you actually work at one.

  42. yeh..like high school counselors…that among other things get louts like me to think about college…and that I owe my livelihood too…because they cared. Many of them have been fired…or will be because…well..that is administration.

    Haven’t stumbled across a high school counselor that wasn’t a total waste of skin.
    Sorry, that’s a fact. One couselor had ONE school she directed all the kids to. One school. The counselor in Virginia counseled everyone to the local Virginia colleges within a 100 miles radius, no more. The Missouri counselor had two schools, the local state branch and the main MU campus. Watched the graduating class out of an Arizona private school last May. That counselor got her own daughter to Washington DC, but the rest of the class was off to Yavapai Community College, NAU or ASU. Hellooooo? That’s IT?
    The AMerican Embassy School counselor had one hapless kid applying to 50 colleges. FIFTY? AT $30 – $100 a pop for applications fees? SAY what?
    The New Mexico counselor so screwed up our senior’s courses she was in danger of not graduating this year. The Dean had to intervene, big-time to salvage it.

    SO, quite a cross-section of counselors, and not ONE was any good at anything. Terrible track record. Atrocious.
    There are certainly a few decent ones out there, we just haven’t found them, and judging from a lot of other poeple’s coments about THEIR counselors, they didn’t either.

  43. Very_disappointed_educator says

    Our school recently had the SPED department audited. For the 2009-2010 school year I have been bringing to the principal’s attention the need to have some of the students tested for SPED. I was tutoring several of these kids and it was obvious to me that they needed services that were beyond my capabilities. The concern was not for the students at all. I was told there is really no point in servicing 7th and 8th graders because it would be too costly and they would be moving on to high school soon anyway. The truth is that our SPED teacher is not certified and we would have to hire another teacher if we were going to add more students. In our SPED dept we have a paraprofessional doing all of the administrating, one qualified SPED teacher and one non-qualified SPED teacher. We also keep a so called director on staff. (I believe she works about 10 hours per month) and her sole job is to make sure that all of the paperwork is in order for the state auditors. This is done by doing whatever it takes. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong, ethical or not, legal or illegal, as long as we clear the audit. This type of administering goes on throughout the school. They are now scrambling to prepare for an unexpected Title 1 audit. The lying, faking and cheating are sickening. I could write a book on the corruption and lying and cheating that goes on. The shame of it is that it is all done at the expense of our children.

  44. todd Says:
    March 29th, 2010 at 10:12 pm
    wanumba, you mention not comparing to systems in other countries. Do you have a suggestion as to what country we should be emulating?
    Already went into that in depth months ago.

    America needs to emulate what American education did four decades ago. Dump the Progressive Left “process” over “facts,” restore TEACHING to the classroom, not “facilitating” and demand verifiable teacher competencies in subjects, and get back to basics through solid curriculum and textbooks.

    The foreign schools didn’t dump out their systems for trendy crap. Nothing tricky about it at all.

  45. If the Tucson Weekly highlights your ties to the Democatic Party, you are in deep.

    No surprise about Ann-Eve “I’m just an interested parent” Pedersen. The local print media simply doesn’t think that people will figure this stuff out on their own. Yet another reason the Star is going down the tirlet. Swwwwwwiiiiirrrrrrrlllll

  46. Very_disappointed_educator says


    Thank you for that number. I have addressed this with the school board who claim to be looking into this, but I reported it to them several months ago. I have also contacted the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools but they just advised me to report this to the school governing board. What organization is the number you posted?

  47. SO, Todd,
    what do you do for a living? You are always disparaging posters about experience, but never offer any credentials in anything of your own.

    I’ve asked this numerous times, but who knows what you’d say, since you are in the habit of countering other people’s inputs with the likes of “assuming you actually work at one…”
    As if you are used to lying and expect other people are doing the same thing.

  48. Very_disappointed_educator says


    Yes I do actually work at a charter school. I’m not sure why you would question that.

  49. If it isn’t the approved “narrative,” it must be shut down.

  50. Stephen Kohut says


    You presume I don’t read entire reports. I do. GI’s report is that best data that has been offered. I have asked several time for your data on private schools. Since you keep arguing about GI’s data it looks like you have zip son. Cough up or shut. If you have different data post it.

    We have multiple family members working in both public and charter schools and know the system well. You lumped teachers aides in with teachers. Aides are not teachers. Without your slight of hand GI and AZ DE numbers back the 1:1 and 3:1 ratios.

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