Arizona Conservative Rally – November 12, 2011


  1. Why is the world is Pinal County REPUBLICAN Party sponsoring an event where Barry Hess of the Arizona LIBERTARIAN Party will be one of the main speakers? That makes NO sense whatsoever! Barry Hess has been running repeatedly as a LIBERTARIAN candidate against REPUBLICANS! The Republican Party exists to elect REPUBLICANS not LIBERTARIANS! If you want libertarian leaning candidates in the Republican Party, you make them register as REPUBLICANS and vote for them in the REPUBLICAN primary.

    Barry Hess has been the Libertarian candidate for Governor for the last three elections! He was part of the reason that Janet Napoletano beat Matt Salmon in 2002! Promoting this guy is not good for the GOP! If he wants to speak at a Republican Party fundraiser, he should become a REPUBLICAN!

    Also, if you have ever spoken with Barry Hess, you would know that he is not really even from the Conservative-leaning wing of the Libertarian Party. The guy is basically a borderline Anarcho-syndicalist!

    Whoever organized this needs to have their head examined and should probably resign from the Republican Party leadership. Lowly PC’s have lost their party committee voting rights for far, far less.

  2. Giovanni Machiavelli says


    Go and find out. The reason could be machiavellian, as in Niccolo.

  3. Right VSB. I had to read the post twice. Pinal County Republican Committee hosting Libertarian Barry Hess? NO THANKS. Read the Libertarian Platform! Pro-Death. “Unrestricted movement of human capitol across national borders.” No wonder there is not a single Libertarian in the state legislature.

    A Republican sponsored Rally is a very strange place to host Libertarian speakers. Have a Round Table or a debate to host Libertarians. I’m sick and tired of Ron Paul and his apostles infiltrating the Republican Party. The Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman needs to resign now!

    • I don’t even have a problem with libertarian leaning Republicans like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson running around spouting what is basically a libertarian platform because they are at least registered REPUBLICANS running in REPUBLICAN primaries. We have contested primaries pick our candidates and we also elect PC’s to decide the direction of the party through a democratic process.

      But, if the Pinal County REPUBLICAN PARTY wants to have Barry Hess come speak at a REPUBLICAN PARTY fundraiser, Barry Hess needs to re-register as a REPUBLICAN. And he needs to stay registered as a REPUBLICAN and he needs to run in REPUBLICAN primaries if he wants to run for office again.

      These Libertarians want to have their cake and eat it too. They want the exposure that big Republican events can bring but they don’t want to face a REPUBLICAN electorate. Their efforts to maintain their ballot access are essentially coming the GOP’s expense.

  4. Lance Fallin says

    Both demoCRAPS and republiCONS suck in my opinion. People need to wake up and smell the coffee, if you are not a billionaire you have ZERO ZIP NADA ZILCH representation. Until you GET THAT, I can’t even begin to communicate with you, because you are completely unaware of the REAL situation.

    Keep voting republican and democrat and keep getting screwed. Have a nice day.

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