Arizona Conservative Party Forming?

This came across my email courtesy of the Flagstaff TEA Party. I thought it was worthy of a robust and healthy discussion…



We the People of Arizona are Grateful to Almighty God for Our Liberties. Our Mission is to Reestablish the Limits and Boundaries of Government, Local, State and Federal, those Boundaries as Framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. We believe that if Our Country is to continue to set the Example of a Free Republic, We Must Adhere to Those Principles as Presented to the Country and the World in the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and Our Bill Of Rights.

Conservatism: “To preserve” is a Political and Social Philosophy that Promotes the Maintenance of Traditional Institutions. “Conservatism is Not So Much a Philosophy as an Attitude, a Constant Force, Performing a Timeless Function in the Development of a Free Society, and Corresponding to a Deep and Permanent Requirement of Human Nature Itself.”

The Arizona Conservative Party Says:

  • It is time for Conservatives to Have a Voice.
  • It is Time for Us to stand up and Take Back Our Country and Our State
  • It’s Time for Conservative Republicans, Conservative Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians to Depart from Their Respective Parties and Join the Arizona Conservative Party to uphold our States Rights.

The Conservative movement that is taking place all across America must provide Conservatives a strong political support base, one that will give true Constitutional Conservative candidates the confidence to run for political office in their political districts. It is for that purpose that the Arizona Conservative Party (the “ACP”) is founded.

(Read the Party Platform Articles)

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  1. Considering the growing strength of conservatives in the Arizona GOP, why is a third party necessary?

    • Because even among those who claim to be or are considered to be “conservative” they are still not really conservative.

      Perfect example: Russell Pearce supported increasing property taxes for homeowners by pushing the “jobs” bill (which has nothing to do with jobs).

      Great that it marginally reduced business property taxes, but its UNACCEPTABLE to raise property taxes on homeowners. End of story!

    • Andy Bernard says

      Because AZGOP leadership is still an embarrassing mess.

  2. I am heavily inclined to continue working within the Republican Party myself. However, if the GOP became so corrupt and strayed far from conservative principles, I could be enticed to leave and support a conservative party.

    • Radical American Patriot says

      Shane, the Party was close to that point at the turn of the last (1900’s) century, though it’s always been plagued by the Progressive. We’re not there now, even though we still have TOO MANY Progressives, like Grant Woods, et. al.

      Now, inspired by Cold Warrior’s motto last year, I created my own: I am a US Citizen by birth, a Constitutional Conservative by choice, and a Republican by inspiration of Ronald Reagan and by necessity. When it ceases to be productive or necessary to be a Republican to accomplish the goal of “Fundamental Restoration of our Constitutional Republic”, I’m out of the Party. We are no where near that point.

      Those who are promoting such a 3rd Party fall into two camps.

      First there are ‘Perfect Patriots’ who might have kicked Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin from the Continental Congress, and/or denied them a voice because they didn’t share the perfect ideological values. They have such a myopic vision (that’s ‘narrow focus’ for the other camp, Rio Linda types!) They are the so-called and self-appointed ‘Conservative Elites’ who judge everyone else’s action through their own standard of perfect principles. They talk a GREAT GAME, but NEVER get anything DONE!! To these I say: Open your eyes, and see we’re working in your direction.

      The other camp are those who are just as corrupt as the Liberals, believing ‘the ends justifies the means’ and are essentially social misfits and narcissists! Former political candidates that belong in this camp are Jim Deakin and Kelly Townsend, and of course there’s Jim’s wife and JPD, among others from the Greater Phoenix Tea Party. There are many others who, like Jim Deakin and Joe Danielek, have absolutely no integrity, have ulterior motives and really care about themselves and not the Country. To these, They will lie to benefit themselves, and cheat those with whom they disagree They do not recognize, that along with the unalienable rights granted by the Creator, there are also immutable responsibilities, including the Ten Commandments. Such people believe that they are above the Law, just like the self-appointed elite Progressives and Marxists, To these people I say: GOOD RIDDANCE!!

      • When it ceases to be productive or necessary to be a Republican to accomplish the goal of “Fundamental Restoration of our Constitutional Republic”, I’m out of the Party. We are no where near that point.

        Lets see, the RNC put up McCain, a RINO at best. We wind up with Obama. McCain had no chance of beating Obama/Soetoro. Amnesty,Amnesty,Amnesty,. I’ll bet you a dollar the at RNC will wind up this time backing Romney, another Rino.

        How about it Steven, will you take that be?

  3. I support candidates, not parties. If the candidate is worthy I’ll support him or her.

  4. amattclarkson says

    Good luck. It is a steep uphill battle to make yoursel;ves relevent.

  5. I’m very torn on this.

    I’ve been Republican my whole (voting) life. I’m very concerned by the “bandwagon” effect that’s going on right now among “conservatives”. For example, just because Russell Pearce says something DOES NOT MAKE IT “conservative”.

    Example: his support for increasing homeowners’ property taxes, his support for public employee unions.

    Is that conservative? NO!

    Are “conservatives” in the GOP overlooking these foibles of his? Yes. Why? THEY SHOULDNT, but only do because of his name and stances on illegal immigration.

    Which is RIDICULOUS. Just because you are anti-illegal immigration does not mean you should be FOR TAX INCREASES and you get a “bye” because your name is Russell Pearce.

    That’s UNACCEPTABLE an CONTRARY to the precepts of the teaparty.

    So, back to my point. I’m torn. I don’t think I could ever leave the GOP. However, I can certainly understand REAL conservatives who choose to because of the kind of shenanigans stated above.

  6. Paula Pennypacker says

    Two words: Ross Perot! There will NEVER be a viable third party in our life time.

  7. Lou Cinnation says

    Well the “maintenance of traditional institutions” apparently doesn’t include the GOP. Does it include churches? Government-run schools?

    Most conservatives vote with the GOP. Most conservatives never go to a district meeting, candidate events, fundraisers or election night parties. And they like it that way, despite activists getting so angry by it.

  8. Saguaro Sam says

    “We don’t have a problem with illegal aliens taking American jobs.”
    Buz Mills talking to the Flagstaff Tea Party and FTP sitting on their hands accepting we have no illegal alien problem except drug smugglers. Amazing.

    FTP leaders endorsed John McCain. That’s some “Conservative” Party coming out of Flagstaff.

  9. Does jim and Adonia Deakin come to mind? They are heavily involved, only goes to show you the people who said Deakin was a strawman got it right. I could never even think about a party that would give either of them a lead roll, he is out for blood against the Republicans who did not support him, opps that is all of us.

  10. SuzanneC is right. This is the Deakinista malcontents continuing to try to be relevant.

    • LUVMYTEAHOT says

      No third party supporter here. What a waste of time. Clean up the GOP and Dem Parties. Independents in AZ have more registered voters than Dems, boy, they’ve sure been an effective and influencial group…..NOT!! The woman who packs her pennies above was right on target: FLASHBACK ROSS PEROT…..went from hero to zero.

      Deakinstas??? THAT’S HILARIOUS…..haven’t heard that one. How many of their cult is still out there……hiding from embarrassment?

  11. Throughout our nation’s history, there have been offshoots of various things, be it religious faiths, political parties, etc. I was asked once to join the Constitution Party and run as a candidate representing them. I was flattered they thought enough of me to ask me. But, as Shane stated, I am a conservative Republican through and through and until such time as the GOP core principles change, I just can’t leave it. It isn’t the organization itself that is imperfect; it is the people that comprise it. You have some good Republicans and some bad ones and that goes for every other political party. So, while I admire this new party’s intent and their verve, I could not leave the GOP while I think I could make it better and advance its ideals. Being a conservative Republican is who I am and what I believe and that isn’t and shouldn’t be easy to walk away from.

  12. Iris Lynch says

    I,M with Andy. It is like family. You will never agree with EVERYTHING your spouse agrees with. Quit threatening divorce and be a grown-up who can compromise where necessary and educate as much as possible. I know, it takes energy. There’s the rub.

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