Arizona Choose Life Plates Lawsuit Moves Forward


The Arizona Life Coalition (an organization I helped found and was once intimately involved with) has been able to move a federal lawsuit forward in an effort to receive approval for license plates that state, “Choose Life.” (read story)

The Arizona Life Coalition filed the suit in federal court in 2002 after the Arizona License Plate Commission arbitrarily refused to approve the plate and gave no reason for the denial when members of the coalition asked.

If the plates are approved, Arizonans would be able to purchase and renew the plates for $25. Seventeen of those dollars would be provided back to the Arizona Life Coalition where it would be disbursed to the various crisis pregnancy centers around Arizona.

Thanks to the efforts of the Center for Arizona Policy and the Alliance Defense Fund, the lawsuit is in good hands. However, the road ahead will be tough as the coalition will likely face liberal pro-abortion judges.


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