Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Authorizes Probe into Independent Redistricting Commission

CONTACT: Amy Rezzonico

PHOENIX (Thursday, July 21, 2011) — Attorney General Tom Horne has authorized his office to conduct an initial investigation of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission based on reports that raise questions about the Commission’s compliance with Arizona’s Open Meeting Law and procurement laws when it recently entered into a contract with Strategic Telemetry to provide mapping consultant services.

“I need to emphasize very clearly that this is an initial investigation that will attempt to determine if any violations actually occurred,” Horne said. “I am concerned about reports that have raised questions about some of the procedural actions taken by the commission, and I am committed to finding out whether those concerns warrant any further investigation. If this initial investigation finds that laws have been violated, we will proceed accordingly.”




  1. Well, at least there’s no pretense, and we now know the Attorney General’s office is just a bought and paid for GOP outfit. Might as well change that “AZ.GOV” on the banner to “AZ.GOP” to make if official.

  2. has entered:

    Dear Arizona MoveOn member,

    Steven Yockey, a MoveOn member from Phoenix, Arizona, recently created a petition on entitled “Leave The AIRC Alone”—and we’d like to know what you think of it.

    The petition is addressed to Governor Jan Brewer and reads:

    Keep Colleen Mathis as independent chair of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.

    Here’s what Steven wrote about it:

    The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has a constitutionally mandated job to do. The members of the commission are defined by law. Two registered Republicans work with two registered Democrats. One member must be vetted as an independent. Colleen Mathis is the vetted independent.

    But now, tea party activists are trying to derail the Commission’s efforts by calling for Colleen Mathis’s removal—all so they can use the redistricting process to drive their partisan agenda.

    Can you click to let us know what you think?

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