Arizona 1070: Is it all about cheap labor or the social costs of *Illegal* Immigration?

Perhaps to the bankers and global policy makers, the merging of the hemispheric economies is just another step forward in their grand design for a globally managed Uberstate.  Who knows.  My last posting provided some evidence that could be the case, after all, the FTAA and the Summit of the Americas do exist and have a well developed framework.

But is there another agenda at work here?  Is something akin to the relationship between Israel and Palestine over territory evolving here?  The tactics we’re seeing in Arizona now, bear an uncanny resemblance to scenes all too familiar from other regions of the globe in terms of tactics,  rhetoric and reaction.  No, there is no full scale violence [yet], but there is a hot cauldron at a rolling boil in the American Southwest.  The elements look familiar.

To those of you who say, “… its a single issue … what about ___”  I ask you to name one major facet of public policy in Arizona, or one major facet of the state’s budget that doesn’t in some way touch on the subject of the border or illegal immigration.  Then, as I briefly wrote about in my last blog, there is the hemispheric aspect of a European Union model for the Americas.  And tonight, there is the issue of a Hispanic Homeland – Aztlan.

These following quotes and links are from a widely read party organ of the Aztlan movement in Southern California.   Spend some time on their site.  You’ll feel the Marxism and anger, and the distortions of what you may think you know.  You will look through the lens they see Borders and Immigration.  Pay attention.

There was an outrage in Arizona at the death of rancher Rob Krentz.  But look at the quote below, then open another tab via the following link.  You decide.

[the ]”death near Douglas, Arizona of a rancher named Rob Krentz by an unknown assailant or assailants has been blown out of proportion…”

Here is something that is part of the Raza curriculum [you maybe be paying for this in a Charter School near you].  Notice again the disturbingly familiar distortions of history that echo in other strife torn corners of the globe.

Today, no informed Mexican, on either side of the present border, recognizes the legitimacy of this “shotgun treaty” and considers the entire US Southwest (Aztlan) to be stolen land.

The U.S. Department of Education funneled nearly $8 million in taxpayer grants to the group for a nationwide charter schools initiative.

Its called The National Council of The Race.

Do you have such a lobby?  And don’t think for a minute that major politicians from both parties haven’t paid their respects to this group.  Bush addressed them and Obama is courting them … and Juan McCain is fully on-board with their agenda for Amnesty.  Don’t you doubt it for a minute.

My last posting provided the “International Perspective” on the Southwestern Border of the United States.  This brief collage provides perhaps another agenda for La Reconquista de Aztlan.  Watch the video and decide.

But you will ultimately have to decide to look at the evidence [and there’s a mountain more], or simply say “… all they want is an opportunity” and vote with your eyes closed.


  1. Michael Holliday says

    Good post.

    I received my minor in Latin American studies from the heart of Aztlan: San Jose State.

    I used to argue with these professors all of the time over their Marxist beliefs.

    What amazes me is that radical, Marxist groups like La Raza are held up as legitimate spokes groups for “the Latino Community” and are not put on the Attorney General’s list of subversive organizations.

    Brown supremacist groups are given the OK and green light by the feds. Past and present members of La Raza should be vetted out of public service positions since they advocate the violent overthrow on the US Constitution.

    Many deny it, but it’s true.

    Americans are starting the realize there is something drastically wrong with this picture…

    Go McCain, go! Run to La Raza! “Regularize” more MS 13 gang members and hasten the rise of Aztlan!

    Why not McCain? You don’t have to live under the new Mexican flag, you can simply take your $$$millions$$$ and move somewhere else!

    Thanks John McCain! Like you said, Maobama truly is a great family man — partial birth abortion and all!


  2. Michael Holliday says

    Perhaps to the bankers and global policy makers, the merging of the hemispheric economies is just another step forward in their grand design for a globally managed Uberstate. Who knows.

    I know. It is.

    Who, by now, doesn’t know?

    The real question is, “what are we going to do about it?”

    SB 1070 would seem to be a first step in the right direction on the journey of a 1000 miles — the “long march” back to America.

  3. Hope the suppporters of McCain in the post above realize that a vote for him is a vote for these organizations.

  4. If the problem is social (e.g. government) costs then perhaps Pearce and company need to advocate for and end to government welfare and government imposed health care regulation.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Posting #4 is reason number 637,998 why the Libertarian Party will never be relevant.

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