Are You Paying a Lobbyist to Increase Your Taxes?

According to yesterday’s Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet, (hat tip to the folks over at HotAzitGets for posting the story) and reported earlier this week on this blog, APS lobbyist, Marty Schultz, is leading the charge to push for higher taxes to pay for transportation. Originally it was thought that Schultz was just looking to increase sales taxes. But according to the Yellow Sheet, it’s much worse than that.

Apparently, Schultz is now leading the fight to push for veritable smorgasbord of higher taxes. Higher gas taxes – YES! Higher property taxes – YES! Higher sales taxes – You Betcha!

I suspect hope this plan will never see the light of day in the GOP-controlled Legislature. But stranger things have happened.

As for all of you APS customers out there, you can rest easy knowing that each month when you pay your electric bill, you are actually helping to pay for Marty Schultz to spend his time working to increase your taxes. Thanks APS!

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