Are Democrats crAZy?

One of our writers has been on a tear exposing the personal shortcomings of Democrats and posting them as a response to the Democrat’s crAZy web site. A careful reading of the Democrat crAZy site reveals something much more indicative of the problem with their crAZy web site. Some of the bills that they attack Republicans for supporting received multiple Democrat votes. Let’s go over that one more time. Democrats are voting FOR some of the bill featured on the crAZy site.

A good example is Senate Bill (SB) 1132. The crAZy web page criticizes State Senator Tim Bee for voting for the bill. Yet two Democrats, Senators Marsha Arzberger and Rebecca Rios, voted for the very same bill. Are they also crAZy? Of course not. What these two experienced legislators realize is that if law abiding citizens cannot carry a firearm inside then the restaurant becomes a potential shooting galleries for some whacko. Past NRA President Sandy Froman also often points out that leaving the gun in the car makes it easy for a criminal to break into the car and steal the gun, as once happened to her.


  1. It will be interesting to see if the crAZy site works for the Democrats or if most of the Republicans on the site get back into office.

  2. Maybe Tedski calls Rios a DINO on his blog?

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