APA & PLEA both endorse Jay Lawrence for LD23 House

Jay Lawrence

Jay Lawrence

Phoenix — Today the Arizona Police Association Executive Director, Levi Bolton, joined by Joe Clure, President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, announced their endorsement of LD23 Republican Candidate for the Arizona House, Jay Lawrence. The Arizona Police Association represents nearly 14,000 rank and file law enforcement and corrections officers throughout the state of Arizona.  The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, a member organization of the APA, represents more than 2,300 rank and file law enforcement officers in Phoenix.

Director Bolton said that “Jay Lawrence is the right candidate at the right time for Arizona.  His conservative style, dedication to safe neighborhoods, appropriately staffed police departments, and most importantly paying attention to voices of all that he represents makes him the right choice.”

“I have spent more than 25 years publicly speaking out for causes like limited government, restoring our Constitutional rights, and letting the free market cure what ails us,” Lawrence stated.  “Having the endorsement of the largest law enforcement associations in the state and in Phoenix gives me feelings of both pride and humility. With your support I am ready to go to work, representing your hopes and dreams, and building the best possible Arizona for all of our families.”

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