Antenori announcement a huge success.


     Frank Antenori formally announced his candidacy on Wednesday evening. The event was well attended with several people having to stand in the back of the room. Frank’s campaign manager started off the event and next Frank spoke about the four main themes of his campaign: Taxes and Spending, Economic Growth, Education, and Enforcement of Immigration Law.

     Frank currently works as a program manager at Raytheon. Frank previously ran for congress in the 2006 Republican primary. Before that he had a distinguished career in the U.S. Army as a member of the Special Forces. He is also a husband and father of two children.

     Look for Antenori to be one of the leading candidates in the CD-30 house race. His authentic speaking style and clear platform are a good fit for the district. He is running with traditional funding so if you want to send a solid guy to the legislature then visit his web site.

     The old media did not make it to the event. One sources has told us that some newspapers have a schedule for covering legislative races and do not write stories before a certain date. Rest assured that Sonoran Alliance has no such restrictions on political coverage and seeks to be your 24/7 source for the latest on political developments in Arizona.


  1. Seems like a good guy and I’m hoping that he gets elected with David Gowan, a real solid conservative. But seriously, how many times can one guy get into a race? No wonder it wasn’t covered by the press. He’s been running for months and announcing over and over can’t get you press every time.

  2. Just Win Baby says

    Dude, he totally looks like Dave Gowan. Check it out!

  3. Duke the Dog says

    They may look similar, but when you hear them both talk the differences between Antenori and Gowan will be strikingly clear. I heard Antenori speak at the Oro Vally Republican Club Pancake breakfast a couple a months back.

    I could see why he was so successful in Special Forces, after his very motivating talk I wanted to sell my house in Oro Valley and move to Vail just so I could vote for him.

    Gowan isn’t quite so inspiring.

    LD30 will have at least one easy choice this year, now if only LD 26 had a motivating guy to vote for, we might get them darn seats back.

  4. Just Win Baby says

    I think their speaking styles are different, but they’re just about twins as far as their issue positions go. I like Gowan’s style. Nothing too fancy, but solid and conservative. Reminds me a lot of Randy Graf.

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