Another Straw Poll?

Sonoran Alliance is asking whether or not another presidential straw poll will be conducted at this Saturday’s State GOP meeting.

As reported earlier this month, Sonoran Alliance was first to break the story of the Maricopa GOP straw poll results. Readers should note that the story brought national attention to our senior senator and other lesser-know Republican candidates.

This weekend, we hope to report on any results from all state committeemen. We ask that all state committemen participate and cast only one vote. 


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Speaking of polls I received a phone call today asking about Bush’s surge plan for Iraq, the race for state chair, and my favorite Republican pick for ’08. Interesting.

  2. TonyGOPrano says

    That was probably Bruce Merrill as he was doing a poll today on the State GOP Republican Chairman’s race. I was told this poll will be out by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

  3. Oh, one of THOSE polls. Somehow those KAET polls always conveniently manage to skip me every time, even when my address wasn’t suppressed.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    They ain’t called here either! How’s he gonna get a large enough sample if he doesn’t call us?

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Plus, who needs polling with a margin of error of blah blah blah. Here at Sonoran Alliance, we’ve got entrance polling! We rock…!

  6. A poll on the state party race?…and they didn’t call STS or me! This thing is fixed!

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