Another self-proclaimed “Constitutional Tea Party Conservative” Bill Konopnicki!

Hospital bed tax proposed?  See video at the end of this article.

The heaps of praise from the liberal Democrats continues for this self-proclaimed “Constitutional Conservative”!  Even a former McCain campaign staffer took time to leave comments of praise in Mr Konopnicki’s local hometown weekly newspaper.  And tomorrow, he’s co-hosting a $2,500/person fundraiser at the Biltmore for the Democrats and his liberal Republican pals.

Ever since we lost former Gov. Janet Napolitano to Washington, we have had nothing but trouble.

Without Napolitano here to veto the ridiculous bills passed by the Republican Legislature, all their foolishness has been signed into law by our Republican governor. It seems everything Republicans do ends up costing the state money we don’t have.

In November, let all good Arizonans vote those Republicans out of office and replace them with people who actually use forethought, logic and intelligence when formulating the future of our great state.

I exclude Rep. Bill Konopnicki from my comments. Of all the Republicans I have spoken to in this state, he is the only one to show a true sense of a path forward for us.

John M. McKenzie, Sedona

… And there’s more about this Constitutional Conservative from Safford (what’s in the water out there?)

“For a conservative Legislature … we’ve borrowed a huge amount,” said state Rep. Bill Konopnicki, R-Safford.

He tried in vain to get the Legislature to consider a budget plan that would have aggressively paid down the debt, retiring most of it in five years instead of the current 20- and 30-year time frames. It would have required tax hikes, but it would have been more honest than saddling future legislatures and taxpayers with tax increases to pay for today’s spending, he argued.

Click here to watch this ‘conservative’ pitch his Alternative Budget on PBS to its ‘conservative’ viewers:
Ok Mr. Vath … your turn to argue with the facts.


  1. Harris Shirley says

    This just in, as reported by State Treasurer Martin … the projected revenues from Prop. 100 (a Konopnicki supported voter initiative) have been spent!

  2. Don’t forget self proclaimed Tea Party Candidate Hayworth – just goes to show neither side gets it.


  3. Jack Hammer says


    And from the spelling of the position that Mr. Deaken is aspiring to, he appears to have flunked out of kindergarten!

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