Another Romney Flip Flop

According to a report in today’s Boston Globe, serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney was asked at an event this past weekend whether or not he agreed with Hillary Clinton’s notorious statement that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Not surprisingly, now that he is trying to woo conservatives, Romney said “it takes a family.”
However, back in 1998, Romney had this to say about it taking a village to raise a child:

“Hillary Clinton is very much right, it does take a village, and we are a village and we need to work together in a non-skeptical, no-finger-pointing way…”

You would think that his own campaign team would have done the opp research on their own guy to see what’s out there, and maybe they did. In any event, Romney should have seen this one coming a mile away. But then again, when you have switched your position on so many issues, it’s probably hard to keep it all straight.


  1. Keen Observer says

    Although Romney, like so many others, has changed positions over the years, it’s an unfair mischaracterization to refer to his maturing posture as “flip-flops.” For example, if a person comes to the pro-life side, we should welcome them rather than wag a finger in their face and remind them how wrong they were.

    I don’t know about you, Political Hack, but although I consider myself a platform conservative today, I arrived at this point through a series of life events and maturation. As a college student, I vehemently argued against guns. Today, I have a more complete understanding of our First Amendment rights, and hold a lifetime membership in the NRA. My views have changed on the sanctity of life, as well. Who do we benefit if we stagnate in our positions and never grow?

    I see Mitt Romney from an entirely different perspective. Did you forget that Ronald Reagan was not only a Democrat, but also the two-term president of a powerful union–the Screen Actor’s Guild? (1947-1952, 1959-1960) In fact, it was his involvement as head of that union that brought him to the realization that he was no longer comfortable in the Democrat party.
    Would you consider that a flip or a flop?

  2. KeenObserver,

    I would tend to disagree with your argument. First, unlike yourself, Romney was a full-fledged politician when he was governor of Massachusetts and when he ran for Senator in ’94. He held his liberal positions such as opposing tax cuts, supporting abortion, pushing for universal healthcare, being anti-2nd amendment, and claiming he was more pro-gay rights than his opponent ted kennedy while running for office or serving as governor of Massachusetts. We are not talking about when he was young, we are talking relatively recent history. When Reagan was elected governor of California, he governed as a conservative. He also supported Goldwater in ’64. In other words he had a fairly strong conservative record many, many years before becoming president. Some of Romney’s flip flops are from positions he held in many cases while he was governor of Massachusetts during the last four years. Big difference.

  3. There may be good reasons to trash Romney, but this is pretty weak sauce. Did you also hear that Romney ordered a chicken salad sandwich last week, but then turned around and ordered Roast Beef yesterday?

    You can knock Romney’s talk all you want. But let’s see:

    Vetoed embryonic cloning in Massachusetts where it had its best chance of being granted Cart Blanche. How many blue state governors did this? Unfortunately his veto was overridden.

    He has fought same sex marriage at the point where it had its best chance of success and creating an equal protection nightmare. Show me which candidate has done more on this issue, and I am not talking about lip service. Honestly, name one.

    And I will go on record right now as saying that there is no stronger candidate on Fiscal issues. Not in understanding, not in explaining them to the voters, and not in example by action. He actually cuts government programs, not just the percentage in growth. And he did it in Massachusetts where they scream the loudest about such things.

    Give me a guy who talks liberal, but decisively acts conservative every day of the week over the opposite. I’m not sure Romney will win, or even can win, but we need him to be part of the conversation, because quite frankly he is the only real fiscal conservative in the entire bunch.

  4. There will be plenty of opportunity to keep score of the various and sundry positions of the candidates over the course of the next few months. But if something as semantically based as this merits a post, we are in for a very long and monotonous campaign cycle.

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