Another lively legislative candidates’ debate this week

Sen. Jack Harper
will be debating a primary election opponent, John Zerby (we could find little about him on the web, he doesn’t appear to be running much of a campaign). Since Harper has been one of the leading voices in the legislature standing up for conservative positions, we don’t know what Zerby could say to convince Republicans that he is a better choice than Harper. The debate will be at Windmill Suites outside of Sun City West this Thursday, July 10th. The address is: 12545 W Bell Rd. The debate starts at 6:00 pm, but be there at 5:30 or earlier to get a seat. The room is small. Sonoran Alliance will provide coverage of the event.


  1. Sonoran Sam says

    Do you guys REALLY want to claim Harper as one of your own?

  2. John Zerby has a MySpace account.

  3. He is also a councilman on the Wickenburg Town Council and holds a board position with the Maricopa County Community Development Advisory Committee along with Shangri La Ranch owner, Horst Kraus.

  4. Sonoran Alliance says

    Absolutely Sam. Senator Harper was one of two Republicans in the chamber that fought hard to save us from the Governor’s state-wide Photo Radar Budget supported by Democrats and a few Republicans. We are proud to have Senator Jack Harper in the legislature and hope that he does well in his primary and general elections.

  5. Also see the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers 2007 Report Card Graph at:

  6. Bobby Hyams says

    Senator Jack Harper is consistently returned to the Legislature by a wide margin of votes. As much as some liberals want to remove him from office, the voters in his district like what he does. Further, Mr. Harper continues to grow. I have witnessed a change in his approach to issues and other people – a change for the better. He is a Senator of the people and the people in LD-4 appreciate that.

    Zerby has a lot to learn.

  7. He will be more effective still when he understands he does not have to have an answer to every issue worthy of a talking points outline and angry rhetoric to every question.

  8. Or you know, when has a passing understanding of the US Constitution.

    Or if he does, the desire not to treat it as a platform to make a cheap political point that would cost the state thousands of dollars if it ever became law (because THAT’S conservatism!).

  9. Sonoran Sam says

    Hey, if you want to wave Jack Harper’s crazy flag, more power to you.

    From a partisan perspective, he is an effective poster child for what’s wrong with the Republican majorities that have controlled the Legislature for far too long.

    So kudos to you guys for being loyal. And thanks for giving Democrats such an obvious example of why change is needed.

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