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     Welcome Tucson Weekly readers! Click here for the story about Fife and Haney in District 11 or just peruse the site for all sorts of neat information.

     Thank you to Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly for a nice hyperlink to our site in his latest issue of The Skinny. Oh and Jim when you described Haney as an extra-ultra-extreme-double-plus conservative I think you left out the adjective radical.


  1. Good grief Nintzel! I have to wonder who the “so wacky” Republican was in LD 11 that he couldn’t get elected. Surely, it wasn’t Don Hesslebrock, who is a regular guy conservative. Hesslebrock isn’t as extra-ultra-extreme-double-plus with a cherry on top conservative as some of the East Valley folks. The real surprise in LD 11 was in the Primary when John Allen got bumped by communicationally-challenged attorney named Adam Driggs.

    At least thanks for the nice mention of Sonoran Alliance.

  2. Well, Nintzel gets it wrong again… first he offends every mainstream conservative by and adjective-laced description of Haney and Hesselbrock. Then he claims that McCain is “trying to install Lisa James” as the next GOP Chairman. Huh? Nintzel may not remember, or know, but Lisa James ran George Bush’s campaign in Arizona in 2000 – yes, the same campaign in which she was running the operation AGAINST McCain, in his home state. Not likely the kind of thing that would garner the love and admiration of the Senator.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    I am about as far to the right as Rob Haney and I have come to look at the adjective laced description as a badge of honor. I almost got the impression that Nintzel was mocking himself (or else he is starting to loose it.)

    It is possible that Lisa is not McCain’s stooge but from everything I understand McCain would at the least greatly prefer Lisa James to Randy Pullen. I think McCain has gotten over 2000.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    McCain wants James and that is all this is about. James ran Bush’s race in 2000 for the general, long after McCain lost. So there is no hatchet to bury from that race.

  5. This just in. After filing this venom, Nintzel went out to walk his pet snake.

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad is wrong… Lisa James ran Bush’s operation IN THE PRIMARY. As we all know, primary battles leave pretty deep wounds, so to dismiss it is not facing reality.

    Does anyone have any actual proof that McCain wants Lisa James? It is my understanding that McCain asked Len Munsil to run, and Munsil decided not to do it and that Lisa James was in the race prior to Munsil getting out.

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    Why is it that McCain can be all buddy-buddy with Bush and suck up to the religious right but he can somehow not get over Lisa James working on a primary campaign 6 years ago?

    No, I do not have a tape recording of McCain asking Lisa to run but if McCain can get over everyone one else he is over Lisa.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    OK Crawdad, I’ll believe you… But it is water under the bridge for McCain and his crowd. They’re all for her. She was one of many names floated to oppose Pullen (along with Munsil, etc.) after Jeff Groscost passed away. She ends up the last woman standing, as it were…

  9. Just to clear up any questions for those of you who still don’t understand LD11, here’s why John Allen lost…

    John Allen has never had any support in LD11… Please note that he was first elected in 2002 to another district… but because of redistricting that took place after the election, all of a sudden he wound up in LD11, so LD11 had three representatives, Deb Gullett, Steve Tully and John Allen.

    John tried! He or his wife came to every district meeting and would sit there unrecognized by the chair and the members of the district. When time came for the legislative update from Gullett, Tully and Sen. Leff, I don’t recall Allen ever being given time on the floor to speak.

    Come 2004, Allen only made it through the primary by challenging the validity of signatures collected by Deb Gullett and forcing her to drop out of the race. If he had not found a way to get her off the ballot, he might have lost that year.

    This year, it was no surprise that Allen lost a contested race. He’s never been accepted by the district and with so many candidates running, it was easy for him to become the “odd man out”.

  10. OV Dad: I’m just a tad bit concerned here. You said “…McCain can be all buddy-buddy with Bush and suck up to the religious right …”. Please define religious right. Are you speaking of all social conservatives?

    Hopefully this was just tongue in cheek. The religious right is the primary base of the Republican party. You don’t get them, you don’t get the nomination. And since I happen to be a social conservative and a man of faith, its possible that I may fall in that category. Does this mean people neeed to “suck up” to me to get my vote? Please clarify.

  11. Oro Valley Dad says


    Do a Google search on the words McCain Falwell. I guess back in 2000 McCain called Falwell an “agent of intolerance.” Now that McCain is running for president he wants to mend fences with Falwell and the rest of the religious right that he did not seem too interested in back in 2000.

    Here is an ABC News story that covers the matter. Many others have written about this story as well.

    I think that the terms religious right and social conservatives could be used interchangeably. I do agree that the religious right is an important part of the base but not the only part.

    I am not sure that a candidate has to suck-up to you to get your vote, unless of course last time he ran the candidate was very dismissive of your values.

    I hope that clarifies my comments.

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