Ann Day backed by big developers.

     I was surprised to read in a recent Scramblewatch ’08 article that the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) PAC has endorsed Ann Day. On the surface the news is shocking given that environmentalism one of her main issues. Then again Don Diamond is listed as a supporter on the front page of her web site.

     One has to wonder why SAHBA would endorse such a fervent environmentalist. Is it possible that her record is not quite as effective as she touts it to be? Or is it that big developers like Don Diamond like the restrictions in Pima County that push people to large projects in Pinal County?

     Just north of the county line of District 1 large developers have been having a field day blading the desert and removing hilltops to make way for more homes. Homes that are cheaper to build than those built under the increasingly restrictive rules of Pima County.

     The net effect of Ann Day’s efforts to suppress business in Pima County has been to push developers and homebuilders to neighboring counties. The result is sprawl and lots of it. The traffic projections for Oracle Road from new developments in Pinal based Eagle Crest Ranch and SaddleBrooke Ranch are frightening. This sprawl will result in more congestion on Pima County roads and a higher environmental effect than if the county had worked with builders to stay in Pima County. But all that cheap land in Pinal County must have been too tempting and Day has been all too willing to push the growth in that direction.

As Diamond said in an April 2008 New York Times article:

Mr. Diamond is … candid about his expectations as a fund-raiser. “I want my money back, for Christ’s sake. Do you know how many cocktail parties I have to go to?”


  1. pimafrank says


    I think you need to rethink the way you present yourself as a true conservative Republican. Once again you are ascribing sinister motives based on contributions received from private citizens. This is exactly what the D’s and the leftists (redundant, I know) do.
    Sounds like you’re heading down the intellectual path of wanting the government to control and dole out all the money in politics. I don’t care much for Day’s particular brand of politics, but to attach a strange conspiracy theory about pushing people to Pinal county is, well, bizarre. Its also poor analysis.

  2. Frank,

    I am not sure it was Day’s intention to force growth to leapfrog out to the cheaper land but that has certainly been the outcome. Regardless of her intention SAHBA and the developers seem satisfied with her work as evidenced by the endorsement.

    I don’t know if Day actually believes that line in her speech about sustainability as a state of being or if she has just read text so many times that she thinks it is true. There is a lot of talk about the need for a wildlife corridor between the Catalinas and the Tortolitas. When all the outlying traffic forces Oracle to go 3 lanes each way so much for the wildlife. They won’t stand a chance.

    The photos in the story are actually from the developments mentioned and linked to in the story. You should see Eagle Crest Ranch. They just took the top of the hill off for homes. Fine with me but this is the result of an over restrictive Pima County encouraging growth to just move outside the county.

  3. kralmajales says

    hmmm interesting…worried about those independents deciding to vote for Ann?

  4. I have recently heard that Ann is also endorsed by the Sierra Club. Pretty impressive that one person can be endorsed by SAHBA and the Sierra Club. Who is this guy running against her… and is he serious?

  5. The guy running against her is Joe Higgins and he is serious. Here is his web site.

  6. James Mason says

    I would like to know why know one is questioning Day’s support for declaring the Santa Cruz “navigatable” and thus subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act. Having to get storm water permits for County road and other right of way improvements just went up $70,000,000!! Why? Because some left wing greenies whined that the County Transportation Department was fighting against such a designation. Of course they are-its expensive, and time consuming. No government jurisdiction wants the feds calling the shots over local development. But there Day was casting her yes vote. Its an outrage. That vote will have an actual impact on Pima County citizens. The rosemont mine won’t and the RTA vote issue won’t.

  7. Better watch your step there, Josey. The donors list can always be used one way or another and anyone with a future will need them.

    Mr. Higgins may be living in a glass house built by you!

  8. People seem to think that Ann Day is the only Pima County politician that signed the Initiative to protect some land, but I understand that Joe Higgins signed it also. Can you clear that up. Joe Higgins, I understand is also against higher Property taxes He wants to keep Pima County fiscally responsible what is Ann Days’s record on that one.

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