Angry Citizen at McCain Town Hall

This gentleman is obviously angry and on a crusade to expose John McCain and Bob Barrett over some sort of coverup.

Some great shots of the McCain staffers at work.


  1. Antifederalist says

    Um, this guy is so nutty, or so unable to get his point across that he APPEARS thoroughly insane, that the mere presence of this video on SA just drags the quality of this site down. Shane, you should delete this post, hombre. The video is just incoherent and adds NOTHING to the political discourse, such as it is.

  2. Jacklyn M. says

    What a joke. This guy is clearly a nut. And questioning McCain interns? And in the beginning of when he gets into the auditorium, isn’t that a J.D. Hayworth staffer in the back row? 2:51 – 2:55

  3. No McCain says

    No surprise that this is an unhinged Deakin supporter.

  4. A caption from “workingmanaz”‘s “When Car Dealers Attack” video:

    “Cops are with us they will no do nothing because iam a jew i can do anything I want to anyother race of people”

    That’s in refence to one of the car dealership’s employees.

    What’s next for Sonoran Alliance? Equal time for JT Ready, as long as he denounces McCain?

  5. Does anyone know who this guy is? Does anyone know what his complaint is? Is it legitimate or is he off in another world?

  6. Tracked it back to his Youtube account:

    What’s the story here?

  7. Where’s the TASER when you need one?

  8. This Guy obviously has issues.

  9. Steve Calabrese says


    What a waste of bandwidth.

    Sonoran Alliance provides a valuable outlet – sometimes – for political discourse.

    Posting stuff like this, though, just reduces the credibility of the site. Sites like this die when the signal-to-noise ratio gets out of balance, and this “article” is nothing but the incoherent static of meaningless video.

    Can we get back to real stories now?

  10. Jefferson Smith says

    McCain… that’s the final straw….

    I’m voting for J.D. Hayworth now!!!

  11. I have no idea what he’s referring to on the “NISSAN” comment. Even though it’s absolutely NOT the way to handle a dispute, no one can tell if he’s got a legitimate beef or got pissed for the wrong reasons.
    What’s the background?
    Because of that, the video is just unseemly ‘gotcha’ obxiousness.

  12. Mike Mudge says

    Please don’t post nutty stuff like this. It diminishes the value of SA and I’ll have to remove SA from my bookmark toolbar.

  13. SA, please continue to post these types of whack job articles. It shows everyone who reads them the sort of lunatic fringe that this rag is made up of. Also, my predictions for the upcoming elections:

    Over 90% of the fringe elements you support for office will be defeated. JD will have an embarrassing loss and go back to talk radio (if anyone will hire him), Schwiekert will…once again…lose and take out a third (or is it a fourth)mortgage on his house. Andrew Thomas will probably be indicted before he can complete his campaign. Enough about that. Once this election cycle is over, I’ll come back to see how you spin your boys losing….again. Third time’s a charm for most of these wannabes.

  14. Curious how Candie Dates got ahold of this. Is the video maker actually Candie Dates? That would explain some things.

  15. Wow Jefferson, you are certainly an ignorant voter. If one angry idiot is your cause for a vote, I sure am glad you are not a politician yourself! McCain is our best candidate. JD is such a schmuck. JD had his chance, several of us voted for him when he was in Congress, and boy did he fail us!! You may not love all that McCain has done, but when you compare McCain to JD, there really is no comparison. JD was a big earmark guy, a big spender in Congress. Washington has enough big spenders, we need guys fighting against that. JD was buddy buddy with criminal convicted lobbyist Abramoff and accepted moeny and luxuries that was stolen from Indian tribes. While neither of the candidates are perfect, JD falls so far off that spectrum it leaves us with McCain.

  16. claire90 says

    I think this guy has got to lay off the decaff and go back to NM and hunt for aliens.

  17. haz2happen says

    This is the exact reason I’m voting for McCain. I don’t want these type of nut jobs and people they follow running my state.

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