And here’s yet another instance of Napolitano promoting herself

When we had our first child 2 years ago, we received a letter in the mail from Governor Napolitano congratulating us on our new baby. What does the governor have to do with us having a baby? I wonder how much it cost to send those letters out to every parent in the state who has a baby. We were disgusted with the obvious self-promotional purpose of the letter. There was no need to send it, we didn’t get anything out of it.

When we had our second child a year later, we received another letter from Napolitano, this time inserted into a packet from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust about how to raise children. The letter is below, and it’s on the governor’s official state stationery. I would hope that Piper Trust paid for the mailing and copies of the official letterhead, not us state taxpayers. Regardless, it’s still inappropriate for the governor to be using her stationery to send out frivolous letters to new parents. And it’s insulting. Napolitano doesn’t know more about raising children than we do, especially since she doesn’t have children.

This is more free campaign advertising for Napolitano skirting the law in preparation for her future Senate run, more of the wasteful self-promotion that our friends at Red State Arizona pointed out yesterday.

Unfortunately, as Red State points out, the mainstream media won’t cover this, they’re so blinded by their love for Democrats they will only write fawning articles about Napolitano. Meanwhile, our tax dollars continue paying for her to skirt campaign laws and promote herself. I’m getting sick of reading blog post after blog post about this puffery on the public dole continuing to occur, is there anybody home at the Arizona Republic or are they too busy packing up to go out of business?


  1. Charles W. says

    We received these also when our children were born. What really gets me is that this goes along with her mentality that one needs government to raise kids (all day kindergarten). Thanks for the post. Glad I found your site (via Expresso).

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