An Open letter to Sen Kyl

Dear Senator and friend, 

 We have known each other for decades now, and have worked together in campaigns.  We have had our disagreements, as friends do, but our friendship and mutual respect have allowed us to overcome those disagreements without damaging the relationship.  Now, however, for the first time, your actions have caused such a sense of betrayal that the relationship is at great peril.   This is extremely disappointing and troubling.  There are few things that would cause irrevocable damage to our friendship, unfortunately, your work in creating this bill and your support of the provisions contained in it, rise to that level.

The discussions that are on-going are very similar to two girls who have been best friends since childhood. They live next door to each other, see each other every day, have “been there” for each other through every challenge each has had, shop together, party together, laugh and cry together.

Then, one of them gets a divorce from their husband because she has slept with the other’s husband and wants to make a life with him. Does the fact that she has been a life-long friend soften or exacerbate the crisis? Does the fact that this was her best friend make the wife even more angry than if it had been a stranger? Does the wife now have a double hurt and anger?

This is where most people are with you, Sen. Kyl. This would be expected from Kennedy, and based on poor performance in this are for years now, it would be expected from Pres. Bush. It also would be expected from John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Diane Feinstein, etc., but it was a cruel awakening that the main player in this sad event was you, Sen. Kyl. There is a personal betrayal part of this that people are having a hard time getting their hands around.

This bill is a sellout of the American public and the Arizona citizens. Sen. Kyl, you know the numbers re: the resolutions on the ballot in the last two elections. Sen. Kyl, you knew last year that you had to be against amnesty in order to get re-elected. Sen. Kyl, you knew that your base would be angry if they knew you were participating in secret talks with Kennedy on behalf of the President to create and support an amnesty bill. It was a secret because you knew that most would consider it a betrayal, yet you continued with your ill-advised actions.

Sen. Kyl, you may never fully regain the trust and respect of your own friends and supporters. However, I believe you have a chance to be welcomed back into the conservative family of Arizonans.  The only chance you have to do so is to admit that you were wrong, condemn your recent actions as wrong-headed, work for the defeat of the bill beginning now, and be successful in that effort.

Sen. Kyl, the conservative base of this Party, most of whom with children and grandchildren who will be eventually sentenced to a life without the America that we grew up and flourished in if this bill passes, are absolutely willing to do whatever is necessary to overturn this act.  Most are life-long loyal Republicans, but they are parents first and believe in God and country over partisanship.

Senator, Ronald Reagan came to believe that the Amnesty legislation of 1986 was the worst thing in his Presidency. It is time for you to step up and admit the same about this bill. That will be very difficult for a proud and strong person like yourself.  However, it is times like this that will define your character and determine your legacy that will be yours long after we are both gone from the field of mortal life. 

I know this is a long letter, but I hope you will take the time to read it all due to the critical nature of the issues.  The window of opportunity to correct the problem is very small and I implore you to make the decision to do so while there is time to stem the damage.  God bless.  I will be praying that you will do the right thing for Arizona and for America.

Your friend(s)


  1. Well done!

  2. Joe Baby says

    From our new “partner” in legislation, Sen. Kennedy:

    “The day it passes we’re going to put in legislation to try to fix it,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday from his family’s Hyannisport compound. The bill is good for now, but it could be better, he said.

  3. John Q. Public says

    Party Platform Guy:
    This Open Letter to Sen. Kyl post is right up there with the expose of the Grassroots Arizona PAC.

    Sonoran Alliance is a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by the Arizona political scene or working within the GOP to elect conservative Republicans.

    My wife and I are more frustrated and disappointed in Sen. Kyl than we ever imagined possible. These backroom deals–schemes, actually–using the term ‘Bi-partisan” are selling our future down the river. When our Republicans act exactly like Democrats, where do we go? We have three young kids and worry how this liberal lunacy will affect them.

    Thank you for putting our thoughts into this letter. I’m sure you speak for many of us.

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