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This election year, one of the most interesting, engaging, thoughtful, and wise political voices is that of Gov. Mike Huckabee. Perhaps you catch his weekend show on Fox News or listen to his radio program.Well, plan now to join us for our CAP Family Dinner with Gov. Huckabee as the keynote speaker. Because of our growing statewide support, we’ve decided to take this show on the road and present the dinner in two locations: Tucson and Scottsdale. We need your help —- reserve your tables or tickets today and help us spread the word for this don’t miss event of the spring!

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Pro-Life Mother’s Health & Safety Act Advances CAP-supported HB 2036 passed out of committee this week. Once again, Planned Parenthood tried to distort and misrepresent the dangers of abortion and the facts of this bill. Yet, thanks to the bill’s sponsor Rep. Kimberly Yee, and the members of the Senate Judiciary committee, Planned Parenthood was not able to derail this important legislation.

The two-hour committee hearing is well-worth watching. One of the most powerful moments was when one pro-abortion supporter tried to claim that giving birth is more dangerous – and causes more deaths – than abortion. Senator Steve Yarbrough reminded the woman that this is impossible because there is always one death from abortion – the loss of the preborn child.

The most concerning aspect of the committee hearing however is Planned Parenthood’s complete denial of any risks of abortion. You and I know abortion not only takes the life of the preborn child but also poses significant risks to the mother. All of us know women who were harmed by an abortion. Take time today to read our Issue Brief on about how abortion harms women.

Big Week for Religious Freedom 
Several CAP-supported bills to protect our religious liberty continued to pass through the legislature this week.
  • SB 1365 passed the Senate; awaits House hearing March 6 – Protects professionals from losing their state licenses for practicing their faith and strengthens protection for religious organizations that contract with the state.
  • HB 2625 passed the House; awaits Senate hearing – Expands the definition of “religious employer” for the state’s prescription contraceptive coverage exemption and protects employers and employees from being forced to pay for abortifacient contraceptives against their religious beliefs.
  • HB 2770 passed the House; awaits Senate hearing – Protects college and university professors from being denied tenure because of their religious convictions or political beliefs.
  • HB 2774 passed the House; awaits Senate hearing – Affirms the religious liberty of churches by clarifying the statutes that exempt churches from property taxes.

An Important Message for Young Women  
In partnership with Arizona State University Students for Life, CAP hosted a screening of the documentary eggsploitation this week. Following the film, the students and CAP staff discussed the ads they’ve seen on campus soliciting young women for their eggs, and their concerns about the ethical issues involving egg donation.
ABC 15 came to the screening and aired this segment on the topic.
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  1. I am dissappointed in the language in hb 2625. I think we need to go further, and exempt employers from having to pay for coverage for all self inflicted injuries. As a catholic, I don’t think that we ought to pay for care for heart disease due to committing gluttony. Venereal disease sh ould also be excluded, since it is due to lust, another deadly sin. Injuries sustained while engaging in sports shouldn’t be covered either, because they are self inflicted — if you participate, you do so knowing the risk involved. It’s all about personally responsibility and assuming the risks for one’s behavior. Along the same lines, maternity care should not be covered. Why should I have to pay indirectly, through higher premiums, fir someone else’s decision to procreate?

    The best solution is to decouple health insurance from employer benefits, and simply pay people enough to where they can comfortably buy their own health insurance, and pick what they need in an open market. Anything else is unacceptable. This is an issue where a simple market solution would work.

    • Conservative American says

      Bill wrote: “The best solution is to decouple health insurance from employer benefits, and simply pay people enough to where they can comfortably buy their own health insurance…”

      Better yet, Bill, lower health care costs enough and pay people enough so that they don’t even need to buy insurance, they can pay out of pocket!

      Unfortunately, the costs of health care are so high, and earnings so low relative to health care costs, that the kinds of solutions you and I are talking about can’t happen. THAT is where Congress has failed us and continues to fail us.

      • My employer pays about $1,400 a month for my family’s health care. If I got that, and got together with fifty thousand other like minded people, we could negotiate a reasonable coverage package from a company, specifically tailored to our moral / ethical views, for less than I am paying now. The establishment conservatives don’t like the idea at all, because they lose power over deciding what will be covered in my health care plan. Turns out that they are really liberals, who know better than you do — what’s good for you. They don’t want the government doing it — they want to do it! The reason we got paternalistic employer sponsored health care in the first place was to make sure that employees would be healthy, but the employers did not want to trust their employees to buy health care themselves. In this day and age, it’s time to shake off that old paternalistic system and empower people to make their own decisions about health care.

        • Conservative American says

          You know, Bill, that when B. Hussein Obama was crafting “Obamacare”, he refused to lift the ban on the re-importation of medications from Canada. Every other sector of our economy had to face foreign competition EXCEPT the U. S. pharamaceutical industry. From automobile manufacturers to steel mills to the textile industry to strawberry growers, all had to face foreign competiton. The only “protected” industry is the pharmaceutical industry. The result? The medication “Septra” costs three cents in Canada and $1.54 in the U. S.!

          As long as that sort of situation prevails, we aren’t going to have either affordable medications or affordable health insurance. But then, liberals always want a captive vote just like they have had with welfare. If they can keep people dependent upon what ever socialist system they have set up, instead of allowing the market to work it’s magic, they will always garner votes with the scare tactic that Conservative Republicans will take away your government dole!

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