Amnesty for lawbreakers? Of course not….

Scant realistic coverage has been given to President Bush’s visit to Yuma, Arizona, yesterday. He checked out the situation with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano; Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff; and Sen. Jon Kyl; strode to the podium at the border patrol station and declared that arrests of illegals are down. An “indication that fewer people are trying to cross…at this part of the border. Pretty good progress,” he said.  His Four-Point reform plan includes border security, legalizing guest workers, enhanced enforcement and the granting of legal status by requiring a touch-back to the country of origin, along with payment of fines and taxes.

Bush stated the border won’t be fully secure unless Congress overhauls the nation’s immigration laws. He neglects to address the fact that border security is national security. A key component of his agenda is a “guest-worker” program giving the estimated 14- 20 million illegals temporary permission to work in the United States. “And that way,” he concludes, “our Border Patrol can chase the criminals and the drug runners, potential terrorists, and not have to try to chase people who are coming here to do work America’s not doing.”   Wonder how the agents draw a distinction between workers and criminals. Maybe the “guests” conveniently wear signs around their necks to give the border patrol a heads-up on their intentions.

The big lie, repeated often enough, takes on a life of it’s own. Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister for Hitler’s Third Reich, insisted it must confine itself to a few points, have a slim thread of truth and be repeated over and over. This technique appears to be working as the oft-repeated, “jobs Americans refuse to take,” mantra gets a workout from politicians of every stripe—from President Bush to our own Rep. Jeff Flake and Sen. John McCain. The facts paint a different picture: These are jobs Americans refuse to take at the substandard wages the business community prefers to pay. Few Americans live multiple families to a single-family residence and we have legitimate social security numbers.

The term, “guest worker,” softens harsh realities. Neither does it address the matter of children born to such “guests,” granted the gift of instant citizenship. Chain migration, also known as family reunification, allowing immigrants to send for their relatives, adds another component to the mix. And which politician doesn’t utter the phrase, “Comprehensive immigration reform,” these days? Since no one knows what it means, it offers a better sound bite to Americans tired of bobbing and weaving on this fundamental national security issue.

Meanwhile, another May Day march is planned by illegals demanding rights accorded to U.S. citizens. Stay tuned.


  1. Unfortunately, President Bush has never been reliable on the issue of the border. He panders to the Mexican government and the business community seeking cheap labor. Now, he has even ticked off the Hispanic community by merely giving his usual lip service to enforcing border security. There were large protests against him in Los Angeles and San Diego a few days ago.

    George seems to forget that he was elected by the people of the United States, who overwhelmingly desire controls to the current unchecked invasion.

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