Americans for Prosperity Tells Giffords: ‘Fight for Arizona, Not Nancy Pelosi’

Here’s a great ad from Americans for Prosperity featuring a number of conservative activists!


  1. one major problem I see with this ad… It is all about things that “could” happen. Taxes COULD go up, workers COULD lose their jobs we COULD lose our doctors

    So basically none of that has happened… The ad admits as much. It really takes away from the effectiveness of the ad.

    I did like tying Gabby to Pelosi that will be good, there needs to be more of that. Also the out of touch lines are good but it could have been much better

  2. Johnny:

    Keep in mind that Obamacare dosen’t go into effect until 2014

    However, the effects listed in the ad have occurred in countries which have adopted government run health care approaches.

  3. Carlist,

    Thats exactly it should you really be doing an add talking about something that doesnt go into effect for 4 years? The american people want to hear about the here and now… They dont have jobs or are worried about their jobs… they are worried about their 401K and out of control spending… They have needs that are NOW not some things that COULD happen.

  4. ObamaCare TAXATION has already started. The “benefits” which seem to be evaporating anyway, aren’t going to manifest for years.

    WHat a great deal, huh? What other business on the planet can demand payment now for promised delivery of the service in 4 years?

    Anyone else try that and they’d be sued in court for non-performance.

  5. Glad to see AFP come out strongly against Medicare cuts.

  6. Running this ad in CD8 against Gifford is hilariously ironic since Kelly is already on record as calling Medicare “the public dole.” Also in the Tucson Weekly on December 2, 2009, Mr. Kelly spoke of wanting to “privatize” Medicare, contending that, “when individuals can start owning their own insurance, then they’re in less need of Medicare in the future, thus getting off the public dole … It’s one of the biggest problems that not enough people talk about right now.”

  7. Hey Johnny,
    Here is a list of taxes that ARE DEFINITELY coming our way.

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