Ally Miller Turns in more than three times signatures for Pima County Supervisor race

Ally Miller for Supervisor Campaign turns in more than three times the required number of signatures to get her name on the ballot August 28th.

Dear Friend

We are extremely pleased to announce Ally Miller has turned in more than triple the number of signatures needed to get her name on the ballot. We want to thank each of you who has believed in Ally, supported her campaign and worked so hard to help gather signatures to get Ally’s name on the ballot.

This is our opportunity as a community to elect new leaders who will steer our government in the right direction. Ally is facing a tough primary on August 28, with 3 other people seeking the seat. It is crucial we elect the right candidate for this job to restore accountability, transparency and trust in the governance of Pima County. Ally is that candidate.

I hope you consider the following when making your decision regarding who you will support in the upcoming election:

We need to stop electing career politicians. We need leaders who are focused on making our county better versus simply winning the next election.

We can no longer elect individuals who are hand-picked by the establishment or special interests and expect different results. Rest assured this will lead to more of the same type of governance that has left Pima County with crumbling infrastructure, no jobs and little hope for a vibrant and prosperous community.

Finally, we can’t elect individuals who demonstrate a lack of financial responsibility, ethics and integrity. Without strong moral values retaining a republican in this seat may not be possible and restoring trust in Pima County government is not achievable.

Pima County officials have forgotten they work for the citizens. Ally Miller has a track record of challenging government corruption and bad decision making by the board of supervisors. Ally needs your help NOW. It takes money to get our message to the voters. That is why we are asking for your help. The maximum donation is $430.00 per individual however anything you can donate from $5.00 to the max will help.

Please donate if you are able and tell your friends and family why Ally is the right candidate for the job and share her website and Facebook page.

Ally Miller, M.B.A

Republican Candidate for Pima County Board of Supervisors

For more information, contact Ally Miller campaign office or visit the campaign website at

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