Ally Miller Asks for Fair Treatment From Supervisor Ann Day’s Office

CONTACT: Dean Miller

Pima County Board of Supervisor Candidate Asks for Fair Treatment From Supervisor Ann Day’s Office

March 7, 2012 – It has come to light that Supervisor Ann Day’s office is sharing emails with a candidate for Pima County Supervisor, Mr. Mike Hellon. The use of County controlled emails to benefit a favored candidate is not only wrong but verges on ethical violations from a sitting elected official. We demand the email lists be equally distributed to each of the candidates, including 3 other republicans and a democrat candidate. We believe a public apology to the recipients of the political email sent without their knowledge or authorization be made.

The email was sent dated March 6th, 2012 from Ann Day’s current chief of staff, Ms. Valarie Samoy. Ms. Samoy is also listed as Candidate Mike Hellons’ campaign treasurer. We are watching closely for any active campaigning that may be going on during hours of employment on the county payroll as that would be a direct violation of Ms. Samoy’s terms of employment with Pima County. This information will be forwarded to Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Attorney General Tom Horne to request an investigation and issuance of a ruling regarding the use of County emails for the benefit of a particular candidate.

Following is an excerpt from an email sent March 6th to at least six HOA mailing lists owned and controlled by Supervisor Ann Day’s office at Pima County:

Mike Hellon, a candidate for Supervisor Ann Day’s seat (Ann is retiring Dec 2012) is putting together a neighborhood coalition of subdivisions in D1 who have petitioned the County to resurface the streets. Mike is of the notion there is “strength in numbers.” Sup. Day has requested that the Board of Supervisors begin to use surplus general fund monies to start addressing the residential streets in need of repair. 

Mike Hellon has contacted and the following neighborhoods have agreed to join (SOS): Shadow Roc, La Canada Magee Neighborhood Association (LCMNA), Oracle Foothills Neighborhood Association (OFNA), North Manor and Catalina Foothills Assocation (CFA). All have enthusiastically replied that they are on board with forming the Coalition. 

“The fact that the roads have deteriorated for years during Supervisor Day’s tenure along with her hand picking Mike Hellon as her replacement and then using these email addresses for political gain should send off loud alarm bells to the voters of district 1. We cannot tolerate more of these unethical actions, more of the same broken promises and more of the same pot holes that Supervisor Day has neglected to address during her term of office. 

Mike Hellon appears to be lined up to continue the same policies of Supervisor Day during her 12 years in office which has gotten Pima County in the mess we are in . Just beware if we elect the same “like minded” handpicked individuals we will end up with with more of the same. …..neglect of the public safety, political gamesmanship and more inaction ” Said Ally Miller candidate for the same seat.


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